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BMW produces some of the most technologically advanced cars on the market. One of the technologies that BMW boasts about is Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth is also one of the major contributors to BMW’s problems.

Some of the common BMW Bluetooth problems are pairing issues, poor connection, and poor voice quality. Nonetheless, we will focus on Bluetooth pairing problems, which many users have complained about over a long period. But what are the common BMW Bluetooth pairing problems?

Common BMW Bluetooth pairing problems are device names, poor voice quality, and passkeys. In some cases, things like software upgrades and AVCRP can affect Bluetooth pairing in a BMW.

What are the common Bluetooth pairing problems with BMW?

Device name issues

When you link up your smartphone to the vehicle, you will see a notification stating, “Telephone is connected” on the iDrive display. And when you check your smartphone, the connection is marked as successful. On the contrary, the telephone feature is unavailable.

In most cases, this occurs because the phone’s device name (Bluetooth name) comes with icons and symbols, such as ‘’smilies.’’ Surprisingly, the control unit does not acknowledge this type of icon and symbol formatting.

If you’re having such an issue, the best solution is to change the device’s name on your phone. Besides, it is vital to note that only letters and numbers are allowed. With the help of the iDrive feature, erase the list of all connected Bluetooth devices to reset the control unit. Avoid using special characters, like &$#/% or emoticons in the name of contacts or the name of the smartphone.

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Passkey problems

Another common BMW Bluetooth pairing problem is the passkey issue. If you cannot pair your Bluetooth and smartphone completely, this should be the first culprit to consider. For some unknown reason, BMW’s Bluetooth will not accept some passwords.

The good news is that solving this problem is more straightforward than other Bluetooth pairing problems. All you need to do is use a simple password, such as 123456. Avoid using complicated passwords as they will cause passkey problems.

AVCRP problems

The AVCRP, which stands for Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, is a Bluetooth profile and a standardized interface that can control navigation and audio streaming through your BMW iDrive system. Hence, when you connect your BMW with your phone, apart from the software keys, the connection also requires an ideal Bluetooth profile to function flawlessly.

Note that the profile for simple file transfers is not the same as what you would require to utilize your phone app to manage an audio player. Therefore, if you update your new phone with a new version of AVCRP, you should as well as update your BMW iDrive system to match the compatibility of the new features. 

Software upgrade

Upgrading your BMW software is important as it ensures that your applications are up to date. If not, they will not work correctly. So, updating your Bluetooth software is vital, but it will not change the essential Bluetooth functioning principle.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the latest BMW software in your car to avoid most BMW Bluetooth pairing problems. However, when you update the software, this can also cause additional issues. Many BMW users have noted that about 70% of their contacts get lost and they can’t make a call without dialing the number from the phone. Regardless, this issue can be easily fixed but it is very annoying.  

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Poor voice quality

Some BMW users have complained about having poor voice quality during calls. This can occur while driving at high speeds or when stopping. Apart from the conversation being almost impossible, you may also hear snapping noises during a call.

Start by updating the software. If this fails, then you may have to re-install the microphone properly and in the right direction. Some people do the mistake of installing the microphone’s directional feature towards the windscreen and ventilation. Instead, the microphone’s arrow should be pointed in the direction of travel.


How do I reset my BMW Bluetooth after updating the software so that I can sync the contacts?

If you have been having BMW Bluetooth pairing issues because of outdated software, the best solution is to update the software. And after you have installed the new software, here is the procedure for resetting the Bluetooth:

  • Go to Bluetooth settings and enable sync contacts
  • Toggle the Bluetooth off and on in the settings
  • Turn your smartphone off and then back on
  • Delete the pairing record between your vehicle and stereo
  • Repeat the same procedure from step 4, but this time around get rid of all paired devices on the stereo.
  • Setup firmware updates on your vehicle stereo
  • Rename your smartphone in the settings

What is the quickest fix for BMW Bluetooth issues?

If your BMW is constantly having Bluetooth pairing issues, here is a quick fix that you should apply:

  1. Go into the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and delete the BMW that you wish to link up with.
  2. Go into the Bluetooth menu on the BMW and delete the phone you’re trying to connect
  3. Re-pair the smartphone and BMW and visit the Bluetooth menu in the BMW and allow it to search for the device.
  4. Go to your smartphone, turn Bluetooth on and wait for up to 30 seconds for the BMW to appear on the list. You can now connect the two.
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How do I pair my iPhone with my BMW?

First and foremost, ensure the BMW is in Bluetooth pairing or wireless mode before trying to connect it with your phone. Next, go to your iPhone and click on Settings/General/CarPlay/Available cars, and select your car. Ensure your car is running or your iPhone won’t detect it. You can now pair the two.  


BMW makes sleek, powerful, and advanced cars. Nonetheless, these excellent features are the ones that cause the most problems for BMWs. Even though Bluetooth helps the driver to receive calls hands-free, they cause lots of problems that can be frustrating.

Now that you know most of BMW’s Bluetooth pairing problems, you should handle them in time and avoid cutting communication when you need it dearly. Regardless, some BMW Bluetooth pairing issues are linked with certain phones. For instance, the software upgrade problem is prevalent with the latest version of iOS 13.1.3.

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