Which brand has the best interior – Audi, Mercedes or BMW?

which brand has the best interior: audi, mercedes or bmw?

If you’re looking for a premium and upmarket German car, choosing the best can be quite a daunting task. However, you can compare the brand’s features to land the best car of your choice.

When it comes to car interior, Mercedes-Benz has the best, followed by Audi and then BMW. Not only does Mercedes offers a luxurious interior, but everything inside the car has a modern touch. From the leather seats to the wood trims and chrome finish, Mercedes oozes with opulence.

What do Mercedes, BMW and Audi interiors look like?

To find out which luxury German car brand has the best interior, we’ll compare some of their high-end models and see which one comes out on top.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior

When you mention the best cars on the market, the Mercedes S-Class will always come out on top. This car is a true definition of luxury and opulence. From its beautiful exterior design to luxurious interior and exceptional performance, the S-Class is the best of the best.

Although this car is more expensive than the Audi A8 or BMW 7 series, you will fall in love with its beautiful and luxurious interior. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class boasts elegant upholstery color combinations. It’s also fitted with leather seats, which have massaging functions.

Other key interior features include heated and ventilated seats, real ash wood trim, magic body control suspension, 64 interior lighting color options, and energizing comfort programs. In terms of technology, you will get wireless smartphone charging, steering-wheel infotainment controls and a customizable 12.3-inch instrument cluster. This car goes for around $100,000.

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BMW 7 Series interior

Another premium German brand that competes with Mercedes is BMW. Even though BMW car models are not known for having excellent interiors, the BMW 7 Series has one of the best interiors on the market. That’s one of the reasons this car sells for over $87,500.

Like the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7 series is a 5-seater. It also boasts leather upholstery with massaging front seats. Additionally, the front seats are adjustable and heated. The front armrests are also heated, which provides comfort to the driver and front passenger.

Buyers will also love the rear window sunshade and ventilated front seats. Even though these seats do not offer the same comfort that is found in the Benz S-Class, they are still comfortable, supportive and spacious. Overall, however, the BMW interior is not on par with either Mercedes or Audi.

Audi A8 interior

Audi may not be as famous as Mercedes or BMW, but it’s the next closest thing. Selling at around $86,000, the Audi A8 is the cheapest among these three luxury sedans. It also boasts a modern and contemporary design that some may argue is better than the Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7series.

The Audi A8 exudes opulence in its interior. It’s equipped with leather upholstery seats that offer comfort and relaxation. The car also comes with a standard four-zone automatic climate control, dual touchscreens, 22-way power-adjustable front seats with ventilation, and a panoramic sunroof.

Other top-notch features that the Audi A8 offers include dark brown walnut wood trim, dark matte brushed aluminum inlays, and executive rear seats. These and many other features make the Audi A8 more comfortable than the BMW 7 series, but not quite on par with the Mercedes S-Class.

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Why is Mercedes more comfortable than Audi and BMW?

Although Audi and BMW offer premium models with excellent interiors, they are not on the same level as Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes cars are made to offer comfort and relaxation to both passengers and drivers. Their ride quality is also on par with Audi and BMW.

One of the reasons why Mercedes-Benz models are so comfortable is because of their attention to detail. For instance, the seats in Mercedes are not only made of leather, but they are also highly-adjustable and can fit people of different sizes and shapes.

Mercedes also has one of the best infotainment systems. On top of that, this system is easy to use, unlike in BMWs and Audis. The Mercedes dashboard is also ergonomically designed for easy operation during driving. With such features and many more, it’s easy to see why Mercedes has the best interior,

Comparing German luxury car brands

Which brand is better – Mercedes, Audi, or BMW?

All of these brands offer luxurious cars. However, the best brand will vary according to your needs. If you want a technologically advanced car with great interior design and prestige, Mercedes is the best choice. But if you want performance and better handling, BMW will fit your taste. Audi falls between these two.

Why are the interiors of BMW so boring compared to Mercedes and Audi?

Not all BMW interiors are boring, as some high-end BMW models have beautifully designed interiors. However, most of BMW’s sports models have a pitiful interior compared to Mercedes or Audi. Instead of focusing on the interior, these cars make up for it with exceptional performance and handling, which BMW and Mercedes cannot match up with. 

Which German car is the most reliable between Mercedes, BMW and Audi?

Before spending a huge amount of cash on these German luxury brands, it’s worth knowing how reliable the cars will be even after the warranty elapses. That’s why picking a Mercedes over BMW and Audi is a good choice. Mercedes-Benz is the most reliable of the three brands.

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Mercedes is the most reliable among these three brands because of the good quality controls and fewer repairs needed. However, it has a bad transmission. On the contrary, BMWs are the most expensive to maintain, followed by Audis. If you intend to own the car for more than 5 years, Mercedes will be your best choice.

Which car has the best engine quality – Audi, Mercedes, or BMW?

BMW has the best engine with its inline 6 engine. However, its latest V8 engine is a disaster. When it comes to engine quality, Audi is dead last. This is because they use the same engine found in mid-range Volkswagens. The Mercedes’ V8 engine is excellent, but not better than the six-cylinder engine from BMW.

The bottom line

If you want a German luxury car with the best interior, Mercedes is the best option. Thanks to its luxurious interior that’s adorned with leather, a lot of chrome, and wood. These give Benz a modern touch that cannot be found in either Audi or BMW.

Apart from a luxurious interior, Mercedes-Benz also has high-tech features with a spacious interior. Even though Audi’s interior is better than BMW’s, it’s nowhere close to Mercedes. And with their reliability, it’s worth spending a few extra dollars to acquire a Mercedes, instead of a BMW or Audi.

which brand has the best interior: audi, mercedes or bmw?
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