Common problems with BMW M760i

BMW M760i problems

When you decide to invest in a powerful, luxurious, and high-performance car like the BMW M760i, proper maintenance is required. Failure to maintain the car well will lead to several serious issues that will cost you thousands of dollars. But what are some of the common problems with the BMW M760i?

Common problems with BMW M760i are engine misfiring, door locks failure, air conditioning failure, low oil pressure, electric window problems, uncomfortable front passenger seat, and loss of brake power. On top of that, users may experience engine and engine cooling problems that made BMW recall several 2017 to 2018 BMW M760i models. 

What are the common problems with the BMW M760i?

Engine and engine cooling problem

BMW’s N74 engine is one of the most powerful and reliable BMW engines on the market. That’s why it didn’t have many recalls like other BMW engines. However, the manufacturer admitted to having engine and engine cooling problems.

As a result, several 2017 to 2018 BMW M760Li xDrive models had to be recalled. These cars were recalled because they were fitted with the wrong engine oil cooler line. Therefore, the fault caused an oil leak in the engine compartment. This problem was fixed by changing the engine oil cooler line. 

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Engine misfiring

An engine misfire makes the engine idle very badly, with the rev needle moving up and down, instead of maintaining a steady speed. The main cause of this issue is a bad coil pack, a bad camshaft, or a faulty crankshaft sensor. To fix the problem, find out what part is bad and have it replaced.

Low oil pressure

You may notice that your car’s oil pressure has reduced drastically. What’s more, the check engine light may come on to alert you. When this happens, there is a high chance that you have a worn-out or damaged oil filter gasket that is leaking. Replace the damaged oil filter gasket.

Air conditioning failure

In some cases, the A/C may only blow out ice-cold air in the coldest setting. This is a sign that your M760i has a faulty condenser. To fix the problem, you will have to replace it with a new air conditioning condenser.

Electric window problems

Another common problem with BMW M760i models is electric windows failing. This occurs because of a failing regulator that prevents the electric windows from moving up and down smoothly. You will have to replace the window regulator to fix this issue.

Uncomfortable front passenger seat

Even though this issue is not common, some M760i users have reported it. Affected users say the front passenger seat is uncomfortable for longer rips as the headrest is quite difficult to adjust. Another user said that the headrest wasn’t only uncomfortable but as well as unsafe.

Furthermore, the front seat doesn’t feature lumbar support, which is available for the driver’s seat and rear seats. BMW needs to improve the comfort of the front passenger seat.  

Door locks failure

Some BMW M760i users reported that their door refused to lock when using the key fob, but locked when the car keys were used. This is a sign of a faulty door lock motor or flat battery in the key fob. Try changing the battery and if the problem persists, replace the door look motor.

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Loss of brake power

This issue was witnessed by 2020 BMW M760i owners. Most users complained they had a dramatic loss of brake power, making the car take long to come to a complete stop. It is a result of a faulty integrated brake system hydraulic unit. To fix the problem, you will have to replace the whole integrated brake system hydraulic unit.


Is the BMW M760i reliable?

No, the BMW M760i is among the least reliable BMW models on the market. Most reliability agencies have rated this car with below-average reliability. For instance, Repairpal gave it a score of 2.5 out of 5.0. Besides, this car costs a lot to maintain and if it’s not maintained, it can develop serious issues before hitting over 150k miles. 

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW M760i?

Yes, maintaining the BMW M760i is very expensive. This model comes with expensive parts that are costly to replace when they wear out or become bad. Additionally, the cost of service is reasonably high, increasing the overall cost of repair and maintenance.

On average, a BMW M760i owner has to spend at least $1,000 annually to repair their car. This is more than the annual industry average cost of maintaining a sedan, which is $792. 

After how many miles does the BMW M760i start having problems?

If you maintain your BMW M760i well, it won’t have lots of issues before hitting over 150,000 miles. With that said, most BMW M760i start having minor problems as early as 50,000 miles. Things like spark plugs and ignition coils wear out faster than other parts. So, you should be on the lookout to replace them in time before they affect other parts.

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What is the best year for BMW 7-Series?

BMW 7-Series has had several outstanding car models over the years. However, the most exceptional BMW 7-Series model year is the 2012 model. It is followed by the 1993, 2011, 2008, and 2016 model years. The 2012 BMW 7-Series model year registers fewer problems but performs excellently.

The 2012 BMW 7-Series was fitted with the 4.4-liter N63 twin-turbo V8 engine, which is among the finest BMW engines.

What engine does the BMW M760i come with?

The BMW M760i is fitted with a 6.6-liter N74 V12 twin-turbo gas engine. This engine is very powerful as it delivers a maximum of 600 hp at 5500 rpm and 627 lb-ft of torque at 1550 rpm. Generally, the BMW N74 engine is reliable if well-maintained. It needs a regular oil change and the right oil should be used for durability and efficient performance of the engine. 


The BMW M760i is not your average sedan. Not only does it has a high initial cost, but also the cost of maintenance is quite high. But if you want to reduce the overall cost of repair and maintenance, taking good care of your high-end luxury sedan is crucial.

The above problems are common on BMW M760i, but they can be avoided by following BMW’s scheduled maintenance service. Aside from having these problems, the BMW M760i still offers opulence, outstanding performance, comfort, and high-tech features.

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