Is a Mercedes a good first car?

Is a Mercedes a good first car?

There is nothing more exciting than buying your first car. But buying a car is a substantial investment and it may seem a little daunting at first. There are so many different options, and it is vital for you to choose the right car for you and your needs.

If you are planning to buy a Mercedes as your first car, you also need to take many different factors into the equation. What is your budget? What do you need your car for? How long do you plan on owning it? Should you buy new or used?

Budget is important when chosing the first car

First of all, you should decide on your budget and stick to it. Mercedes cars tend to be expensive, both to buy and to run, so you have to take everything into consideration when deciding on your budget. Gas prices, insurance, running costs, and maintenance are fairly significant when buying a Mercedes.

There are three ways of buying your new Mercedes, all of which will affect your budget differently. You could either lease it, finance it, or buy it outright. But keep in mind that leasing is not necessarily buying.

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Is Mercedes a good car for teens?

A Mercedes is a great choice for a teen driver becuase it is safe. The reason not every teen should start with a Mercedes is the price tag. If you’re 17 year old wants a newer car. Have a look at cars like SEAT Ibiza, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500 or if it should be a Mercedes, then A-class cars.

Buying it outright

If you decide to buy it outright, your budget suffers the most because you are paying for it all at once. But on the other hand, you are free to do with the car as you please. You may modify it, you may sell it, it’s all yours and no one can affect you and the way you own your car.

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Financing or leasing

If you decide to finance or lease your new Mercedes, you might be faced with additional costs such as interest. When financing or leasing, you are not able to do what you please with the car. You should investigate many different financing options and try to find an offer that suits you best.

Since you are buying your first car, you are probably a younger driver. This means you should also check if your credit score makes it worthwhile to lease or finance compared to buying a car outright.

What are your needs

Do you really need the three-pointed star on the hood of your car? Is a Mercedes a bit ”much” for your first car?

Are you a city driver?

If you spend most of your driving time around crowded city streets, keep in mind that a big Mercedes may not be the easiest car to maneuver or park.

In this case, you should consider an A-class or a GLA crossover SUV for example. They are much more well suited for city driving than let’s say an S-class.

Traveling outside of the city

If you spend most of your driving time on longer trips, traveling longer distances then a Mercedes makes a lot more sense. In that situation, a larger sedan or SUV might suit you better.

Always consider where do you drive, how much time do you spend inside the car. Are you truly able to exploit everything a Mercedes has to offer? If so, then buying a Mercedes as your first car is not such a bad idea.

Conditions where you live

You should also keep in mind the location where you reside. Is it snowy or cold for example? Then a four while drive Mercedes might be worth considering.

You should always think about your needs and wants, as they contain the answer to the question itself. After you think it through, and it still makes sense, you should do it.

Different models

Mercedes makes dozens of different models, ranging from smaller hatchback front-wheel-drive city runarounds to larger luxury sedans spanning up to 5 meters long. And that’s not including the SUVs, and Mercedes constantly keeps expanding the SUV line-up. The same can be said about Mercedes electric cars.

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As you enter the vast realms of Mercedes offerings you should keep in mind that the price goes up as the range does.

A-class not S-class

The range kicks off with the A-Class and the GLA. These models usually make a lot more sense as first cars compared to a G Wagon or an S-class. Larger cars require more time spent behind the wheel. And if it’s not necessary for you to opt for the larger models, you should consider the more compact offerings.


A C-class tends to be the most popular choice for newer drivers as it combines the appeal of the larger sedans, but is still modestly proportioned. You should shop around, figure out what works best for you, but keep your budget and your needs in check.

Sporty G-class

You might end up wanting a sportier Mercedes, or a G-class as they are the most desirable models, excluding the larger S-class and GLS models which make little to no sense as first cars. But, be noted that even if you can afford the entry price, the running costs are excruciatingly high.

Insurance prices

A younger driver and an expensive car are a great match for high insurance premiums. Your driving history is vague or non-existent, so the insurance company considers you a higher risk than an older driver with a more affordable car.

Buying a more affordable car brings down your insurance premiums. That might be a reason to consider more affordable brands. While a Mercedes is a great first car. It offers state of the art security and safety measures, beautiful driving characteristic, all of which rely upon many different parts that keep on ticking in a synchronized manner.

Any car or features can break at some point, and that’s why the insurance premiums are so high.

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FAQs about buying your first Mercedes

Is a more affordable brand better than a Mercedes as a first car?

It comes down to sheer costs as a valid reason to consider a more affordable brand. Mercedes cars are a lot pricier, and you should think long and hard if it makes sense to buy one, both financially and practically.

A more affordable brand might offer you as much as a Mercedes does if your needs don’t require a Mercedes. If you are only badge hunting then be prepared to pay for it.

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Is a used Mercedes a better first car than a new one?

New cars tend to lose a considerable amount of value early in their lifespans. If you are tight on your budget you should consider buying used. If you plan to finance your first car then buying new is a lot easier because of the concrete value on a new car compared to a used variant.

When buying used you get more for your money. While it takes more investigating to realize all the ins and outs of buying used, it also helps you to understand why cars are valued the way they are. And that is useful for a new driver, and it will help you understand the car market.

What should I do to make my first car purchase as easy as possible?

First, you should consider all the specifics of a new driver in a car buying scenario, insurance being the first. You should also be as disciplined with your budget as possible. It is a lot smarter to over-insure than it is to overpay for your new car.

Do your homework, consult a more experienced car buyer, gather as much information as possible, and use the experience of others to your own benefit.

The way you approach buying your first car might reflect the financial decisions you do in the long run, and for that reason, you should do your due diligence in figuring out what makes sense, and what does not.

A Mercedes can be the best first car one can buy, but after you consider all the alternatives and after you do all the investigating. If it still makes sense, then go for it.

Are there drawbacks to owning a used Mercedes?

A used Mercedes migth be a good choice as a first car. You do have to be aware that you with all used cars are taking a chance. Since Mercedes is a luxury car, in some ways this risk is higher, because of higher maintenance and repair costs.

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Is a Mercedes a good first car?

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