Common problems with BMW 325i

The BMW 325i was produced between 1985 and 1993. This luxury car is stylish, modern, and reliable. On top of that, it performs well and is very durable. However, it also comes with multiple problems that interested buyers ought to know about. So, what are the common problems with BMW 325i?

Common problems with BMW 325i are oil leaks, engine overheating, coolant loss, transmission issues, and a blower final stage fan resistor. On top of that, other owners have also recorded having fuel pump failure, electrical problems, faulty Double Vanos seals, rear window regulator failure, and worn-out control arm bushings.

What are the common problems with BMW 325i?

Oil leaks

This is one of the most reported problems by BMW 325i users. Besides, most oil leaks are faulty valve cover gaskets, brittle oil filter housing gaskets, and excessive wear on the crankshaft. If you notice a burning oil smell or oil below the car, you should have the above parts checked and replaced. This will help to get rid of the problem.  

Coolant loss

Coolant loss is another common problem that BMW 325i users have recorded. This problem is normally caused by a leak from the expansion tank. Nonetheless, it can also be caused by wear and tear on the thermostat or water pump. To fix this issue, you will have the replace the affected parts.

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Engine overheating

If your BMW 325i is having coolant loss, there is a high chance that the engine will overheat. This is because coolant is vital in cooling the engine. Aside from the loss of coolant, engine overheating is an indication of a faulty radiator fan, a clogged coolant hose, or a faulty water pump.

To fix this issue, you will have to repair or replace the damaged part.

Blower final stage fan resistor

The work of the blower final stage fan resistor is to control the speed of the blower motor in the BMW 325i’s heating and air conditioning system. Therefore, if this part is faulty, it will cause the fan to have one speed or affect its performance when the car is off. Ensure to replace the resistor if it is faulty or working improperly.

High-Pressure Fuel pump failure

The high-pressure fuel pump in the BMW 325i also tends to fail after some time of use. This is because the seals inside the pump tend to wear out, leading to pump failure. Other reasons for fuel pump failure are clogging, aging, and damage to the fuel pump. If the high-pressure fuel pump is failing, it should be changed. 

Faulty Double Vanos seals

This problem is not only common in the BMW 325i but as well as the 320i and 330i. The issue is usually connected to the Vanos seals, causing less torque and uneven power delivery in the lower RPM range. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the Vanos seals and the valve cover.

Transmission issues

While not very common, the BMW 325i also has transmission issues. What’s more, transmission issues are common on older models with several miles on the odometer. Most users complained about delayed gear changes with the manual transmission. Even though this problem can be fixed, it is pretty cumbersome and costly to do so.

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Worn-out control arm bushings

Like many BMW parts, the control arm bushings are made of plastic. As a result, they will get brittle over time and have to be changed at the recommended time. If the control arm bushings are worn out, they will start to fail and lead to a weird jolt feeling on the steering wheel. So, ensure to replace them on time to avoid this problem.

Electrical problems

Like most BMWs, the BMW 325i also experiences electrical issues. One of the main electrical problems that users should be ready to deal with is a failing rear window regulator. Other electrical problems are a common rear light failure, failing infotainment screens, and a faulty blower resistor.

To fix electrical issues, it is vital to detect the underlying issue and fix it first.


Is the BMW 325i reliable?

Yes, the BMW 325i is quite reliable. Most reliability agencies have rated it to have an above-average reliability score. Reliability agencies such as Consumer Reports have given this car a rating of 79 out of 100, while J.D. Power has given it a score of 81 out of 100.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW 325i?

Yes, it is! Maintaining the BMW 325i or any other BMW model is considerably expensive. This is because the BMW 325i develops more issues than the average luxury car. Furthermore, the cost of spare parts and the cost of services is also high. As a result, the overall cost of maintaining and repairing a BMW 325i ends up being high.

How long does the BMW 325i last?

The longevity of the BMW 325i depends on how well the owner takes of the car. With proper care and maintenance, the BMW 325i can last between 150k and 250k miles. On top of that, the user has to exercise good driving habits for the car to last longer.

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Which BMW 325i engine is the best?

The BMW 325i comes with multiple engines that give users an option to select an engine option that meets their needs. Nevertheless, not all engines are exceptional as the BMW N52 engine is the best. Unlike other BMW 325i engines, this engine is powerful, reliable, and durable.

Does the BMW 325i hold its value?

No, the BMW 325i does not hold its value like most BMWs. This is because the car will depreciate by 37% after 5 years. This car starts to lose its value the moment it drives off the new car lot. Besides, since this car is expensive to maintain and its spare parts are costly, it does not hold its value well.

Bottom line

The BMW 325i is not only one of the cheapest BMWs that you can acquire, but it is also efficient, reliable, luxurious, and performs outstandingly. Like many cars, this unit also comes with issues as we’ve discussed above. Regardless, with proper care and maintenance, this car can last for a long while.

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