2022 Mercedes GLS SUV vs BMW X7

In the land of full-size luxury SUVs, the Mercedes Benz GLS and the BMW X7 are arguably the best. There are many US-made SUVs such as the new Cadillac Escalade or the Lincoln Navigator, but they are not as sophisticated not refined as either of these two. As such, it’s only logical to compare the very best in a head-to-head comparison.

The Mercedes Benz GLS-Class is the largest and most commanding Mercedes SUV you can buy because it offers comfortable seating for seven with lots of luxury amenities, high-end material choices, and stylish design decisions.

The BMW X7 is also the very top-end SUV from BMW which also sits up to seven passengers in relative ease while also being luxurious, stately, and desirable. There are many similarities between these two SUVs and it’s safe to say that they are closely matched in almost every regard.

However, the Mercedes Benz GLS is larger, offers more seating space in all three rows, and offers superior off-roading capabilities. The X7 is a bit more comfortable, a bit quieter and it offers a higher-end interior, at least as far as build materials are concerned.

2022 Mercedes Benz GLS

Starting at $76,000 the Mercedes Benz GLS is available in a few different engine options which include 6-cylinder engines and fruitier and more thirsty V8s. Mercedes also offers a hybrid version of the GLS for those who want to maximize efficiency from this 6000lb + mammoth of an SUV.

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The GLS has a definite upper hand over the X7 when it comes to design as it looks a lot more commanding and confidence-inspiring. Interior-wise the GLS does look more futuristic because it offers a single glass panel beneath which two screens are housed that control your infotainment and your dashboard information.

The GLS also offers more space and it feels more substantial while behind the wheel. This means that it also rolls a bit more when compared to the X7. Cargo space is more generous than it is with the X7 and Mercedes seems to offer more options from the factory.

However, one of the biggest issues with the GLS is the fact that it looks almost identical to the Mercedes Benz GLE both inside and out. This means that the interior design is not all that exclusive nor groundbreaking which is not something you want to say about a full-size flagship SUV.

2022 BMW X7

The X7 also comes with a few different engine options which include 6-cylinder engines are BMW M-rated V8s. The X7 is a newer car when compared to the GLS and it definitely shows in some areas such as the exterior design.

Even though the GLS looks more coherent from the outside, the X7 feels and looks newer and more daring, especially because of the large kidney grills on the front. The X7 starts at around $75,000 which means that the starting prices between these two are almost identical.

The X7 feels more refined while on the road because it is quieter and it seems to be a little bit better built as well. BMW does have an upper edge over the GLS when it comes to material choices, overall interior sturdiness, and the lack of cheap plastic as there is almost none of it in the BMW.

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The GLS does offer more space but the X7 feels more luxurious and a better place to be. It drives better than the GLS because it feels a lot smaller than what it actually is.

Conclusion – The BMW X7 edges out the victory

Both of these two SUVs are amazing and it’s difficult to say which one of these two is a better pick for your purposes. However, the X7 does feel like a better put-together car that feels more authentic and one of a kind while the GLS does feel like a slightly bigger version of the GLE.

Mercedes says that the GLS is the S-Class of SUVs, but that certainly is not the case. The GLS feels big, heavy, and surefooted which some people like, but ultimately the X7 does feel more composed and car-like which also leads to a more comfortable ride.

The truth of the matter is, if you love BMWs, you should go for the X7. On the other hand, if you love Mercedes, you should go for the GLS. Badge loyalty is an important factor when it comes to buying a premium product, and the differences between these two are not substantial enough to negate that.

FAQ Section

What is the best Mercedes SUV?

Mercedes currently offers more than 10 different crossover/SUVs for every purpose imaginable. However, the best Mercedes SUV is undoubtedly the Mercedes Benz G-Class because it is a modern-day icon for so many reasons. Design-wise, it might as well be one of the best-looking SUVs ever, at least as far as most rich people are concerned.

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Besides looking the part, the G-Class is also luxurious and incredibly capable off-road. A few years ago Mercedes revised the G-Class from the ground up and made it a lot better than the previous generation.

What is the best BMW SUV?

The best BMW SUV is the BMW X6 because it started the whole current craze towards Coupe SUVs. When the X6 first came out everyone was convinced that BMW made the ugliest SUV on the planet, yet only a few years later every other German premium brand followed in the footsteps of the X6.

The latest X6 generation looks intimidating, luxurious and like a blast to drive. It packs everything BMW can offer as far as luxury and technology are concerned which means that it should be a lovely place to spend time in.

Why do people love SUVs?

People love SUVs because they offer luxury, space, safety, a commanding driving position, and an overall more capable car that can traverse all sorts of terrains. SUVs just look and feel more stately and it feels good to drive a large SUV.

Visibility is also a definite benefit SUVs have over smaller cars. The current trend towards SUVs makes sense at they do seem better than most other car segments out there for those who aren’t interested in a sporty driving experience.

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