2022 Mercedes GLA vs BMW X2

The BMW X2 is a subcompact SUV/Crossover and the Mercedes GLA is more or less the same story. However, between these two there are quite a few differences as they both do the same thing, but in different ways.

The BMW X2 looks a lot more sporty as it offers a more aggressive exterior design which also translates to the way the X2 drives. The GLA offers a more interesting and daring interior design that just seems to offer more than the X2, both as far as looks and luxury are concerned.

The X2 sacrifices space for looks and that is rather obvious the moment you take a look at the X2. The GLA on the other hand offers a relatively tall roofline, but it does not offer class-leading space either. F you want space above everything else, go for the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1.

All in all, the BMW X2 is a sportier and more dynamic car that is more fun to drive slow and fast. On the other hand, the GLA is more desirable as it offers a cooler-looking interior while also being a tad bit more comfortable.

Mercedes Benz GLA – The most desirable small SUV

With a starting price of $36,400, you are getting a GLA 250 that comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that offers 221hp. If you pay two grand more you can upgrade the GLA250 to come with an AWD 4MATIC system that is going to make the GLA more capable and better in snowy, muddy, and icy conditions.

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The GLA also comes with 2 potent range-topping AMG variants that cost more than $50,000 which is incredibly expensive for an entry-level Mercedes subcompact SUV. All in all, the best pick of the GLA range is the GLA250, especially if equipped with 4MATIC.

The Mercedes GLA bests the BMW X2 as far as desirability is concerned as more people are drawn to the GLA thanks to its design both inside and out. The GLA offers a more daring look, especially in AMG trim while the interior is not as conservative and dulled down as in the X2.

Driving-wise, the GLA is a tad bit more comfortable while also benefiting from better all-around visibility. The GLA is also rated with better fuel efficiency, but the differences are so marginal that they are not worth mentioning.

BMW X2- The more dynamic pick of the two

The BMW X2 starts at $36,600 which is almost the same as the Mercedes GLA. The X2 comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0L engine that makes 228hp. BMW xDrive AWD system is also available as an option. The range-topping X2 M35i makes 300hp and it starts at $46,450 and quite a bit of standard kit.

However, the entry-level 28i is more than enough for most people with the aforementioned xDrive AWD system. The transmission in the X2 is better than the one found in the GLA as it is more seamless and continues the tradition of BMW’s superior automatic transmissions.

The BMW X2 seems more daring from the outside because it is more aggressive and more dynamic feeling. This also translates to driving as the X2 takes corners a lot better than the GLA. The X2 comes with better equipment from the factory, especially if you consider safety.

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Even though the GLA looks more luxurious from the inside, the X2 is far better built. As the years go by, the differences in material quality between BMW and Mercedes are becoming more and more exaggerated. Even though BMW usually can’t match both Audi and Mercedes as far as interior design is concerned, BMW’s interiors are indeed better built.

 Conclusion: The BMW X2 is the better car, but the GLA wins

When you look at these two as complete packages, I’d give the advantage to the X2 because it is better built, is smoother to drive, looks better and it offers a more characterful driving experience with better base equipment.

However, the GLA is more desirable, and it is rather obvious why as the interior in the GLA easily bests the one in the X2. Both of these are fairly similar in space, but the GLA feels more spacious thanks to its more classic SUV-ish shape.

Even though the X2 feels more dynamic as a base model, the range-topping GLA 45 AMG is both stronger and more dynamic than the range-topping BMW XW 35i while costing a lot more. More people are going to opt for the GLA, even though the X2 seems like a better package overall.

FAQ Section

Are Mercedes cars more desirable than BMW’s?

Mercedes cars are indeed more desirable than BMWs, but the differences are not as large as most people think. Mercedes focuses on style while BMWs tend to offer more substance, especially if you value dynamics and quality.

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BMW and Mercedes can trade punches all that long as they are closely matched in most segments. Mercedes cars tend to be more luxurious, especially the very top-end Mercedes cars. On the other hand, BMW cars feel better to drive and they are better built overall.

Is the BMW X2 safer than the GLA?

Both of these are 5-star rated as far as safety is concerned which means that safety does not play a huge role here. However, the X2 comes with more safety kit from the factory and it costs less money to fully option out the X2 with all the safety bells and whistles.

Safety-wise, they are almost identical, but the X2 does offer better value for money, especially in the lower end of the market.

Is the BMW X2 more reliable than the GLA?

Statistics show that newer BMW models are indeed more reliable than Mercedes models, but there is little to no difference here. Both the X2 and the GLA should be able to last a long time if you take proper care of them.

They cost similar to fix, but BMW seems to be a bit more expensive. When you consider all of these aspects, the maintenance and reliability race between these two is closely matched.

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