Is BMW 328i reliable?

The BMW 3-Series is among the most popular BMW models. Thanks to its sporty and luxurious look that many people fall in love with. Besides, it’s also one of the most reliable BMW series. Nonetheless, is the BMW 328i reliable? 

The BMW 328i sedan has an average reliability rating, meaning that it is not among the most reliable or least reliable BMW models. However, it is still an excellent midsize car with top-notch features and outstanding performance. 

Besides, when compared to other luxury cars in its class, the BMW 328i still lags in terms of reliability. This is because it experiences more problems than most cars in its class. Therefore, it is costlier to maintain in the long run and its spare parts are also costly. 

Features of the BMW 328i 


One of the things that attract people to the BMW 328i is its amazing looks. This car looks elegant, sporty, and luxurious. So, expect onlookers as you cruise down the highway or city streets. Thanks to its sporty body design and large 18-inch wheels. 

Note that this car also offers different tires depending on where you live. It has summer tires, all-season tires, and performance tires. On top of that, it has some excellent add-ons like a moonroof, which can add vigor and class to the car. 

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Aside from featuring a top-notch exterior, the interior of the BMW 328i series is not so disappointing as well. This five-seater sedan is spacious with a large trunk. So, it’s perfect for a family. It boasts features such as leather seats, adjustable driver & passenger seats, and much more.  


In terms of performance, you won’t be disappointed with the BMW 328i. This car is fitted with a 2.0-liter inline 4 engine that delivers a maximum of 240 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, it comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and a rear-wheel-drive system. 

Like most BMW sports cars, the BMW 328i also accelerates at an outstanding pace. This car can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds, which is amazing. And with a top speed of 155 mph, this is an excellent sports car to have. 

Comfort and luxury

The BMW 328i may not be the most luxurious or comfortable car in its class, but it still offers high-end and advanced features that cannot be found in most mainstream cars. Some of the top features include leather seats, leather steering wheel, dual-zone front climate control, cruise control, and extended cabin heating. 


The BMW 328i is a very safe car. Thanks to high-end safety features such as stability control, emergency braking assist, rear door child safety locks, traction control, post-collision safety system, emergency braking preparation, and much more. 

What are the pros and cons of the BMW 328i? 

After looking at some of the exceptional features that the BMW 328i comes with, it is also important to note some of its pros and cons before investing in this sporty and luxurious ride. 

Pros of the BMW 328i

  • The car has a clean and luxurious exterior
  • It delivers ample performance 
  • It handles exceptionally well
  • It comes with lots of safety features 
  • It has excellent trunk space 
  • The brakes are strong 
  • The interior is plush and comfortable 
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Cons of the BMW 328i 

  • The car is not very reliable 
  • The BMW 328i cost of maintenance and repair is high 
  • It has a high initial price 
  • There is a lack of steering feel, which is vital 

Now that you know the pros and cons of owning a BMW 328i, deciding whether to acquire or not to acquire this sporty and luxurious car shouldn’t be an issue at all. But from the look of things, the pros outweigh the cons, considering other BMW series have a ton of problems than the BMW 328i. 


Is BMW 328i expensive to maintain?

Yes, the BMW 328i is expensive to maintain. This not only applies to the BMW 328i alone but as well as all BMW series. Like most luxury cars, BMWs require regular maintenance, which is costlier than mainstream cars like Toyota. Additionally, BMW parts are expensive and it needs specialized care for proper diagnosis.  

Some of the things that you will have to replace or maintain more regularly on the BMW 328i are the electrical system, timing chain, a/c & heating system, and fuel system. These parts develop issues faster, meaning you will have to deal with them sooner than usual.  

What year BMW 328i is the most reliable?

The BMW 328i has some of the most reliable in its line. However, if you’re looking for the most reliable BMW 328i ever made, then consider getting one made between 2006 and 2011. It doesn’t matter whether it is a sedan or coupe, you won’t have to deal with many problems like other BMW 328i model years. 

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How long does the BMW 328i last?

Like most BMWs, the BMW 328i should last over 200,000 miles. Nevertheless, for this to happen, you will have to keep up with scheduled maintenance and exercise good driving habits. Failure to do so, your car will last shorter than 200,000 miles. 

Do BMW 328i have a lot of issues?

The BMW 328i is more reliable than many BMW models. However, it also experiences several problems that you should be aware of. Some of the common BMW 328i issues include lower engine oil leaks, heat & air conditioner fan malfunction, ac related vibration, BMW mirror folding issue, power steering fluid leak, and much more. 

Why is a used BMW 328i so cheap? 

One of the main reasons why a used BMW 328i is so cheap is because of the saturated market. There are many used BMWs, making their price drop drastically. Besides, maintaining a BMW as it gets older is very expensive, contributing to the low price. 


Overall, the BMW 328i is not so reliable. Yes, this midsize sedan has an average reliability rating, which is slightly lower compared to most of its competitors. The BMW 32i experiences lots of issues and its repairs are costly. But when it comes to riding quality and performance, it’s one of the best cars in its segment. 

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