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A good answer is important to all questions, small or big, when you want to buy a car.

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Rolf Hansen (Founder)

Why did you start Luxury Cars A2Z?

I felt something was missing. There are a lot of automotive websites for car-nerds, but people that “just” want the best luxury car, also need their questions answered.

What is your dream car?

As a kid, I daydreamed about having a BMW and a Ferrari. Multiple of their cars are still between my favorites.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to buy a new car?

Research, research, and research. Don’t let the salesperson decide your next car. Sleep on it.

What do you do when you don’t work on Luxury Cars A2Z?

I love exploring. Going with my family on a road trip, or even just to the nearest forrest or our summerhouse.

Dan Gurbalov (Author)

What is your dream car?

Ford Raptor, if you can count that huge truck as a car. Otherwise, I’d go for a Dodge Challenger SRT8. I prefer feeling safe on the road, and I love having something large enough to fit a motorcycle in the back.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to buy a new car?

Feel it. Don’t purchase the first car you hop in for a test drive. If you don’t feel like this is your car, don’t rush to get it.

Why do you love writing about cars?

I love the sound of most gasoline engines. I love the smell too.

What do you do when you don’t write about cars?

I ride a motorcycle, I love skiing and working out. I go hiking out in the wild, and I love spending time in nature, away from the city noise.

Marko Mikulic (Author)

What is your dream car?

My dream car would probably be the Ferrari F40. I personally do believe the F40 to be the definitive supercar, a raspy V8 paired with such a timeless design only keeps on climbing on the ”best supercar of all time” list.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to buy a new car?

Try to find a perfect balance between your needs and wants. A car is a rational purchase as much as it an emotional one. You should equally worry about miles per gallon and smiles per miles.

Why do you love writing about cars?

I love writing about cars as cars are a huge personal interest of mine. I was raised in a car enthusiast community and ever since I was young, I always wanted to do car-related work.

What do you do when you don’t write about cars?

At the moment I am close to obtaining a law degree, I am also an amateur musician, producer, beatmaker, video game, and movie enthusiast.


I am also a huge road trip and car travel enthusiast and I am well versed in automotive racing. I am fairly interested in the law aspects of the car industry, especially the use of AI technologies and autonomous driving technologies.

Edwin Odipo

What is your dream car?

My dream car is the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Coupe. This SUV is not only handsome with a sporty look, but it’s also luxurious with lots of high-tech features. It has everything you need in a subcompact SUV.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to buy a new car?

Car salespeople can be pushy at times. Therefore, knowing the entire car buying process can help you relax and find the best deal possible. So, do your research, shop around, consider pre-financing options, negotiate terms, factor in insurance costs, and test drive the car.

Why do you love writing about cars?

Cars make our lives easy. You can visit your distant friend, relative or even rush to the grocery store a few miles from your home with a lot of ease. Imagine how life was before the invention of cars?? To me, cars are a blessing that made life more convenient.

Hence, I write about cars to help people fulfill their needs. Whether it’s buying a car, selling a car, making repairs, and everything that they need to know about cars. 

What do you do when you don’t write about cars?

I love playing basketball. And if I am not playing basketball, of course, I will be behind the wheels of my 2006 Toyota Premio set off for a new adventure in the countryside.

Osuagwu Solomon (Author)

What Is Your Dream Car?

My dream car is a 2021 Toyota hybrid Camry. It comes as one of the top hybrid and electric cars in its category. And, thanks to its atheistic exterior, intuitive infotainment controls, smooth ride, lively powertrain, and an endless list of safety features.

Why Do You Love Writing About Cars?

I started my writing career as a travel article writer. One day, I decided to Google search a specific problem on my dad’s car; I found numerous information on the topic, contradicting each other. As a certified mechanic and travel article writer, I started writing automotive articles to provide accurate information to car owners and fellow mechanics.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Write About Cars?

When I am not writing about cars, I’m in a mechanic garage troubleshooting and fixing cars.