Will Mercedes wheels fit Audi?

Mercedes makes some of the most fascinating wheels on the market. But can I fit Mercedes wheels on Audi?

Yes, some Mercedes wheels fit on some Audi models. But before you take any Mercedes wheel and try to fit it on an Audi, you need to know the measurements of both wheels. Most Mercedes wheels come with a 12mm lug bolt, while Audi wheels normally have a 14mm lug bolt.

If the Mercedes wheel that you desire does not fit on your Audi, you can bore out holes. Besides, you can also use a hub-centric ring to fill the empty space between the wheel hub and the center bore of the rim. In some cases, you may have to use wheel spacers if you want to match the wheels offset.

Nonetheless, most Mercedes made after 2006 use 14mm bolts, so you don’t have to bore out holes to fit the wheel. But since Mercedes rims have a thicker face, you may need longer bolts or studs to fit the wheels on your Audi. Besides, you can as well as use wheel stud conversion kits.

Why use hub centric ring to fit the tire?

This is because Mercedes rims normally have larger center bore than Audis. Most Mercedes-Benz wheels have measurements of about 66.56 mm, while Audi has 57.1 mm. So, fitting a Mercedes rim onto an Audi is easy as you only have to install hub centric ring inside the wheel bore.

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However, you have to ensure that both wheels have the same bolt pattern. Most Mercedes-Benz and Audi models have a 5X112 bolt pattern. But one thing that usually differs is the offset. That’s why you need to use wheel spacers to match the offset size.

How can I tell if a Mercedes wheel will fit my Audi?

There are many ways through which you can tell if the Mercedes wheel that you want to put on your Audi will fit. First and foremost, you can visit a mechanic and have them check the sizes for you. Secondly, you can go through the sticker plate in your car, which is normally positioned inside the driver’s side door.

If you’re not able to find the wheel size, you can measure the wheels on your own. Start by measuring the diameter of the wheel. Next, measure the width and finish by measuring the offset. Note that the offset of the wheel is obtained by measuring between the centerline of the wheel and the wheel mounting pad.

What’s more, you will have to find out the bolt pattern of the Mercedes wheel. If the pattern does not match, this will be a problem. You can measure the bolt pattern by finding the diameter between opposite holes. Besides, you need to know how many lug holes are there on the wheel.

Additionally, you need to know the size of the tire. Before you change the rim of your car, you need to look at the size of the tire. Usually, the tire assembly and tire diameter should match the real setup. This is important for the odometer and speedometer to work in the right way.

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Finally, check the size of the wheel and its lug pattern. Different wheels have different lug patterns. Some have four, others five, six, and even eight. So, if the Mercedes wheel you want to fix on the Audi has the same pattern, fixing the wheels will be easier. But if not, you may have to boreholes to install the wheel.


What are the different types of wheel offset?

A wheel offset refers to the position where a wheel sits in relation to the hub. There are three different types of offset; positive offset, negative offset, and zero offsets. The offset of a wheel is calculated in meters and it’s very important when you’re fitting custom wheels.

Positive offset features a hub mounting surface that faces the front wheel. It is the latest offset and it’s normally found in the most recent car models. Negative offset consists of the hub mounting surface that faces the rear of the wheel centerline, while Zero offset comprises the hub mounting surface that remains at the same level as the centerline.

Which car models have the same bolt pattern as Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz has a bolt pattern of 5X112. However, there are several car brands with this bolt pattern and they include Audi, Volkswagen, Maybach, and Chrysler. This means that you can easily fit Mercedes wheels on these cars as long as they also share the same diameter, width, offset, wheel, and tire size.

Why do Mercedes feature different size tires to most luxury cars?

Mercedes has different size tires to most luxury cars to increase traction. Besides, the larger tires make Mercedes cars look elegant and have a sporty look. Recently, most luxury cars have started to follow Mercedes’s footsteps and produce cars with large tires.

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What are some of the setbacks of using the wrong wheels on my car?

Installing the wrong wheels on your vehicle has a lot of disadvantages. First and foremost, it will make your car look awkward. Secondly, it makes driving the car to be a nightmare, such as turning. On top of that, they may make your car consume more fuel, which will be an added expense.

Besides, if you have excess offset, it will make driving risky and can even lead to an accident. For example, an excess positive offset will affect how you drive. It can wear out brakes and some sections of the inner suspension. On the contrary, the excess negative offset can add pressure to the vehicle’s suspension.


Most Mercedes wheels will fit on most Audi models. This is because most Mercedes models come with a large center bore than Audi’s. As a result, you only have to use a hub-centric ring to make the Mercedes wheel fit on the Audi.

However, you will have to ensure that the tires are of the same diameter and width. On top of that, they should have the same lug pattern. And if the offset is not on par, you may have to use wheel spacers. What’s more, the rim size should be the same for smooth driving.

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