Is Audi or BMW more prestigious?

Is Audi A8 a good car?

As far as prestige and luxury are concerned, BMW is ahead of Audi.

BMW cars have always been better when it comes to luxury and high speed, whereas Audi is better at making high-tech cars. BMW offers superior luxury with a better driving experience and road grip. However, if we only look interiors, then Audi wins over BMW.

Audi: Stylish and high-tech

Audi is a German car brand that focuses on making high-tech sports cars. These sports cars normally provide fun rides and have luxurious interiors. Audi has been a regular part of motor races, and they have produced many supercars. However, their main business model revolves around proving stylish and high-tech cars.


Audi was introduced in 1909. After a break, they started their production again after the war. At that time, the company was known as Auto Union. Eventually, Volkswagen bought it and it became known as “Audi”.


Audi has very sleek and sporty designs. These design features can be seen throughout their whole lineup. They take pride in their designs, and they are appealing for all ages.


Audi focuses on high-speed cars, and they even make supercars. However, if we look at their motorsport history, Audi’s performance used to lag behind other German giants like BMW or Mercedes-Benz. They started motor racing pretty late, in the 1980s. However, since then, they have improved their performance immensely.

Today, Audi produces high-performance cars like the RS7 or S8 plus. Most of their cars fall under the category of sports cars. The fastest Audi, the Audi R8, has an all-wheel-drive system with a V10 engine. This powerful engine can even produce 562 horsepower, and there’s also a V10 plus version, which can produce 612 hp.


Audi interior designs are some of the best in the world. They focus on futuristic designs and comfort levels. Audis usually have the most premium fit and finish in their interiors. Their infotainment system also has a much better interface than most others.

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BMW: Sporty and superior driving experience

BMW is one of the top car brands in the world. They have a huge history of making motorsports cars. BMWs offer excellent driving experiences with sportier rides. The road grip and handling of the cars is among the best in the world. BMW cars are also one of the best luxury cars from the inside as well.


BMW was founded in 1916. They started making aircraft engines, but soon switched to making high-speed cars. BMW’s first car was named the BMW Dixi. During WWII, BMW had to produce aircraft engines with the help of prisoners from concentration camps, and they were then banned from making cars after the war. They restarted in 1952.


BMW has one of the best sporty designs in the world. The logo itself is a huge status symbol. BMWs have their own signature style that is loved by drivers all over the world. They are just behind Mercedes-Benz in terms of design among the German cars.


BMW has a long history in motorsports, and they have won many races. Their smoothness and sportiness even come from their motor racing cars. They have taken part in all of the major races like:

  • Formula One
  • Le Mans
  • Touring races like ETCC or WTCC
  • Formula Two
  • Formula E


The interior of BMWs is absolutely luxurious and premium. The smooth drive and comfortable seats offer a luxury experience for drivers and passengers. BMW also has some of the best safety features in their cars.

Audi vs. BMW

In terms of motor racing, BMW wins clearly. BMW has a long history of being featured in races and winning them. They even made their name from races. BMW cars have been legendary in many races and that makes them very prestigious.

The driving experience is also better in BMW. People usually rank Audis behind BMW because BMW leads in terms of providing sporty, smooth, and fast rides. Audi is not too far behind in this regard, but it still lacks in platforms and engines.

In terms of interior, Audi does win over BMW, due to their far better quality of products and high-tech functions. Audi is also better in terms of marketing their product, but that doesn’t make them better than BMW in terms of overall prestige. The prestige is earned through the better powertrain, driving dynamics, and performance.

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Both of them are extremely expensive luxury brands, but BMW is far better in terms of prestige than Audi. BMW cars are also more beloved by drivers and considered a status symbol. Whereas, Audi is more of a new entry in terms of high-performance cars.


What makes a car prestigious?

To make a car truly prestigious, the car must be luxurious and have a very smooth car ride. The car’s history is also very important, including its involvement in motor races. All of these things add to the development of cars and make them prestigious. These cars should also have better or more high-end features than other car brands.

Why are German cars more expensive than other cars?

German cars are expensive compared to many American car brands. This is because German manufacturers spend a ton of time developing and researching their cars. They are highly-engineered cars with huge thought behind every vehicle. This thought process can be seen in their extremely superior and smooth driving experience.

Are German cars better than Japanese cars?

German cars like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi focus on smooth and fun rides, so their cars have a better riding experience. Meanwhile, Japanese cars are usually mass-produced budget cars and their driving experience is not equal to the German cars. German cars offer more luxury and better safety features as well.

However, Japanese cars shine in their reliability. Japanese cars tend to serve longer than any German cars, and they are known for it. They are also much cheaper than German cars. Therefore, if experiencing fun rides and a luxurious interior is your priority, then go for a German car, but if you want reliability and affordability, then surely Japanese cars are the best.

Is Audi at the same level as BMW?

The answer is that Audi is not at the same level as BMW. BMW has a long history of being involved in motor racing and winning many races. This makes them very prestigious and well-regarded in the automotive industry. BMW cars are known for their smoothness, sportiness, high safety features, and luxury interiors. On the other hand, Audi is considered to be a new entrant in terms of performance cars and doesn’t have the same level of prestige as BMW. Audi cars are reliable but don’t offer the same experience that BMW’s offer. They also lack in terms of powertrain, driving dynamics, and performance when compared to BMWs. Therefore, it can be said that Audi is not at the same level as BMW in terms of prestige.

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Does BMW or Audi hold value better?

When it comes to holding value, BMW and Audi both have different approaches. BMWs tend to hold their value better than Audis, as they depreciate slower. Audi cars are known for their lower resale values among German brands. This is due to the fact that the cost of parts for Audi cars is higher than that of BMWs. However, when you buy a used BMW 5 Series, it turns out to be more profitable in terms of resale value as compared to other German brands.

In addition, many people consider BMWs to be more prestigious than Audis due to their long history of motor racing and superior driving experience. This helps them maintain a high resale value even after usage. On the other hand, Audi cars are still developing in terms of performance and luxury and have not yet reached the same level of prestige as BMWs.

Is Audi a luxury car?

Yes, Audi is considered to be a luxury car. Audis are known for their cutting edge technology, high-end engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques. They are stylish cars that offer superior driving experience and come with a variety of features such as climate control, Bose audio system, leather seats, infotainment system and more. Moreover, they have become very popular among luxury car buyers due to their affordable price range. Although Audi cars are slightly more expensive than other non-luxury brands such as Honda or Toyota, they still provide great value for money when compared to other luxury car marques like Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

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