Which is more prestigious, Mercedes or BMW?

which is more prestigious - mercedes or bmw

Both Mercedes and BMW are known for their high-end luxury cars. For this reason, choosing between a Mercedes-Benz and a BMW is quite a daunting task.

Despite both Mercedes and BMW having excellent reputations, Mercedes-Benz is more prestigious than BMW. Mercedes has a rich history of highly engineered and advanced vehicles. On top of that, Benz vehicles are more luxurious, reliable and more highly regarded than their Munich-based competitor, BMW.

Why is Mercedes more prestigious than BMW? 

Rich history

Both Mercedes and BMW have history that dates back a century ago. Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1926 as a division of Daimler AG. Its headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany. Mercedes-Benz is popular for its luxury vehicles, trucks, buses, vans and coaches.

BMW was started in 1916. It started as a manufacturer of aircraft engines and later on changed its attention to the manufacturing of motorcycles and automobiles.

Mercedes is headquartered in South-West Germany in Stuttgart, whereas BMW is headquartered in South-East Germany in Munich. 

Mercedes and BMW may have a rich history, but Mercedes has been always at the forefront of technological advancements in cars. On top of that, Mercedes has been popularly known for its luxurious vehicles, while BMW is famous for its performance.

In terms of history, Mercedes will always have an edge over BMW. That’s why it’s considered to be more prestigious by many luxury car owners. The only luxury brands that compete closely with Mercedes in terms of a rich history are Porsche, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

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Mercedes is also more prestigious than BMW because of its comfortable and luxurious vehicles. When you mention a luxury car, the first thing that comes to mind is often a Mercedes S-Class. This car has set the standard for luxury cars for several decades now.

One of the most popular cars ever built was the 1980s Mercedes S-Class, which is still highly regarded in many circles today. Apart from that, Mercedes tops BMW in almost all comfort and luxury categories. Mercedes cars are also highly advanced.

Both BMW and Mercedes may have high-end interiors, but the interior of a Mercedes is on another level. It features sophisticated chrome, wood, leather, and lots of other comfort features. In contrast, BMW focuses on an ergonomically friendly interior.

Many people rank Mercedes to be more prestigious than BMW and other German luxury cars because of its comfortable interior. The technology and attention to detail that Mercedes comes with make it the best luxury car brand for people looking for a comfortable and luxurious vehicle.


When it comes to looks and appearance, both of these vehicles are beautifully designed and very appealing. However, while a Benz has a luxurious, elegant and sleek look, BMW has a sporty appearance. That’s one of the reasons young people prefer BMWs, while older drivers prefer Mercedes.  


Another area where Mercedes is more prestigious than BMW is in terms of reliability. Luxury cars cost a lot and that’s why you have to consider the reliability of a car before purchasing it. In this category, Mercedes still stands out as the most reliable luxury car brand.

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BMW may be catching up on Mercedes in terms of technology and comfort, but it’s not very reliable like Mercedes. For instance, BMW has the worst repair and maintenance costs among all the three main German luxury car brands. Mercedes is the most reliable, followed by Audi and then BMW.


What makes luxury cars special is not only their comfort and performance, but their safety systems as well. Both of these car brands have exceptional safety systems, but Mercedes has a slight edge. The PRE-SAFE system found in Mercedes is one of its kind. However, BMW’s Active Protection System is excellent as well.


What’s the main difference between a Mercedes and a BMW?

Even though both of these car brands are luxurious, they vary in many ways. The main difference is that a Mercedes has a more luxurious interior than a BMW. Also, it’s technologically more advanced than a BMW with better safety features.

On the contrary, BMW cars perform better than Mercedes. Additionally, they are sportier than Benz, making them a favorite among the younger crowd. In terms of handling, BMW is also better than Mercedes.

So, if you want luxury, Mercedes is the best car. But if you want performance and better handling, BMW is the better option.

Why are German luxury cars so unreliable?

German luxury cars are so unreliable because of several reasons. First, these cars are expensive to maintain and repair. Also, most of these cars need special dealers, which will cost you an arm and leg. Additionally, most of these cars develop problems early and require regular maintenance.

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Which car depreciates faster – Mercedes or BMW?

Almost all German luxury car brands depreciate quickly. This is because of their high cost of maintenance after a few years of ownership. When it comes to BMW and Benz, BMW depreciates way faster. Of all the three popular German luxury brands, BMW depreciates the fastest, followed by Audi, and finally Mercedes.  

Why are German luxury cars held to a higher standard than Japanese luxury brands?

German luxury cars have a rich history that dates back to the 50s, 60s, and 70s. On the other hand, Japanese luxury cars first appeared in the late 80s. German luxury cars have also always featured high-tech technology and luxurious interiors that Japanese cars cannot match.

Mercedes exudes class

All-in-all, Mercedes is more prestigious than BMW. Not only is the three-star brand loved by royals, presidents, and governors around the world, but also CEOs and people of class. Although BMW has cut the gap between the two, it’s still not on par with this luxury car brand leader.

There’s always a feeling of pride that comes with owning a Mercedes. Whether it’s in the developing world or even in the developed world, Mercedes still reigns. That’s why the initial price of purchasing a Mercedes-Benz is still higher than that of BMW and other German luxury cars.

which is more prestigious - mercedes or bmw
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