Audi vs. Mercedes: Reliability

Mercedes and Audi have had a rivalry that dates back several decades. Both of these German luxury car brands have improved a lot over the years and make it hard to select one over the other when considering all factors. So, let’s simply look at reliability.

Mercedes-Benz is a more reliable auto brand than Audi. As a matter of fact, Mercedes is the most reliable of the three most popular German luxury car brands (Audi, BMW, & Mercedes). Despite being more advanced than other cars on the market, Audi and Mercedes are some of the least reliable cars on the market.

The main reason why many luxury cars on the market are unreliable is because of the highly advanced technology they feature. This technology develops issues easily and you may be required to constantly update the technology to avoid small issues from happening.

Reliability rankings

Surprisingly, J.D. Power reliability rankings claim that Mercedes experiences more issues than Audi. Per 100 vehicles, Mercedes reported at least 134 issues, while Audi reported 124 issues. The industry average per 100 vehicles is 121, meaning that both Audi and Mercedes are above the industry average.

Even though Audi models reported fewer issues per 100 vehicles, the cost of repair and maintenance is way above that of Mercedes. That’s why Mercedes has a higher reliability rating than Mercedes. On the same note, high-end Mercedes models proved to be more reliable than entry-level Mercedes models. This is the opposite for Audi models.

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What are the most reliable Audi and Mercedes-Benz models?

Audi A3

The most reliable Audi model is the Audi A3. According to the latest J.D. Power reliability ratings, the Audi A3 rates slightly above average. This is high considering most Audis are rated slightly below average.

The Audi A3 hatchback is a perfect family car and a seating capacity of 5 passengers. What stands out most about this four-ring model is the reliable engine that it’s equipped with. The well-balanced driving dynamics make driving this car to be fun.

Additionally, the A3 comes with an intuitive infotainment system and a comfy cabin with leather seats. As with most luxury German cars, this model comes with tons of safety features. The Audi A3 has a base price of $34,000, which varies according to the type of engine or variant you select.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz E-Class has scooped several safety and reliability awards in the past. Among the various Mercedes models, the E-Class has stood out over a long period of time as the most reliable Mercedes model. This is thanks to its excellent engineering and quality parts.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is not only reliable, but it also offers comfort and luxury. Apart from that, it’s one of the safest mid-range luxury sedans on the market. It boasts of a variety of safety features like PRE-Safe technology, stability control, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and much more.

The base price of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is about $63,000. The model offers different options, such as sedan, cabriolet, and coupe. Buyers also have different engine options to pick from. Overall, this is one of the best vehicles to select if you want class and reliability.

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What are the least reliable Audi and Mercedes-Benz models?

Audi A6

Don’t be surprised that the cheaper and entry-level Audi A3 is more reliable than the more expensive and more advanced Audi A6. Not only is the Audi A6 pricey, but this luxury sedan is among the least-reliable German cars on the market.

With a starting price of around $55,000, the Audi A6 is a beautiful and powerful midsize luxury sedan. Some of the common problems that you’re likely to face with this model are engine issues, bodywork, engine electrics, battery problems, and fuel system issues.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Even though the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has a low-reliability rating, not all C-Class models are unreliable. However, the majority are and that’s why we’ve listed it as the least reliable Mercedes model. The Mercedes C-Class has a starting price of about $42,650.

Some of the common issues that Mercedes C-Class owners are likely to face are linked with power equipment, the engine, brakes, and the electrical system. Despite its low-reliability rating, the C-Class is a wonderful model and ideal for buyers who cannot afford the high-end E-Class.

Comparing Audi and Mercedes

Which car is safer – Audi or Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz is a safer car than Audi. However, both brands make some of the safest cars on the market. Both brands come with unique safety features that keep their occupants safe. Audi comes with Audi pre-sense basic, while Mercedes has Pre-Safe technology.

What’s the main difference between an Audi and a Mercedes-Benz?

Differentiating an Audi and Mercedes-Benz has become much harder as both brands have breached the gap that used to made them unique. Regardless, the main difference between these two models is that Audi is all about an all-wheel-drive system, while Mercedes is all about highly advanced engineering and comfort.

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Which car performs better – Mercedes or Audi?

In terms of performance, Audi has a slight edge over the three-pronged star brand. Thanks to its all-wheel-drive system and better handling. Even though Mercedes has improved a lot over the years when it comes to performance, it’s still behind Audi and BMW in this area.

Which car is more prestigious – Audi or Mercedes?

Of course, Mercedes is more prestigious. For many decades, Mercedes has set the standard for luxury cars. Despite Audi improving its vehicles in many categories, Mercedes is still the most prestigious and sought-after luxury brand on the market. So, if you desire a reputable luxury car brand, Mercedes is still the brand to go for.

Which car is cheaper to maintain – Mercedes or Audi?

When it comes to maintenance, an Audi is cheaper to maintain than a Mercedes-Benz. On average, Mercedes costs about $12,900 to maintain, while an Audi costs around $12,400 to maintain. That’s a difference of $500. On the contrary, Audi is more expensive to repair than Mercedes.

Reliability winner: Mercedes

Mercedes and Audi are some of the least reliable cars on the market. This is expected as they both have lots of high-tech features. However, Audi costs more to repair than Mercedes-Benz, so Mercedes wins when it comes to reliability.

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