Are Mercedes good in the snow?

Are Mercedes good in the snow?

With winter fast approaching, having the right car if you live in snowy areas is crucial. Not every car can cope well with snowy and icy winter conditions, but most cars perform considerably well.

Generally, Mercedes-Benz vehicles perform well in snowy conditions compared to other luxury vehicles. Thanks to the variety of safety features that Mercedes are equipped with. These help the driver to stay safe, even when the conditions worsen. However, some Benz models are more reliable in snow conditions than others.

So, if you live in an area like Winnipeg, Canada or Big Sky, Montana you may need a more reliable Mercedes model for convenience. Mercedes-Benz boasts features like electronic stability control and LED daytime running lights that make it safer to drive in these conditions.

Are Mercedes cars good on snow-covered roads?

Mercedes Benz is a great vehicle for driving in snow, especially if it has 4Matic AWD. These cars have been tested in harsh road conditions. They also feature Traction Control, ABS and Remote Engine Start.

What Mercedes features make them good for snow?

  • Electronic stability control – Most Mercedes car models are fitted with Electronic Stability Control (ECS) to keep the driver safe when the car becomes uncontrollable. The ECS sends torque to the front wheel with better grip to keep the car on the road. This is crucial when driving on snow or ice.
  • LED daytime running lights – In winter, visibility is a big problem. Therefore, having LED daytime running lights to makes your car more noticeable to other drivers. This reduces the chances of colliding with another car. Aside from having LED daytime lights, Mercedes also has LED headlamps and LED taillamps for night illumination.
  • Pre-Safe – since winter conditions are very tricky, collisions are common. But if you have a Mercedes-Benz car, the Pre-Safe Technology will keep you safe in the event of an accident. The Pre-Safe technology will initiate automatically if it senses excessive skidding.
  • 4MATIC AWD – what makes Mercedes cars great on icy roads is the 4Matic AWD system. This system increases traction on slippery roads. It does so by engaging all four wheels. The All-Wheel-Drive system is constantly in action with a fixed torque split; so, power is normally applied to all wheels.
  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension – this function is also key when it comes to driving on snow. The four-wheel independent suspension enables every heel to move up and down, independently from the rest of the car’s suspension. So, all wheels are constantly in contact with the ground.
  • Active Blind Spot Assist – Due to poor visibility during winter, it might be difficult to notice a car alongside you. But the Blind Spot Assist on Mercedes uses radar sensors to detect a car beside yours. This way you won’t change lanes blindly.
  • Antilock Brakes – having functional brakes is very crucial if you intend to drive on snowy or icy roads. The Antilock Brakes prevent your brakes from locking up, which is vital. Also, it will stop the wheels from skidding, which will help you to keep the car in control.
  • Forward Collision Warning and Auto-braking – with poor visibility, you may not see oncoming traffic or only see it when it’s almost too late. This feature allows you to have a quick response time. If the sensors notice a car or person is getting close, it will automatically brake to avoid a collision.
  • Attention Assist – this is one of the features that make Mercedes one of the safest cars on the market. Attention Assist will identify how you drive in the first few minutes and understand your driving style. If it senses changes, later on, it will encourage you to stop. Besides, it senses things like Crosswind and the smoothness of the road.
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Which Mercedes-Benz car models are perfect for snow?

Most Mercedes models are fitted with the All-Wheel-Drive and 4Matic systems. These driving systems are crucial for driving in snowy conditions. However, not all Mercedes models perform well in winter. If you live in winter areas, here are the best Mercedes models to buy:

2019 Mercedes C300 4Matic Coupe

On top of our list is the 2019 Mercedes C300 4Matic Coupe. This is a turbocharged, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that gets an extra 14 hp to reach total outputs of 255 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, it has a nine-speed automatic transmission with All-Wheel-Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive options.  

This sedan is built for tough weather conditions, like winter and snowfall. The electronically-controlled 4Matic AWD system comes with lots of safety features that allow you to drive safely and have peace of mind. These include Crosswind Assist, LED Daytime Running Lights, Adaptive Braking Technology, collision prevention Assist Plus, and Pre-Safe Technology.

2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 4Matic

The 2017 Benz GLA250 4Matic is ideal for snow conditions. It’s also the smallest and least expensive SUV in the Mercedes lineup. This sporty and luxurious car is powered by a 208 hp, 258-lb-ft, 2.0-liter, turbo-four engine. It has a seven-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the AWD or FWD.

The 4Matic AWD system propels this SUV to 60 mph in a quick 4.3 seconds. Nonetheless, this car is perfect for driving in the snow due to the several safety features that it boasts of. It has Electronic Stability Control, Active Brake Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and much more.

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FAQs about winter driving

Which Mercedes-Benz drive system should I select for snow – All-Wheel-Drive or 4-Wheel-Drive?

For snowy conditions, you will need a Mercedes-Benz car model that is equipped with all-wheel-drive. This is perfect for all weather, including snowy conditions. The All-Wheel-Drive is common in cars and smaller crossovers, while 4WD is common on SUVs and trucks.

What to consider when buying a winter car?

Apart from selecting a Mercedes model with the right drive system, you need to consider other things as well. These include the car’s ground clearance and set of tires. Pick a car with more ground clearance and switch to winter tires constructed from dense rubber and silica compounds.

Which type of Mercedes-Benz is best for snowfall – a car or SUV?

First and foremost, ensure your Mercedes model is equipped with 4Matic, whether it’s a car or SUV. Secondly, ground clearance is crucial. All Mercedes SUVs have ground clearance of 6 to 8-inches, whereas most cars are closer to the ground at 4 to 6-inch ground clearance. As a result, Mercedes-Benz SUVs are the best for riding in snowfall. 

What Mercedes is best in snow?

The Mercedes GLE is a great vehicle for snow. GLE comes equipped with 4Matic All-Wheel-Drive for a safe and comfortable ride. It handles snowy roads well. The premium SUV’s winter features include heated seats, adaptive brake, adaptive braking, traction control and ABS.

What is Mercedes snow mode?

This mode is for you if it’s slippery beneath the GLS. This mode can be used to help with traction in rain, snow, ice or Slip n’ Slide conditions. It tightens suspension and balances all-wheel drive between the front and rear tires.

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Is Mercedes 4MATIC good in the snow?

Mercedes-Benz can be trusted for safety. 4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive technology is a step above most cars to provide a unique driving experience. 4MATIC driving allows you to turn precisely on a slippery road, ice or snow. It is about keeping your kids safe as you drive to school.

Is Mercedes c300 4matic in snow a good choice?

The Mercedes Benz C300 is a fantastic choice for driving in snow, especially when equipped with 4Matic AWD. The Mercedes Benz C300 has proven its worth in harsh winter conditions. It features a wide range of features, including ABS, Traction Control, Remote Engine Start, and heated seats. These features provide safety and comfort even in severe weather.

Drive safe!

Overall, Mercedes vehicles are good in the snow, thanks to the wider range of safety features that they come with. Nonetheless, the Mercedes GLA 4Matic and C300 4matic coupe are the best Mercedes car models for snowy conditions. Pick a Mercedes-Benz model with a 4Matic permanent all-wheel-drive system for an easy ride.

Are Mercedes good in the snow?

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