Which is better, Mercedes or BMW?

Which is better Mercedes or BMW?

Are you a fan of Mercedes or BMW? Mercedes and BMW car brands have been rivals for ages. They produce some of the best luxury vehicles, making it difficult for buyers to choose between the two.

Both brands have a reputation for building well-engineered, comfortable, safe, innovative, fast, and reliable vehicles. However, the final choice will depend on your needs and preferences in a car. BMW is popular for its exceptional driving experience, while Mercedes is known for its luxury and comfort.

In this post, we’re going to compare these two German machines and help you choose the car that is best suited for your taste and needs. We’ll compare their designs, technologies, performance, safety, reliability, and much more. In the end, you will be able to easily pick between these brands and fulfill your dream of owning a luxury vehicle.

Design & Construction

The first thing that you will set your eyes on when buying a car is its design. Whether the car is cheap or expensive, its appeal is of great importance. If the car looks atrocious from the outside, there is a high chance many people will by-pass it. That’s what impresses most people about Mercedes and BMWs.

Both of these brands make beautiful and outstanding car designs that attract drivers. Let’s compare how they look both inside and outside.


BMWs are more appealing to a younger target audience, while Mercedes Benz is more appealing to an older target audience. Every car has its own unique look. The BMW car models tend to have a forward-looking design, with their cabins extending towards the car. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz models feature longer wheelbases and more streamlined designs.

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Mercedes-Benz car models come with the best interior by a fair margin. They feature leather, chrome, and wood in the interior. While the BMW car models concentrate on offering an ergonomically friendly interior so that the driver can have a pleasant driving experience. Everything within the BMW is built for ease of reach by the driver.

When it comes to design, the BMW has a slight edge over Mercedes on the exterior, while Mercedes-Benz has a fair edge over the BMW in the interior.


Another key feature to consider when comparing these vehicles is technology. You cannot compare two luxury car brands and not talk about their technology. Both of these vehicles feature advanced technology that gives drivers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mercedes’ advanced system technology is in charge of features such as security, entertainment, connectivity, and safety. BMW’s technology is usually on the head-up panel, which manages almost all the features. In terms of technology, Mercedes has a slight edge over BMW.


Design, technology, and comfort make the car fun to drive, but performance gives you the experience. Lately, there has been a trend of BMW cars improving their comfort features, while Mercedes cars have improved on their performance.

But in this category, BMWs take the day as they are one of the best performing vehicles on the market, thanks to their lightweight design that makes maneuvering around corners swift and safe compared to the heavier Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Safety and reliability

When it comes to safety, it is hard to pick a clear winner as both cars have high safety ratings. However, we can give a slight edge to BMW as it has two models with extremely high safety ratings: the X1 and X2 series.

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With that said, Mercedes Benz has its own share of safety features, such as PRE-SAFE technology, blind-spot monitoring, night view assist, and lane-keep assist. Overall, both of these cars are safe.

They are also reliable and great investments. You can be certain to drive these vehicles for many miles. However, Mercedes-Benz car models have proven to be slightly more reliable than their counterparts.


Both cars are expensive, due to their excellent engineering, design, comfort, and performance. However, Mercedes car models are somewhat more costly than BMW models. So, expect to pay slightly more when you go for Mercedes instead of BMW. Nonetheless, some BMW models are costlier than Mercedes. But overall, Mercedes is more expensive. 


Luxury cars typically have higher premiums than normal cars. This is because of their spare parts and costly repairs if there is damage. Therefore, expect to receive high premiums for both Mercedes and BMW car makes. BMW premiums may be somewhat higher as their parts are costlier and harder to find.

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BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz – Market share in the US

Does BMW sell more cars than Mercedes?

In 2019 BMW had 14,23% of the market of luxury cars in the US. In comparison Mercedes-Benz had 13,85% of the market shared that year. So it is the most selling luxury cars brands in the US with BMW as the most selling car.


What is the main difference between Mercedes and BMW vehicles?

The main difference between these two luxury vehicles is that BMW prioritizes sporty driving, while Mercedes prioritizes comfort and luxury. BMW vehicles deliver sporty driving with better handling, better suspension, and better engines and transmissions. On the contrary, Mercedes Benz offers greater comfort and luxury with the outstanding looking interior, smoother drives, and more comfortable seats.

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Which car is faster between BMW and Mercedes?

There is no clear winner when it comes to speed. However, BMW has an edge over Mercedes Benz. If you compare the normal BMW and Mercedes Benz models, BMW cars are faster than Mercedes vehicles. But if you compare their sporty versions, like the BMW “M” and Mercedes “AMG” lines, it is difficult to tell.

Which car should you buy – Mercedes or BMW?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a once in a lifetime driving experience, then you should go with BMW. But if you want comfort and luxury, then Mercedes Benz will be the best option for you. Regardless of the car you pick, you will get value for money and they are both reliable in performance.

Final thoughts

The discussion between Mercedes and BMW vehicles is never-ending. This is because different people have different priorities and tastes. Some prefer having a memorable driving experience, while others prefer driving a luxurious and comfortable vehicle.

As you have seen from our comparison above, these car brands are neck and neck in almost all categories. Thus, you should take your time and pick a vehicle that meets your demands and price. Regardless of the car you choose, you’ll get luxury, comfort, and safety.

Which is better Mercedes or BMW?

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