BMW 750Li transmission problems

BMW 750Li

The BMW 750Li is one of the finest luxury sedans on the market. It is comfortable, luxurious, advanced, safe, spacious, and performs outstandingly. However, like most BMWs, this model also has several issues to deal with. But what are the transmission problems with the BMW 750Li?

Common transmission problems with the BMW 750Li are shifting delays, whistling noise, jumping during acceleration, burning smell coming from the hood, car shaking on the road, transmission fluid leaks, and the check engine light coming on.

What are the common transmission problems with BMW 750Li?

Shifting delays

Shifting delays are very common in BMW models. The BMW 750Li is not an exception. So, if you’re experiencing some difficulty shifting gears or notice intense jerking, this is a sign that you’ve got transmission problems. You may also hear clutch squeaking or experience gear-shift hesitation, which may leave you at high or low RPM.

In worst cases, shifting delays may cause the BMW 750Li to go into limp mode and stall. If you’re experiencing such issues, you should stop driving as you may damage the transmission and engine further. Have the car towed to your auto repair shop and have the problem fixed.

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Jumping during acceleration

Another common transmission issue with the BMW 750Li is that the accelerator becomes jerky. This is usually caused by dirty fuel injectors. As a result, it causes your car to lose power as you attempt to accelerate when you’re at a stop or try to drive at a certain speed. Ensure to clean the dirty fuel injectors or replace the injectors if they are damaged.

Whistling noise

As your BMW 750Li gets older, expect to hear a whistling noise. Some of the causes of a whistling noise are cracks in the vacuum rubber or plastic vacuum line, cracked valve cover, or a bad CCV. To fix this issue, you have the mechanic perform a diagnostic test to identify what’s causing the issue and replace the affected part.

Car shaking on the road

If your car is shaking or vibrating on the road, this is another sign that your transmission needs attention. Besides, you can easily tell when the problem is directly connected to the transmission when the car shakes or vibrates when you drive slowly or faster.

If you’re having such a problem, it is important to have your BMW 750Li checked before worsening the issue. In most cases, shaking is a result of damage from the planetary gear system or a bearing problem. Have a professional technician diagnose your car and fix the problem.

A burning smell coming from the hood

If you notice a burning smell from your car while driving, this is an indication that you’ve got a transmission leakage. The burning smell normally comes from the extremely hot or leaking transmission fluid. Other signs of leaking transmission fluid are low transmission fluid levels and transmission leakage on the ground below the car.

Having low fluid levels in the car can lead to serious problems. Ensure to have the problem fixed so that the fluid doesn’t leak anymore. What’s more, you should fill the transmission fluid so that the car can function optimally. 

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Check engine light comes on

If your transmission is faulty or has issues, your car’s computer will turn on the check engine light. Unlike general engine issues, the check engine light will illuminate the transmission warning light. Despite this light coming on, it is vital to visit a professional mechanic with the right diagnostic scan tool to verify the error codes. This will pinpoint the problem and have the mechanic fix it as needed.

Transmission fluid leaks

Even though transmission leaks are not as common as oil and coolant leaks, they can also come up if your transmission has problems or is bad. Some of the main causes of transmission leaks in the BMW 750Li are faulty fluid lines, a space in a pan gasket, broken or worn-out seals, and a faulty torque converter.

The main signs of transmission leaks are a reddish-brown or vibrant red liquid below your car. To fix this issue, you will have to identify the cause and fix it. Afterward, you will also have to replace the transmission fluid.


Is the BMW N63 engine reliable?

The BMW N63 engine was BMW’s first turbocharged V8 engine. It was powerful but came with a lot of reliability problems. However, BMW has improved the latest N63 engines as they don’t have a lot of problems like their first versions. All in all, the BMW N63 engine is among the least reliable BMW engines on the market.

Is it easy to fix a BMW transmission?

No, it is not easy. Fixing a BMW transmission is not only costly but also expensive. It takes hours to fix the transmission or rebuilt it. You will have to incur a cost of between $1,800 and $5,000 to fix the transmission on your BMW 750Li. The cost may even be more depending on the BMW 750Li variant you have.

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After how long does BMW start having transmission problems?

If it is properly maintained, a BMW transmission should last over 100,000 miles. Nonetheless, this part can start having problems as early as 50,000 miles if it’s not well-maintained. BMW recommends replacing the transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Besides, you should replace the fluid with a quality one.

Does BMW 750Li have many issues?

Yes, the BMW 750Li is one of the least reliable BMW models on the market. This is because it is fitted with the BMW N63 engine which comes with a ton of problems. Some of the common problems with the BMW 750Li are timing chain failure, excess oil usage, fast battery drain, fuel injector failure, and leaking valve stem seals.

Bottom line

The BMW 750Li is not only a luxurious, comfortable, advanced, and prestigious car, but it is also fun to drive and easy to handle. Nonetheless, it also comes with multiple problems that users should know about. Of course, transmission issues are part of those problems.

However, most of the problems that the BMW 750Li comes with can be avoided or reduced through proper care and maintenance.

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