Volvo vs. Mercedes: Reliability

One of the major factors to look at when buying a luxury car is reliability. Most luxury cars are not very reliable because of the sophisticated technologies they come with. But which luxury car is more reliable when deciding between Mercedes-Benz and Volvo?

With all factors considered, Mercedes-Benz is more reliable than Volvo. According to Consumer Reports, Volvo is one of the least reliable luxury brands on the market. Mercedes ranks higher than Volvo on the Consumer Reports’ reliability rating. However, Mercedes is more expensive to maintain annually than Volvo.

A Mercedes owner may have to pay an average of around $900 annually to repair their car, while a Volvo owner may only have to pay around $ 770. However, in the long-term, a Volvo owner may have to pay more as the brand is synonymous with costly repairs as its vehicles age.

Most reliable Mercedes and Volvo models

Volvo S60 

Volvo S60 is the most reliable Volvo model on the market. It ranks slightly below average on the Consumer Reports reliability index. However, it’s the highest-ranked Volvo model, together with the V60 hatchback model. The Volvo S60 is an entry-level luxury sedan.

This small luxury sedan comes with a seating capacity of five. On top of that, it boasts of a powerful engine with an option of picking either an AWD or FWD system. It also features an 8-speed Geartronic automatic transmission.

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Apart from having a handsome exterior that’s very appealing to the eye, the S60 also comes with a luxurious interior and it’s more spacious than its close competitor (Mercedes C-Class). The seats are comfortable and it comes with a 12.3-inch digital screen.

Other top-notch interior features include massaging front seats, ambient interior lighting, a center console with a retractable tray, and a head-up display. However, it’s worth noting that the infotainment system can be challenging to use. This model goes for around $40,000.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The prize for the most reliable Mercedes-Benz goes to the E-Class. Since its introduction, the E-Class has stood out from other Mercedes models with its highly-rated safety and reliability ratings. The 2008 E-Class is among the top most reliable E-Class models of all time.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class registers fewer issues over the years compared to the S-Class, C-Class, and even A-Class. Next in line with the most reliable Mercedes models is the GLC-Class. The E-Class has a base price of $63,000 and it’s one of the best mid-range luxury sedans on the market.

Least reliable Mercedes and Volvo models

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is among the least reliable vehicles on the market. On the same note, this model ranks the lowest on Volvo’s reliable cars. In addition to having high repair costs, the Volvo XC90 spends more time in the garage than other Volvo models.

Some of the common issues that make this car unreliable are problems with the suspension and axle. Most Volvo XC90 owners are also usually forced to have electrical problems fixed. Note that not all XC90 models perform poorly in reliability. However, models made after 2015 have had many reliability problems.

Despite it being unreliable, the Volvo X90 is a beautiful SUV that retails at around $50,000. It is one of the most outstanding midsize luxury SUVs on the market. This model boasts lots of safety and tech-savvy features that put it above many of its competitors.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the most unreliable Mercedes model. It’s followed closely by the Mercedes A-Class. The C-Class has had 3 safety recalls issued by NTSA, and a third of the C-Class cars bought had issues in the first 5 years.

Some of the common problems that the C-Class model experiences are connected to the non-engine electrics, fuel system, exhaust, battery, infotainment, and bodywork. Although it has reliability issues, overall, the C-Class is an excellent small luxury sedan with a starting price of $41,600.

Despite the lower reliability ratings, the C-Class sedan comes with a powerful 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder that delivers an outstanding 255 horsepower. The buyer has the choice of picking either an AWD or RWD system. On the negative side, this car is quite compact and not ideal for taller people.  


Why should I buy a Volvo over Mercedes?

Despite Volvo and Mercedes being luxury vehicles, a Volvo has a better record when it comes to safety than Mercedes does. Additionally, Volvos are cheaper than Mercedes-Benz, making them a fantastic option for people looking for affordable luxury vehicles.

Volvo is considered the safest luxury car on the market because of the tons of safety features that they come with. These include lane keep assist, pedestrian detection with auto brake, blind spot detection, cyclist detection, and much more.

Which luxury car is the most reliable – Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, or Audi?

All of these cars have above-average reliability ratings. BMW is the most reliable, followed by Mercedes, and then Volvo. Audi is the least reliable of these four luxury brands. Most BMW models have a reliability rating of over 95% and Mercedes over 90%.

Why are Mercedes and Volvo unreliable?

Both of these brands are unreliable because they are equipped with lots of technology. As a result, it’s easier for them to develop issues, especially when the software is not upgraded. Besides, updates can also go wrong and cause the car to have issues.

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Which luxury car lasts the longest – Volvo or Mercedes?

When it comes to durability, few luxury cars can compete with Mercedes. Even though Volvo creates durable luxury cars, Mercedes still makes the most durable vehicles. On top of that, Mercedes is much easier to maintain over time than Volvo.

What are the criteria for rating a car’s reliability?

To determine the reliability of a car, several things have to be considered. This includes the car’s age, the time it takes for the car to be repaired, repair costs, and how frequently the car has to be repaired. It excludes normal repairs, such as oil change, tires, and brake jobs.

The most reliable cars don’t break down easily or take longer to break down. In most cases, this doesn’t apply to all cars from a certain brand, since some models experience more issues than others. For instance, most Mercedes models experience fewer problems over five years than most Volvo models.

Mercedes beats Volvo in reliability

If you’re looking for a reliable luxury vehicle, both Volvo and Mercedes are excellent choices. Nonetheless, Mercedes has a slight edge over Volvo, but Volvo is the safer car. But if you want to find the most reliable car, it’s vital to sort out model by model.

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