Which is better, Mercedes or Audi?

which is better mercedes or audi

Audi and Mercedes have had a long-standing rivalry that spans decades. Both of these German luxury car makers boast of a wide range of luxurious vehicle models on offer. But which one is better?

Side by Side Comparison: Mercedes-Benz vs. Audi

Different people have different needs. Both Mercedes and Audi feature beautiful designs, luxurious finishes, advanced technologies, and lots of safety features. Nonetheless, Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles are the most reliable and comfortable, while Audi performs better and is somewhat cheaper.

With this comparison, you will have a clear view of which car brand is better in which category. So, continue reading to identify the car that excites you the most.

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Which is better when it comes to design & construction

The appearance of the car is very important when making a buying decision. Many car buyers will first consider the looks before anything else. If the car is ugly, then the other things may not matter a lot. Both Audi and Mercedes-Benz car brands have some of the best-looking car models on the market.


When it comes to the outside look, Audi car models outperform Mercedes-Benz by a small margin. They don’t have a sporty look like BMWs or an older appealing look like Mercedes Benz. Instead, they feature a massive grille on most of their models, which gives them a unique and lovely design.


Audi makes and models come far with a competitive interior finish and design, but they still can’t beat Mercedes-Benz’s interiors. However, it can be debated that the cheaper Audi models have a better interior than the cheaper Mercedes cars.

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In short, Audi car models feature a more appealing exterior than Mercedes-Benz car models do. Nonetheless, Mercedes-Benz’ newer models have an excellent blend of macho lines and sensual curves that should appeal to the younger target audience.

In terms of the interior, the Mercedes Benz is still on top with its leather, chrome, and a breathtaking finish.

If you want an All-Wheel-Drive luxury car

Audi is a brand that is all about all-wheel drives, while Mercedes only offers some models with all-wheel drive. This makes Audi a clear choice in terms of reliability and performance. Audi was also rated as a more reliable brand than Mercedes in Consumer Reports road test.

Should you choose Mercedes-Benz or Audi when it comes to Performance

Audi is a better performing car than Mercedes-Benz, because of the all-wheel-drive that can be found on all Audi cars. It is just found on a handful of Mercedes car models. Audi also offers a better driving experience and it has a more ergonomically designed console than Mercedes.

Thus, the driver will have an easier time driving and operating the car, than they would in a Mercedes. 

Who has the most Safety car: Mercedes-Benz or Audi

Aside from offering luxury and comfort, luxury vehicles are also notable for their safety features. Both Audi and Mercedes excel in this category. But usually, Mercedes has a slight edge over Audi in this category.

Audi boasts of high-end features such as Audi pre Sense, Turn assist & Collision avoidance assist, and adaptive control with Stop & Go and Traffic jam assist. On the other hand, Mercedes comes with far superior safety features like Night View Assist Plus, Accident Investigation, Pre-Safe Brake and Distronic Plus Technology, and Adaptive High Beam Assist.

Mercedes-Benz vs. Audi: Reliability

One of the reasons why people buy luxury vehicles is due to their reliability. Both Audi and Mercedes Benz are reliable vehicles and can last for many years. But according to various studies, it has been determined that Mercedes Benz cars are more reliable than Audis.

After covering 100,000 miles, most Audi car models will start to develop problems. Furthermore, Audi spare parts and repair costs are high when compared to Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, if you’re looking for a vehicle that will last well over 20 years, you’re better off with Mercedes-Benz.

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Price – which is the cheaper choise

As expected, both of these luxury car brands are quite expensive and out of reach for the ordinary person. However, they have some affordable car models such as the Audi A1 and the Mercedes A220. Generally, Audi car models are cheaper than Mercedes-Benz models.

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In the long-term, Audi vehicles are expensive to maintain with costly spare parts. Also, they are not as reliable as a Mercedes-Benz or BMW car makes. So, if you’re looking at the initial price, then Audi is cheaper, but if you’re looking at the long-term, Mercedes is cheaper. The decision is yours to make.

Is Audi cheaper than Mercedes?

Audi is slightly cheaper than Mercedes and BMW, when compared to other top luxury brands. What about the other car brands that are similar to Audi? Audi is more expensive than similar brands.


Warranty is very important, especially if you’re investing in a luxury vehicle. Both Audi and Mercedes Benz come with the same warranty. The manufacturers give 4-year or 50,000-mile basic warranty coverage terms.

But if you take a closer look, Audi’s warranty is better than the Mercedes warranty. The only identical thing about the warranty is the period covered. Apart from this, Audi provides complimentary standard maintenance, 8-years of extra corrosion perforation coverage, and no mileage restriction for the 4-yer roadside assistance coverage.

FAQs about Audi and Mercedes

What is the main difference between Audi and Mercedes?

Audis provide an excellent driving experience, while Mercedes Benz offers luxury and comfort. Therefore, if you’re looking for a car with an enjoyable driving experience, Audi is the car for you. But if you want a luxurious, comfortable, and smooth car to drive, Mercedes Benz is the best option.

Which is the more luxurious car brand between Audi and Mercedes?

This is a tricky question as these two brands go hand-in-hand when it comes to luxury. However, we would give Mercedes Benz a slight edge because of its luxurious vehicles in the S-class and Maybach line. The Audi A8 is not far off but comes slightly short. Mercedes boasts of features such as ambient lighting, leather, and chrome.

Which brand is more reliable in the long-run, Audi or Mercedes?

Before buying a vehicle, you should be aware of the hidden costs along the way. Mercedes-Benz vehicles may have a slightly higher initial price than Audis, but they are more affordable when it comes to maintenance. After covering around 100,000 miles, Audi car owners may have more frequent and costly repairs than Mercedes-Benz car owners.

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Do both Audi and Mercedes have adaptive cruise control?

Mercedes-Benz DISTRONIC Plus(r) can be found on many Mercedes-Benz new vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C-Class, GLC and E-Class. Audi A3 is one of the top best cars with adaptive cruise control. 

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Audi adaptive cruise control, a “hands on” system, enhances comfort, especially for long distances. It assists the driver with acceleration and brakes as well as maintaining speed. The car is also kept in its lane during traffic jams and highway speeds.

Mercedes-Benz GLA VS Audi Q3 – which is better?

The GLA is slightly bigger and more expensive than the Audi. However, it offers more space for the driver and passengers. The Mercedes has 481 litres of boot space, compared with 460 litres for the Q3. This is still impressive for such a small car.

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Which is better Mercedes GLC or Audi Q5?

The GLC 300 vs. the Q5 differs in the most important way. This is due to the variety of powertrain options available with the new Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. Base GLC 300 SUVs include a 2.0-liter turbo-four generating 255 horsepower and 273 lb. GLC SUV owners can choose from either an RWD or 4MATIC AWD drivetrain.

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Which is more luxurious Mercedes or Audi?

Both give you a luxurious driving experience. Mercedes-Benz and Audi both offer a wide range of luxury vehicles, but the simple truth is that Mercedes-Benz has superior reliability when compared with Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz models generally have stronger engine options, better efficiency, and more interior features.

Final thoughts about the German luxury car brands

Even though both of these brands are from Germany and offer luxury features, they differ in many ways. Buyers looking for luxury, comfort, reliability, and safety, should consider getting a car from Mercedes Benz. While those searching for ergonomically friendly and excellent performing car should get from Audi.

All-in-all, both of these car models are made with outstanding engineering, innovative technology, luxurious interiors, safety features, speed, and reliability. It is a matter of preference and budget. So, pick the luxurious car that appeals to you most.

which is better mercedes or audi

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