Which is the cheapest Mercedes car?

Which is the cheapest car of Mercedes?

Founded in 1926, Mercedes Benz is among the most popular luxury car brands on the market. However, budget shoppers have not been left behind as they now offer some affordable Mercedes-Benz models.

This Mercedes-Benz is luxury and still cheap

The cheapest Mercedes car is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 220 sedan. Surprisingly, this Mercedes car model still has the touch, style, and class of a luxury vehicle. It is also the brand’s tiniest, entry-level model. Before the introduction of the A-Class model, the CLA-Class held the title of the cheapest Mercedes.

The Mercedes-Benz-A-Class sedan (V177) is the fourth generation of the A-class vehicles. The first generation was introduced in 1997, the second generation in 2004, and the third generation in 2012. Note that the fourth generation not only comes in the sedan version, but as a hatchback as well. 

Despite the Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 sedan being very affordable, the vehicle boasts a variety of outstanding features that Mercedes Benz fans will love. It has a lot to provide in terms of luxury and performance. So, don’t let the price fool you that it is an ordinary car.

Features and performance of the Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 Sedan

Elegant and classy appearance

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 Sedan is cheaper than most expensive luxury sedans. Nevertheless, the quality of the vehicle is still high and can only be compared to that of other Mercedes car models. It has an elegant design both inside and out.

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The outside looks elegant and classy. It has high-quality headlights and taillights that give it a luxurious look. The interior still matches the typical luxury finish and top-notch features that we’ve gotten used to in Mercedes.  For instance, it has an excellent dual-display dashboard layout and a fun lighting accent that can be customized to 65 different colors.

Great performance from a cheap luxury car

The car is powered by a 2.0-liter 188-horsepower intercooled turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It conveys its power via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that enables manual operation if needed.

However, the handling isn’t great, especially around intense corners. But with the Eco, Comfort, and Sport driving styles, drivers have a lot of options to explore on the road with the Class A 220 sedan.

Surprisingly, this car is a front-wheel drive. As a result, it may not be the best when it comes to accelerating compared to the AMG A 35. Nonetheless, it has excellent fuel efficiency, allowing the driver to save fuel. It has a city fuel efficiency of 24 miles per gallon and highway fuel efficiency of 34 miles per gallon.

Super comfort  

The car is very comfortable and can accommodate all types of adults with different body types. The seats are properly contoured to offer comfort, even though taller drivers may require more support on the upper back. The rear seats can accommodate two adults comfortably, as long as they are not sitting behind a taller person.


The Mercedes Benz A 220 Sedan may not be big but has enough space to keep a few items. The trunk comes with 8.6 cubic feet of cargo space, but the split rear seats can be folded to create more space. Also, the driver and front passenger have the center console bin and door pockets for storage of items.

Good safety features

At the time of writing, neither the NHTSA nor the IIHS have inspected the car’s crash protection. However, the Mercedes A 220 Sedan features lots of safety features. These include: lane keeping assist, integrated turn signal mirrors, traction control, electronic stability control, daytime running lights, child safety locks, airbags, a back-up camera and much more.

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Mercedes-Benz technology

The car comes with most features that are found in the most advanced Mercedes Benz car models. It has two 7.0-inch dashboard displays: one for the infotainment touchscreen and another for the gauge cluster. The displays also feature the MBUX interface, which enables control of the car by voice, touch, steering wheel-mounted buttons, or a center-console touchpad.

The A 220 Sedan also boasts various entertainment features such as Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth streaming, Android Auto, and 5 USB type-C ports. It also has a 12-speaker Burmester Surround-sound system for listening to music. With the GPS navigation, finding your way around the city is made easy.


Last but not least, the car comes with 4-year warranty or 50, 000 miles, meaning that you will get all the services of other high-end Mercedes Benz vehicles at a lower price.

FAQs about the Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz prices

Is the Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 Sedan the cheapest Mercedes Benz car?

Yes, it is. The Mercedes-Benz-A-Class A 220 Sedan is the cheapest Mercedes model. But before the A 220 Sedan hit the market, the Mercedes CLA 250 Coupe was the cheapest model. Aside from being cheap, the car is also economical as its EPA rated at 28 mpg.

Does the Mercedes A 220 Sedan perform at a high level like other high-end Mercedes cars? 

Even though the Mercedes A 220 Sedan has features like the ADAS that rival with the S-Class car models, it’s not near the performance of the S-Class cars. The Mercedes A 220 Sedan does not perform as well, especially when cornering. It has somewhat more body roll and aggressive cornering.

How comfortable is the Mercedes A 220 Sedan?

This car is comfortable, but not as comfortable as high-end Mercedes car models. It has exceptional features such as compliant suspension that absorbs bumps at low or high speeds with great ease. Also, it has extremely low ambient noise and the seats are properly contoured to fit various body types.

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Which Mercedes A-class car is better value for money: A 220 Sedan or AMG A 35?

Both of these cars are good value for money but the Mercedes A 220 Sedan is just better. The AMG A 35 may feature better acceleration, but the A 220 Sedan has more advanced features. For instance, the driver assistance will help you to get around the city with ease.

What are the most affordable Mercedes-Benz models?

Besides Mercedes-Benz A-Class some of the most affordable Mercedes-Benz models are the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB, 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA or the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan.

What is the price range of Mercedes-Benz cars?

The price for a Mercedes-Benz starts at around $33,500 if you go for the Mercedes-Benz cheapest model in the A-class. In the other end you could also go for a Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 with a price of around $160,500.

What’s the cheapest Mercedes-Benz SUV?

If you prefer to drive an SUV, then the cheapest option is the Mercedes-Benz GLA with a price tag starting around $35,000. The GLA is a great luxury SUV, but also more compact than a lot of other SUV models.

What about getting a used SUV? You can read more about the best used Mercedes-Benz SUVs here.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the most affordable Mercedes Benz car model, you don’t have to wait longer to get your own luxurious German-made vehicle. The Mercedes Benz A 220 Sedan is not only affordable, but has most of the features and technology found in other high-end Mercedes car models.

All in all this is a luxury car for a bargain prices.

Which is the cheapest car of Mercedes?

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