Is it hard to steal a Mercedes?

In the past few years, there has been a rise in “keyless” car theft using relay attacks. Mercedes has also been on the receiving end as some Benz cars have been stolen using relay attacks. However, is it hard to steal Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz models have keyless go as an option, but they are not easy to steal. When compared to other German luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen, Mercedes is among the least stolen cars. Thanks to their advanced security system that’s difficult to break in.

Because of the anti-theft protection package that Mercedes-Benz comes with, stealing a Mercedes is not that simple. This system protects the car from being broken into and towed away. Besides, Mercedes has improved its keyless go features as it has a sensor and the keyless signal can be turned off after locking the car.

Another step that Mercedes has undertaken to make their cars more secure is by adding motion sensors to their key fobs. This technology is important in thwarting car theft using relay attacks. This is because it prevents the key from producing any signal if it’s not moving.  So, thieves cannot hack the signal like before. 

What is keyless car theft?

Unlike traditional cars with metal keys, keyless cars usually don’t feature a traditional metal key to open car doors or start it. On the contrary, keyless cars use a digital fob, smartphone app, or card to gain entry and sometimes to start the car. All is needed is for the digital key to be detected inside the car for it to start.

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So, keyless car theft is when a thief gains entry and steals your car without having the original key fob or card. Car thieves trick the car into believing that the digital key is being applied.

How does keyless technology function?

Keyless technology works by using a keyless fob that utilizes short-range radio waves. The key fob conveys a signal that is picked up by a receiver in your vehicle. If the vehicle detects the signal, the vehicle doors unlock. In some vehicles, you may have to press a button. The same procedure is used to start the vehicle.

How does Signal relaying or relay attack work?

 This is the type of keyless theft that thieves use relay boxes. One box is usually close to your car and another box near where you keep your key fob. Thieves normally lengthen the signal produced by your car key; thus fooling it into thinking that the key is close by.

Apart from relay attacks, thieves also use other methods to steal your car using keyless go jamming the signal, close-range testing, key programming, App hacking, and code grabbing.

How to protect your Mercedes from keyless theft

There are several ways through which you can protect your Mercedes from keyless theft. Some of them include:

  1. Locking your car

Always lock your Benz even if you’re going to pay for parking fees. On top of that, make sure all the security features are turned on to deter thieves from stealing your car. When you lock your car, listen for the clunk of locks before assuming that you have locked it properly.

  • Proper storage of key fob
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The reason why car thefts have increased is that smart thieves are using key signals to break into cars and depart with them. So, keeping the car keys in the right place will help to reduce theft. Therefore, you should keep your key fob out of sight and out of range.

The best place to keep your key fob is in a signal-blocking box or an aluminum tin. And if you’re moving around, keep your car signal in a protected wallet or aluminum tin. Additionally, you should keep the key fob away from the window or door where a signal can be picked up easily.

  • Investing in security system

You should also invest in a good security system for your car and home. First of all, you will have to beef up your car security by adding a steering wheel lock and wheel clamp. So, if the keyless go is compromised, thieves will still have a hard time taking away your car. Don’t forget to add a tracking system to your car.

Besides, you should make it harder for thieves to access your house or car garage. Therefore, add things like smart doorbells, secure gates, and CCTV cameras. Even though these things will not prevent the thieves from breaking into your home, but they will deter them as thieves don’t want a hard time.

  • Proper car storage

Last but not least, you should invest in a safe and secure car garage. Parking your car outside is very risky and allows thieves to part away with your car more easily. Additionally, keep your car parked away from prying eyes won’t attract thieves.  


How do I protect my Mercedes from theft?

If you want to keep your Mercedes from theft, ensure that your car is kept in a garage or enclosed area. Secondly, keep the key fob away from where the signal can be compromised. Next, ensure to turn off the key fob after locking your car properly.

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Are push-start cars easier to steal?

Of course, yes. Push start cars can be stolen using relay attacks, jamming signals, and key programming. Hence, make sure to secure your car from such kinds of theft. Employ the safety practices that we have listed in this article for your car’s safety.

Is Mercedes among the top stolen cars?

Mercedes is not among the top stolen cars. The top stolen cars are Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, BMW X5, and BMW 3-series. Nonetheless, the most stolen Mercedes-Benz model is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, followed by Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


Stealing a Mercedes-Benz is not easy. This is because their cars come equipped with an anti-theft protection package that keeps them a bit safe but not secure. Cases of cars with keyless entry being stolen have been on the rise and some Mercedes owners have been victims.

The good news is that Mercedes has improved the feature of its keyless go as it can be turned on/off. On top of that, Mercedes-Benz has added motion sensors, which makes relay attacks to be dysfunctional. However, you still need to keep your keys far away from your car to increase safety.

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