Is Mercedes a luxury car in Germany?

Is Mercedes a luxury car in Germany?

Mercedes is associated with the very essence of luxury worldwide. A high-end Mercedes is considered luxurious in pretty much any corner of the globe. Germany, the birthplace of Mercedes, is brimming with various Mercedes cars. Whether it’s a 200-mile-an-hour autobahn cruiser or a taxi in Munich, Mercedes cars are easy to come by.

Different models

Given the fact that so many German drivers tend to drive Mercedes cars, one could question their luxury appeal. After all, exclusivity is a vital part of a luxurious experience. Take the Munich taxis for example, most of them are diesel E-class models. So, an E-class is hardly going to be considered luxurious.

A top-of-the-line E-class is the E63 AMG, and it is considered luxurious early in its lifespan. Models like the A-class don’t necessarily seem luxurious, but an S-class sure does.  The same goes for the AMG GT models; they are rare and expensive, so they are considered luxurious and even exotic.

Also, the recent trend in the car industry is the popularity of SUVs. They are more spacious, offer a more commanding driving position, are much more practical, and are priced higher than a comparable sedan variant.

Cars carrying the Maybach designation are the most luxurious chariots Mercedes can offer. And they are up there with the priciest and most opulent cars on sale. They are also manufactured in limited quantities which boosts the exclusivity factor. A Maybach is considered luxurious everywhere. Whether it’s Monaco or the Oktoberfest, a two-tone painted Maybach oozes luxury.

Car specification

One thing to keep in mind however is the fact that in Germany you can find differently specified models compared to other countries. When Mercedes sells cars globally, they tend to make the specifying process as efficient and easy as possible.

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They would rather compile different options into packages rather than selling them individually. For example, if you choose the technology package, it will give you all the technology-related items on your Mercedes. The same goes for comfort, all comfort-related options are included in one package, so you can specify your car more easily.

In Germany you can get an E-class with cloth seats and different wheel options that wouldn’t be available for purchase in the UK. This is a cost-saving measure used primarily by taxis and work-related cars, which in turn lowers the luxury car nomination.


Another factor to keep in mind is attainability. For example, former US President Donald Trump threatened to impose a 25% tax on importing German car brands to the USA through the infamous 232 report. If it had been imposed, it would have damaged Mercedes up to 2 billion dollars.

There are lots of different tax systems for importing different cars into different countries. That’s why it’s often more affordable to buy a domestic brand. So, a Mercedes costs a lot less to buy in Germany than in many other places, and that’s why so many of them are used as company cars.

In the USA, a Mercedes is considered a luxury automobile throughout its entire range, whereas in Germany, a Corvette is a semi-exotic car because there aren’t many of them out and about. A Mustang in Germany is a rarer sight than it is in the US, so it’s a lot more ”luxurious” across the ocean.

Age factor

Given the fact that many different German companies tend to use Mercedes as company cars also plays into the equation of luxury appeal. Most of them are newer Mercedes variants being leased for periods of 3 years.

After the lease expires, they tend to buy newer models, which in turn makes all those 3-year-old cars cheaper to buy. Models such as the S-class, the GLS, or the G-class are a lot less common, so they’re considered luxurious, even after a couple of years.

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Mercedes cars tend to last a long time if maintained correctly. Germany is full of older Mercedes models. Pretty much every parking lot contains a few older Mercedes models, and that’s the reason why they are not considered as luxurious as their newer counterparts.

FAQs about German luxury cars

Are Audi and BMW cars considered luxury cars in Germany?

It’s pretty much the same story with these two. They are regarded as premium offerings, not necessarily luxury. Audi Sport RS models tend to be more expensive and rarer, so they achieve the luxury factor more. The same goes for BMW’s Motorsport division, especially the high-end M5 and M8 models.

An important factor is the age of the vehicle. While a brand new 7 series is considered luxurious, a 7-year-old car just isn’t. The same goes for Audi with its A8 model. Some cars such as the R8, or the i8 are exotic and are considered luxurious, even as time goes on.

What is considered to be a luxury car in Germany?

A luxury car needs to be striking in its appeal, offer huge amounts of luxury amenities, and carry an inherent sense of exclusivity. Germany being the birthplace of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche offers huge amounts of domestic luxury. But brands such as Bentley or Rolls Royce are always considered luxurious no matter the place and time.

The same thing goes for Ferrari, Aston Martin, or Lamborghini. These are exclusive cars produced in limited quantities for a specific buyer, and no German car brand besides maybe Porsche can offer the luxury these brands do. That being said, a newer Porsche is definitely considered to be a luxury car.

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Brands like these are considered luxurious in pretty much every corner of the globe. It only helps to show the amount of luxury Mercedes cars offer in different markets. Germany is different, but pretty much everywhere else a Mercedes or a BMW or an Audi is considered the first stop towards luxury automobiles.

Is Mercedes a luxury car outside Germany?

Mercedes is much more of a luxury vehicle outside of Germany than it is in the country. It’s a German domestic brand that carries specifics tied to the German market that aren’t so apparent in different countries. Not many brands carry the luxury car designation, as well as Mercedes does.

Versatile and luxurious Mercedes-Benz

Throughout time Mercedes has been considered a luxury vehicle. A brand closely linked to an upper-class lifestyle that oozes refinement and build quality is not easy to come by before stepping into the 6-7 figure realms of Bentley and Rolls Royce cars.

Mercedes offers a wide variety of cars, stretching into every segment of the market. Some markets prefer SUVs, and Mercedes offers 8 different SUVs for every imaginable use. Some markets prefer drop-top convertibles and Mercedes offers a bunch of them.

There are many reasons why Mercedes is considered luxurious. They dominate the luxury car segment for years for a reason. While Germany carries a different approach to luxury cars because of the ties Mercedes has to Germany, a Benz is, and always will be a luxury brand, no matter the time, no matter the place.

Is Mercedes a luxury car in Germany?

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