Common problems with BMW M240

BMW M240 Problems

The BMW M240 is an outstanding high-performance car. It comes in a coupe body style, which gives it a sporty and luxurious look. Despite being a nice and elegant car, the BMW M240 has some issues that interested buyers should know about. But what are the common problems with the BMW M240?

Common problems with the BMW M240 include suspension issues, electrical problems, oil leaks, cooling system leaks, gearbox problems, engine problems, water pump failures, damaged airbags, and poorly installed plates.

Even though the BMW M240 comes with several issues, it features one of the most reliable BMW engines (B58).

What are the common problems with the BMW M240?

Electrical issues

BMWs suffer from electrical issues. The main cause of this problem is bad or damaged wiring. One of the common electrical problems that face BMW 2-Series is a failed auxiliary cooling fan. This problem causes the A/C to blow warm air when the car is stationary. 

Suspension problems

Suspension problems can occur in any vehicle. So, if you’re having suspension issues, the biggest culprit is the poor alignment of your vehicle’s wheels. A good indicator is uneven tire wear. A quick fix is ensuring that your wheels are aligned properly after every service visit.

Gearbox and clutch issues

A common problem with the BMW 2-Series is the automatic gearbox slipping. If this happens to your BMW M240 coupe, know that you have a dead clutch disc. As a result, you will have to replace the dead clutch disc to fix the problem. If not, you will have problems with changing gears. 

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Oil leaks

If your car is leaking oil, there is a high chance that you didn’t tighten the oil cap well or your car’s oil seals or valves are bad or worn out. You must replace gaskets and oil seals every time you conduct a service on your engine. This will help to prevent them from leaking oil.

Engine problems

Even though different users have reported different engine problems, the main engine issue that BMW M240 owners should expect to undergo is a problem with the crankshaft sensor. This issue is common in the 2018 BMW 2-Series. If the crankshaft is compromised, it may make the engine have reduced power and limit its performance.

Water pump failures

The main cause of water pump failure in the BMW M240 is excessive use of the car and old age. So, as you put on several miles, ensure to check the water pump. If it’s cracked, damaged, or just worn out, ensure to replace it. Failure to replace a bad water pump will make the engine overheat and damage other parts as well. 

Cooling system leaks

Most BMWs are known to leak coolant after covering several miles. This is also an issue for the BMW 2-Series. So, if you want to prevent your BMW M240 from leaking coolant, ensure to inspect its parts like the valve cover gasket, radiator cap, and head gasket. Most of these parts will last between 20,000 and 50,000 miles.

In some cases, the coolant may leak because of a cooling system pressure carp that has not been sealed well. Ensure it is sealed properly to avoid leaking coolant.

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Damaged airbags

Damaged airbags have been found in BMW 2-Series coupes made in 2020. So, before investing in a 2020 BMW M240 model, it is important to ensure that BMW fixed the issue. This is because BMW recalled all the cars with this problem and fixed them.

The driver’s airbag gets damaged when the driver is activating them. Aside from getting damaged, the airbag may fail to inflate properly. This is very dangerous as it will increase the risk of injury in an accident. What’s more, hot gases may leak from the airbag generator and cause suffocate the driver.

Poorly installed plates

This is a common problem in BMW 2-Series models made in 2021. The BMW 2021 BMW M240 is not an exception. The good news is that BMW recalled all cars with this problem and it was fixed. So, if you intend to buy a used BMW M240, ensure that this issue was resolved.

The problem was caused by poorly glued strengthening plates attached to the canopy during the manufacturing process. Therefore, if the head airbag is engaged, the plates could become detached from the canopy roof and increase the danger of injury to passengers. 


Is the BMW M240 reliable?

Yes, the BMW M240 is one of the most reliable BMW Models on the market. Many reliability agencies have given it an above-average reliability score. Some even gave it five out of five, which is very impressive. The BMW M240 may have issues, but they are not as serious or rampant as on some BMW models.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW M240?

No, it is not. This is because the BMW M240 does not break down often, meaning you can ride for several months without visiting the garage. The only thing that makes this car to be expensive to maintain is the cost of spare parts and BMW service.

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What is the high mileage for BMW M240?

If you’re planning to buy a used BMW M240i, consider one with less than 120,000 miles. This is because most BMW 2-Series start developing serious problems after hitting 100,000 miles. So, you wouldn’t want to buy a car with more than 120,000 miles and start having serious issues to deal with.

After how many miles does the BMW M240 start having issues?

It depends on how well you maintain your car. With proper maintenance, you shouldn’t experience any major problems until you hit 100,000 miles. However, minor issues start showing up as early as 50,000 miles, such as oil leaks because of a bad valve cover gasket.

Final thoughts

The BMW M240 is fitted with the B58 engine, which is one of the most reliable BMW engines ever. So, even though it comes with several issues, it is still one of the most reliable BMW models on the market. What’s more, the M240 performs outstandingly and it is fuel-efficient.

Additionally, the BMW M240 is affordable and cheaper to maintain than most of its competitors. The biggest challenge with this car is that it is not practical and comes with a confined trunk.

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