BMW E60 transmission problems

BMW E60 Problems

The BMW E60 is part of the BMW 5-Series. This car was manufactured between 2004 and 2010. The E60 is spacious, elegant, advanced, powerful, safe, and practical. Furthermore, it also has several problems that interested buyers should know about. Regardless, what are the BMW E60 transmission problems?

Common BMW E60 transmission problems are slipping gears, failing mechatronics assembly, grinding in gears, burning smell, low transmission fluid level, whining or clunking noise, and faulty MAF Air Flow sensor. Despite having all these transmission issues, the E60 can last longer if it is well-maintained.

What are the common BMW E60 transmission problems?

Failing mechatronics assembly

The mechatronics assembly is the control center of the gearbox. It helps to manage the torque converter and the clutch pad of the gearbox through the transmission fluid under a certain pressure. On top of that, it can perform shift operations in a second.

BMW E60 users have reported having failing mechatronics that is caused by failing valve sleeves that leak fluid. Since the transmission pan is made from plastic, this part deteriorates faster, and it can crack over prolonged use. If the mechatronics assembly is damaged, bad, or worn out, you should replace the entire assembly.

Slipping gears

Your BMW E60’s computer is created to direct the transmission when to shift from one gear to another. However, if the transmission fluid level is low or there is transmission fluid leakage, the gear may slip or the shifting may be difficult and inconsistent.

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If the gears on your BMW E60 are shifting, you should check the gaskets and have them replaced if they are damaged or in bad shape. If this doesn’t restore the problem, have the transmission fluid flushed out and the right amount of fluid-filled. 

Grinding in gears

Another common transmission problem that BMW E60 users experience is grinding in gears. While the transmission is built to shift from one gear to another smoothly, it may develop a problem where the users feel grinding or shaking in gears. This is an indication that the transmission is failing.

The grinding and shaking in gear are a result of a mismatch in speed. It is also an indication that the clutch isn’t totally disengaging from the engine while the gears are still in rotation. To fix this issue, you will take your car to a professional mechanic to single out the bad parts, such as the clutch and low transmission fluid.

Low transmission fluid

As stated above, low transmission fluid can cause grinding in gears, but it can also cause much more. Unlike most fluids in the car, transmission fluid shouldn’t run low. For this reason, inspecting your transmission fluid is crucial for the efficient performance of the transmission system.

Low transmission fluid levels or old or contaminated transmission fluid can also impact how your car works. So, have it changed and the right fluid level filled in your car.

Burning smell

A common transmission problem that BMW E60 owners run into is the burning smell from the transmission. The burning smell is a result of overheated transmission fluid. Since the fluid helps to keep moving parts well-lubricated and cool, it may end up with debris and sludge. In the end, this will not only cause a burning smell but as well as a breakdown of parts.

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Change the fluid as recommended by the manufacturer. Additional, proper maintenance service is needed to keep most of the car’s parts in check and working optimally.

Whining or clucking noise from the transmission

Suspension joints are part of the transmission system and they help to give pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms to give a smooth and safe ride that enables you to accurately control your car. So, when the suspension joints are bad, the transmission will produce a whining, clunking, or knocking sound.

Aside from making a clunking or whining noise, bad suspension joints can also lead to the car drifting to one side, premature or uneven tire wear, and shaky steering wheel. To fix this issue, you will start by cleaning the joints and lubricating them. But for the best results, replace the suspension joints. 

Faulty MAF sensor

A MAF air flow sensor may not be part of the transmission system, but if it goes bad, it affects the transmission system. If the MAF air flow sensor fails, it leads to transmission issues such as early soft shifts, late harsh shifts, and much more. So, if the MAF sensor is faulty, it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further problems. 


How can I tell if my BMW transmission is bad?

If your BMW transmission is bad, you will notice things such as frequent gear shifting, hard transmission shifts, noisy when in neutral, transmission becomes stuck in on gear, gear changes are erratic, frequent gear slipping, and transmission malfunctioning message. Note that different signs can mean different transmission parts have an issue. So, visit the mechanic to pinpoint and fix the problem.

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How long does the BMW transmission last?

It depends on how well you maintain the transmission. If the transmission is well-maintained, it can last over 300,000 miles. But if the transmission is not well-maintained, then clocking over 100,000 miles will be a huge challenge. What’s more, fixing a transmission or rebuilding it is somewhat costly.

Is transmission problem common on BMWs?

Yes, many BMW models face transmission problems. Other common problems with BMWs are oil leaks, engine overheating, and fuel pump problems. Even though all of these problems are common, transmission issues are the costliest to fix.

Bottom line

The BMW E60 model was one of the most powerful BMW 5-Series models. On top of that, it was spacious, safe, advanced, and practical. But like most BMW models, this car also comes with various transmission problems as discussed above. Nonetheless, most of these issues can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

Overall, the BMW E60 is a nice executive compact car with a high initial price and maintenance cost. It is also a fuel guzzler but offers great comfort and outstanding performance.

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