Which gets more girls – BMW or Mercedes?

which gets more girls - bmw or mercedes

The stereotypes surrounding the owners of these two respectable brands are a macho adrenaline-pumped man as a BMW owner and a more subdued business-like man for a Mercedes. Of course, these are only stereotypes and they do not make actual sense most of the time.

If you want your car to attract girls, whether you opt for a Mercedes or a BMW, it should probably be a flashy one. Generally, Mercedes cars are viewed as more desirable than BMW cars, and that’s mostly due to the appearance of modern-day Mercedes models which offer a sleeker design.

Of course, you can’t actually “get” a girl based on your car alone, and also need some other redeeming qualities. It’s not the car that gets the girl, but the man (or woman). However, your vehicle can help you make a good impression.


Nowadays everyone loves SUVs, both men and women. Models such as the Mercedes G-class are viewed as incredibly popular with women as they offer an immensely capable automobile on and off-road with a plush interior and a timeless exterior design.

They are expensive though, because the entry-level G550 starts at around $131k, and with such a price-tag you are surely going to attract lots of attention from both men and women. Women also love the GLC as it offers most of the characteristics of a modern-day SUV at a lower $42k price-tag.

Over in the BMW corner, models such as the X5 and the X6 are also viewed as attractive by many men and women. The X5 starts at around $60k, and the X6 will set you back $65k at a minimum. The performance M models that attract the most attention will set you back over $100k.

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Sedans and hatchbacks

Sedans are not usually viewed as attractive as SUVs because they offer a more understated design and are mostly associated with older people. But the AMG or M models that offer spruced up body-kits and special exterior paints are most definitely going to attract a lot more attention from women.

As far as hatchbacks are considered, they are not as attractive as you might think because they are usually viewed as entry-level models. Models like the A-class are popular with women, but not in the sense you might want. They are more practical than flashy.

The same story goes for the BMW 1-series, as hatchbacks are fairly common and associated with a more affordable price tag. Maybe the story is different with top-of-the-line M Performance or AMG models, but they can’t match the appeal of SUVs.

Sports cars and Super GTs

Now if you really want the most attention, these types of cars will usually do the trick. Even though some SUVs like the aforementioned G-class can match the appeal cars in this segment offer, the G-class is also priced fairly competitively with these models.

Models such as the Mercedes AMG GT 2-door or the 4-door variant are both attention magnets, especially the 2-door variant. The 2-door AMG GT comes in a variety of models and the entry-level one will cost you around $100k. The 4-door AMG GT 53 is priced fairly similarly.

When it comes to BMWs, the most popular model is the 8-series or the M8 as the top-of-the-line model. An entry-level 8 series will set you back $88k, and the top-of-the-line M8 Performance model equipped with all the bells and whistles will set you back as much as $150k.

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Choose the car that’s right for you

Which Mercedes and BMW models do not attract lots of attention?

Even though both Mercedes and BMW are considered to be attention magnets in their top-spec trims, some models also manage to fly under the radar and attract almost no attention at all. This is especially true if the models in question are in a more subdued trim level or color.

The Mercedes B-class, a family minivan with a usual boring minivan design, usually attracts little to no attention, especially without the LED headlights. The same is true for the BMW 2 Series minivan. If you’re trying to impress someone with your fancy car, the minivan isn’t usually the way to go.

Many sedans are also able to fly under the radar if you don’t tick them out with all the flashy chrome or black trim packages. For example, a base model C-class without LED headlights, sports packages, or a set of nicer wheels seems like a fairly bland-looking car.

Do some cars truly get you girls?

Mostly not. If your way of attracting women is all about spending a large amount of money on a depreciating asset, then you should consider changing your strategy. Flashy cars attract flashy people, both men and women, and they are mostly the types of people you do not want to have around you.

All the aforementioned stereotypes are fairly dismissible as they bear little to no truth. Women are not a centralized opinion hub, and different women prefer different things compared to each other. So, the next time you start searching for cars that you think will attract a girl’s attention, you should probably ask her beforehand.

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The best advice is that you should shop for the cars that you like yourself. You should buy a car that makes you confident, as women surely do love a confident individual. It’s not about the cars, it’s about the person who drives them, and choosing a car based on what you think someone else thinks about it is never a good idea.

Which cars do women hate?

It is a lot easier to find cars that women hate than it is to find the ones that will attract girls. Some cars like the Hummer H1 are widely considered as “compensation” cars for men with substandard levels of “manliness.” It’s the same for any “monster truck” looking automobile.

Furthermore, women hate supercars. They are fine to look at and take out for a weekend drive, but they are loud, obnoxious, uncomfortable, and extremely impractical. Moreover, a car such as a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in bright green seems childish and utterly unnecessary, especially when they are bought for attention-seeking purposes.

Every supercar that is being driven around town in an attention-seeking manner is like buying an airplane to get your weekend groceries. It’s unnecessary, impractical, and downright disappointing given the sheer capabilities such machines possess in the hands of an experienced driver on a track or a mountain pass.

which gets more girls - bmw or mercedes
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