Common Problems with BMW F30

The BMW F30 has been in the market from 2011 to 2019. During this period, users have come across different challenges and have shared them in forums and with their mechanics. With this information, people who intend to acquire the F30 can know what challenges to expect from this car.

The BMW F30 comes in a sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon, and hatchback. Nonetheless, most of these cars have faced the same problems over the years. Some of the common BMW F30 issues are connected to the engine, turbo, suspension, transmission, rust, timing chain, and much more.

What are the common problems with the BMW F30?

Engine issues

The most common issue on the BMW F30 is engine problems. Most engine issues arise because of improper maintenance and repair. So, if you want to avoid engine issues, ensure that your car is regularly maintained and you should follow BMW’s recommended service schedule.

Some of the common signs of a faulty engine include engine stalling and the car failing to jumpstart. Take care of minor engine problems as replacing the entire engine is very costly.

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Turbo problems

Another area that you shouldn’t overlook when looking for common issues with the BMW F30 is turbo problems. Most BMW F30s come with turbo problems that are connected to the transmission, over speeding, and wastegate. To avoid most of these issues, ensure to properly lubricate your car parts.

Rust problems

Rust problems are common on the BMW F30 models made before November 2012. The BMW F30 models made before this date had rust problems on the front seat frame. However, this issue was corrected and most of the latest models don’t have this issue.

Timing chain issues

This is another common BMW F30 problem that happens to take place in both the latest and oldest models. If your car has a timing chain issue, the timing chain may jump and you may hear a whining sound from the engine. The chain can be broken or worn out. Change the chain if it’s damaged or broken.

Steering rack problem

This is a very costly problem that BMW F30 owners shouldn’t want to face. If you have a steering rack issue, you may start to hear noise or vibration when you drive at 40 to 50 mph. It usually occurs because of leaked or contaminated fluids.

Rattling noise under the armrest

This is a problem that takes place because of wear and tear. If you begin to hear rattling noise while accelerating, this can be a sign that the two metal horses under the armrest are outdated and need maintenance or replacement.

Transmission problems

Transmission issues are many and most of them are costly to repair. A simple transmission problem may cost you at least $300 to fix. One of the main indicators of a transmission problem is slipping or uneven shifting gears. Besides, the check engine light may turn on with a transmission warning light.

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Paint scratches with ease

The paint job on the BMW F30 is not properly done. Hence, after covering several miles, you will start to notice that the paint chips away with a small scratch. This is a minor issue as you can have the car repainted.

Suspension issues

A faulty suspension is also common in BMWs and the BMW F30 is no exception. If you hear rattling noises from your BMW F30, there is a high chance that the car has suspension problems. Other signs of a faulty suspension include the car tilting and loose steering.

Electric issues

Last but not least, the BMW F30 also experiences electrical issues. This can include the car’s lights, electric windows, or even radio. Always ensure the wiring is okay and the fuse is not blown. Also, you should inspect the check engine light and ensure that it does not give a wrong signal.


Is the BMW F30 a reliable car?

Overall, BMW F30 is a reliable car. Generally, almost all BMW models in the BMW 3-Series are reliable cars. Nonetheless, they register fewer issues and most of the major problems are linked to wear and tear. However, the car is still somewhat unreliable as it is expensive to repair and maintain.

What is the least reliable BMW F30 model year?

The least reliable BMW F30 is the 2013 model year. This car comes with several problems, meaning that you will spend more time and money fixing it. Some of the common issues that the 2013 BMW F30 owners should expect include engine issues, drivetrain problems, and car stalling while driving.

What is the most reliable BMW F30 model year?

The most reliable BMW F30 model year is the 2017 BMW F30. This car registers fewer issues than other BMW F30 model years. Thus, you won’t experience lots of problems or spend a lot on repair and maintenance like the 2013 BMW F30.

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What’s the annual cost of maintaining the BMW F30?

Even though BMWs cost a lot to maintain annually, the BMW F30 is one of the most reliable BMW models on the market. As a result, it will cost you between $900 and $1,300 to maintain it annually. This is quite cheaper as most BMW models cost at least $1,400 to maintain annually.

Which car is better – BMW F30 or G20?

It is difficult to compare these two cars as the G20 replaced the BMW F30. Therefore, it is just a matter of preference. The BMW G20 is more advanced with a modern interior, while the BMW F30 comes with an old interior and lacks some of the most recent technologies. Nevertheless, the G20 is also costlier than the F30.


The BMW F30 is an excellent car with several exceptional features. It is comfortable, spacious, luxurious, fuel-efficient, and delivers outstanding performance. But like most BMW models, this unit also comes with several challenges linked to the engine, suspension, transmission, turbo, and much more.

To avoid undergoing costly repair and maintenance works, ensure to adhere to the BMW’s scheduled service maintenance program. This will help to keep your car in check and allow it to operate optimally.

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