Can a locksmith make a key for a Mercedes?

If you happen to lose your Mercedes key, buying a new one from the dealer will cost you a few hundred dollars. This process can take a while, and you might end up wanting to buy a new car even before the replacement key arrives.

If you acquire a used Mercedes key from a different model and take it to a Mercedes dealership, they will tell you that you can not reprogram a used Mercedes key to work with a different car. This is mostly due to security reasons because only a few keys can be simultaneously linked to a specific car.

But this is only because Mercedes dealerships want you to buy a new key from Germany, ship it, and program it through a Mercedes dealership. It is possible for a locksmith equipped with the right tools to even make a Mercedes key, especially for the older models that don’t have any electronics in them.

The new key process through a Mercedes dealership

If you lost your key, or it got stolen, it is recommended for you to acquire a new key straight from most Mercedes-Benz dealerships. It is also advisable that you go and request a new key by yourself, but someone authorized by you can also do it for you.

Mercedes has posted a few brochures online that perfectly outline what you need to do in order to get a new key. First of all, you need proof of vehicle registration, title, or any other ownership document. You will also need a valid government-issued ID such as a passport or a driving license.

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For company-owned vehicles, the process is slightly different. If you send one of your employees to request a new key, you will also need to show some proof of authorization to do so on the companies behalf.  Such authorization needs to contain the name of the authorized person, VIN, and the name and signature of the person who authorized it.

After you finished all the paperwork, the key will be sent from the factory, and the dealer needs to link the key to your car. The dealership needs to have access to your car for the entirety of the process to make sure everything goes smoothly. In the end, you are looking at a bill of a few hundred dollars.

The new key process through a third party locksmith or your insurance company

While doing this is not recommended by any Mercedes dealers or service shops, a person with the right tools can make a functional Mercedes key. But this will not deactivate the key you’ve lost, and this might pose a serious threat down the line, especially if the key was indeed stolen.

Some people buy used Mercedes keys from E-bay, and take them to properly equipped individuals in an effort of gaining access to the car. This might not be an issue if you are doing this for yourself, but it sure does seem suspicious. Furthermore, selling a car with a by-passed key is highly unlikely.

In some instances, you are also able to request a new key through your insurance company, but this might end up costing the most, and it can also have an effect on your long-turn insurance costs. If you need a new key, going through an authorized dealership is the safest and most reliable way to do it.

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Issues with keyless go and keyless entry systems

It sure does seem cool that you don’t even have to take your key out of your pocket to gain entry into your car and start it up. These systems were introduced a few years ago, and nowadays all Mercedes models offer these systems.

Remote start and keyless entry functionalities are not the most reliable systems security-wise. Many cars are stolen through the usage of special receivers that are able to pick up the signal from the key, and by-pass it to gain access to your car and even drive off to the sunset.

Programming a new key through the dealer might seem incredibly costly, but one would be surprised as to how fast a skilled individual might gain access to your car. You should always go through your dealer because some car insurance policies will cover car-theft with a by-passed key.

But if you go through a third-party locksmith, and you get your car stolen, no insurance company will ever dare to cover the expenses.

FAQ Section

How many keys do Mercedes models come with?

If you are in the market for a brand new Mercedes you should expect at least two keys. Older Mercedes models sometimes even came with 3 keys, and some car manufacturers such as Lexus ship as many as 4 keys with every new car.

Some dealers sell cars with only one key, but they are obliged to inform the customer that the car is being sold with just one key. Not all keys are usually the same, and some models come with dedicated valet keys.

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What should I do if I lost my Mercedes key, or it got stolen?

You should contact your dealer as soon as possible. Most dealers are equipped with special equipment which can wipe-out a stolen key. You don’t have to change the locks, but, even the key that’s been wiped out can still open the doors through the regular key-hole.

If someone tries to open the door with a wiped key, the alarm will sound. Most modern Mercedes models can not be driven with a wiped key though, so there is no need to change the locks if you are able to keep your car in a safe spot.

Can I remote start my Mercedes by pressing a button on my key?

In the US, cars have been equipped with remote start functionality for a while now, and some newer Mercedes models can be started through the MercedesMe App. It’s worth mentioning that European cars do not offer remote start functionality as this is still illegal in Europe.

This app enables you to lock/unlock the doors, send navigation destinations to the main infotainment screen, or remote start with just using your phone. These systems are useful when you want your AC on full blast even before you enter the car, or just to warm-up the vehicle.


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