Common problems with BMW F01

The BMW F01 was the first BMW vehicle to feature a hybrid drivetrain, a turbocharged V12 engine, and an 8-speed automatic transmission. This 4-door full-size luxury car is comfortable, spacious, safe, and highly advanced. But like most luxury cars, the BMW F01 comes with multiple issues. Nevertheless, what are the common problems with BMW F01?

Some of the common problems with BMW F01 are engine issues, iDrive problems, blurry cameras, transmission problems, software issues, electric window problems, blurry cameras, and door locks failure. Knowing these issues in advance can save the user costly repairs. 

What are the common problems with BMW F01?

Engine issues

Some of the common problems that BMW F01 users have reported are linked to the engine. These include engine misfire, engine stutter, and engine overheating. Many of these issues are experienced as the car puts on several miles.

Engine stutter or even poor acceleration happens because of a failing fuel pump. On the contrary, engine misfiring occurs because of a faulty coil pack, a faulty camshaft sensor, or a faulty crankshaft sensor. Take the car to the mechanic to fix the underlying issues.

Transmission problems

Another common problem with the BMW F01 is the transmission issues. Common transmission problems include car sticking or jerking when shifting into gears. If you’re having such a problem, this is an indication of bad motor mounts. Note that this problem is common in the automatic transmission, which is fitted in the BMW F01.  

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Replace the bad or failing motor mounts to fix the issue. In some cases, hard-shifting can be caused by transmission fluids with poor cold-flow properties. If that’s the case, change to high-quality synthetic transmission fluid.

Electric window problems

This is a problem that is normally experienced in older BMW F01 models. Users have reported hearing a squealing noise as they attempt to open or close the window. This is an indication that the window regulator is failing. Another sign of bad electric windows is the windows not moving up and down smoothly.

You should fix this problem by replacing the damaged or faulty window regulator with a new one.

iDrive problems

The iDrive system is a vital part of the BMW F01. This is because it handles the sound system, climate control, navigation system, and communications of the BMW. So, if the iDrive is having issues, the BMW F01 won’t run smoothly. Common problems with the BMW iDrive are iDriver computer failing, screen blackout, iDriver controller failing, and much more.

To fix iDriver issues, you will have to fix the underlying problems. Therefore, you should visit a mechanic to have this issue fixed.

Blurry cameras

The BMW F01 is an advanced car with lots of high-tech features. One of the advanced features that this car boasts are cameras that provide driver viewpoints from almost all angles. However, there have been some complaints of blurry front and side cameras.

Surprisingly, BMW already knows about this problem but they don’t have a solution yet. So, users may have to wait until BMW comes up with a candid solution.

Door locks failure

Some users have reported the doors failing to lock using the key fob, but locking using keys. The main culprit for this problem is a faulty door lock motor. In some cases, it may be due to a flat battery in the key fob. So, start by replacing the flat battery and proceed to change the door locks.

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Software issues

Despite the BMW F01 having an advanced computer system that controls many features, it also develops several problems. These problems normally affect the steering, handling, and many other features. To fix this issue, you can start by upgrading the software.

Air conditioning failure

Even though this problem is not common, several BMW F01 users have reported having air conditioning failure. If you notice that the air conditioning is not functioning properly, then the issue may be a faulty air conditioning condenser. Take the car to the mechanic to replace the condenser.


Is the BMW F01 reliable?

No, the BMW F01 is not a reliable car. This is because it has one of the highest maintenance costs among full-size luxury sedans on the market. Additionally, the cost of service and parts is pretty high, making this car slightly costlier. But with proper care and maintenance, the user may avoid costly repairs in the long run.

How long does the BMW F01 last?

If it is properly maintained with good driving habits, the BMW F01 should last over 200,000 miles or 13 years. In some cases, the car can even last longer. But on average, this car should last at least 150k miles. So, ensure to adhere to BMW’s recommended maintenance service if you want your car to last longer.

After how long does the BMW F01 start having problems?

The BMW F01 is not a very reliable car. However, it experiences fewer issues in its first 3 years of ownership. Nonetheless, most BMW F01 drivers start by complaining about the spark plugs ad ignition coils after around 40,000 miles. On the contrary, most serious issues are usually reported after 150,000 miles.

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Is the BMW F01 expensive to maintain?

The BMW F01 is one of the most expensive luxury sedans to maintain on the market. On average, it will cost about $14,453 for maintenance and repairs during the first 10 years of service. This is greater than the industry average for luxury sedans, which costs about $12,000, making the F01 costlier to maintain by around $2,500.

What does BMW F01 mean?

BMW F01 is the fifth generation of the BMW 7-series that is made up of the BMW F01, which is the sedan version, and the BMW F02, which is the long-wheelbase sedan version. Both BMW F01 and F02 made between 2008 and 2015 are referred to as BMW F01.


The BMW F01 is one of the finest full-size luxury sedans on the market. But like most BMW models, it also has several issues that users should be ready to handle. After discussing some of the common issues above, users should ensure to tackle the problems earlier to avoid undergoing expensive repairs.

Overall, the BMW F01, which is a fifth-generation BMW 7-series is a nice, comfortable, luxurious, safe, and advanced luxury sedan. With proper maintenance and care, this car can last over 200,000 miles.

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