2022 Audi Q5 vs Volvo XC60

Compact luxury SUVs are selling left and right so it’s safe to say that this is the segment where the most popular luxury SUVs reside. As such, brands like Audi and Volvo try their best to offer competitive SUVs that can gather the most customer interest. As most customers tend to look for similar features, it inherently means that these two are fairly similar.

At first glance, it’s rather difficult to separate the two as both the Q5 and the XC60 offer a similar experience. However, Audi has mastered the technology-driven design while Volvo offers a more minimalist approach.

This means that your overall preferences of what you deem more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing are going to influence your decision quite a bit. The Q5 looks nice, especially in S-Line form which makes it potentially a bit more youthful while the XC60 looks a bit more restrained and senior-friendly.

Engines on offer are also similar and it seems like Audi offers better engines, but the XC60 offers a class-leading plug-in hybrid powertrain. Space is offer is similar and so are the prices, so we need to dwell deeper to decide a clear winner.

The 2022 Q5 starts at $44,100 for the 45 TFSI Premium trim, $49,100 for the 45 TFSI Premium Plus, and $54,800 for the 45 TFSI Prestige pack. The plug-in hybrid version of the Q5 called the 55 TFSI e starts at $52,900 for the Premium package, $57,000 for the Premium Plus, and $62,350 for the Prestige pack.

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The range-topping SQ5 starts at $55,600 and it tops out at $65,000 for the Prestige model. The base trim 45 TFSI gets a 2.0L 4-cylinder with 261hp and 273lb-ft of torque, the 55 TFSI e offers 362hp and 368lb-ft of torque while the range-topping V6 supercharged SQ5 offers 350hp and 369lb-ft of torque.

All Q5 models come with Audi’s brilliant S-Tronic 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and Audi’s industry-leading Quattro AWD system. The Q5 looks arguably more striking than the XC60, but this is only the case if it is equipped with the S-Line exterior trim package.

Technology-wise, the Q5 does offer more, but the XC60 seems to offer more equipment as standard. Space and practicality-wise, the XC60 seems to offer more in all these areas which puts it ahead of the Q5.

The entry-level XC60 Momentum starts at $43,745. If you want it with an AWD system you will have to spend $2,500 more. R-Design models start at $49,895 while the range-topping Inscription XC60 models start at $51,245. The PHEV XC60 T8 starts at $55,345 and the most expensive XC60 Polestar Engineered Package costs $70,595.

The Volvo B5 XC60 offers a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with 247hp and 258lb-ft of torque. The B6 XC60 offers 295hp and 310lb-ft of torque. The plug-in XC60 offers 400hp and 472lb-ft of torque while the range-topping Polestar Engineered XC60 offers a maximum of 415hp and 471lb-ft of torque.

Design-wise, the XC60 is a bit more restrained looking, so it’s up to your preference which one of these SUVs you appreciate the look of more. An automatic gearbox is standard for all XC60 models while AWD is an upgrade for entry-level models while the B6 and the T8 are solely AWD cars.

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Space-wise, the XC60 offers more in every department which means that it is a better car for transporting people. The XC60 gets better equipment as standard and it is a lot cheaper to fully equip an XC60 than it is to load up the Q5.

 Conclusion – The Volvo XC60 edges out the Q5

Even though the Q5 is a great car, the XC60 seems to edge out the Q5 in most categories. More specifically, the XC60 offers more seating space, more cargo space, more powertrain options, lower prices, and better equipment from the factory.

The Q5 does feel more luxurious and special, but only if you spend an exorbitant amount of money on options. The Q5 is able to tow a bit more, but the reality is that most people don’t care about that. You will not be disappointed with either of these, but Volvo simply offers better value for money.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi Q5 more economical than the Volvo XC60?

The Audi 45 TFSI is rated at 23MPG in the city and 28MPG on the highway while the 55 TFSI e is rated at 26MPG combined. If you add the battery to the equation, the 55 TFSI e is able to return 61MPG e combined. The XC60 is rated at 22MPG in the city and 28MPG on the highway.

The plug-in XC60 is rated at a 57MPG e combined result. The differences between these two are so marginal that it makes little to no difference. Your driving habits are able to sway the final results both ways.

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Is the Volvo XC60 safer than the Audi Q5?

Volvo is a brand known for class-leading safety which means that Volvo cars tend to be the best cars when it comes to overall safety. This is still the case with the XC60, but the Q5 is equally as safe as both of these premium SUVs employ the very latest and best crash mitigating technologies.

Both the Q5 and the XC60 are available with blind-spot assist, parking sensors, reversing cameras, collision warning systems, auto-braking, steering assist, adaptive cruise, and so on. As such, this is a clear tie.

Is the Volvo XC60 more luxurious than the Audi Q5?

Even though the XC60 is a true luxury compact SUV, the Q5 seems to be a bit more luxurious thanks to its technology-driven design. The Q5 offers Audi’s class-leading Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster which is indeed more impressive than the one found in the XC60.

The reality of it is that Audi is considered as somewhat of a step up over a Volvo, but substance-wise, these two are almost identical. It is safe to say that the Audi is a bit more luxurious, but the Volvo XC60 is able to compete with the Q5 toe-to-toe.

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