Why are older Mercedes so cheap?

Why are older Mercedes so cheap?

Mercedes-Benz cars are popular due to their luxurious status and outstanding performance. They also have a high initial price, but older Mercedes are cheaper.

This is why you can get an old Mercedes so cheap

Older Mercedes are cheaper because of their high repair and maintenance costs. On top of that, these cars have low resale value. After the 4-year or 50,000 mile-warranty expires, things get expensive for Mercedes car owners. That’s why many Mercedes owners opt to sell their cars after this period.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be scared of buying an old Mercedes-Benz car model because of the high repair and maintenance costs involved. Some old Mercedes may be well-maintained and won’t have any issues. You’ll need to go through the car’s history report, and inspect before buying.

Here are the reasons why older Mercedes-Benz cars are so cheap:

No warranty

Like many luxury car brands, Mercedes also offers a warranty. The New Vehicle Limited Mercedes Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for 4-years or 50,000 miles. The warranty gives the car owner peace of mind knowing that repairs are taken care of within this period.

For used Mercedes-Benz cars, the manufacturer provides the Certified Pre-Owned Limited Mercedes Warranty that gives extra coverage of 1-year or up to 100,000 miles. If your car has an issue within this period, you can take it to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership to repair and service. 

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Older Mercedes cars are cheaper because they are not covered by the warranty. Most Mercedes owners sell their vehicles when the warranty expires. They do this to avoid the high repair and maintenance costs involved with the car. That’s why you need to really consider an old Mercedes with a pre-owned warranty.

High repair costs

The main reason why older Mercedes cars are so cheap is the high cost of repairs, which makes many Mercedes owners sell them after the warranty elapses. Also, some people try to get aftermarket parts, instead of the OEM parts, which end up wearing out quickly.

Acquiring an old Mercedes-Benz car is fun and can seem like a great deal, but you should be ready to dish out a lot of cash even for a small repair. You will have to repair small issues here and there as the car adds on miles and you should be ready for major repairs as the car gets older.

Most of the costly repairs are experienced on older Mercedes with at least 150,000 miles or more. So, if the old Benz you intend to buy has over 100k miles, be ready to visit the mechanic more often than usual. 

High maintenance costs

Working on a used Mercedes-Benz is also very costly. There are few Mercedes car dealers on the market, and they are expensive. Repairing or maintaining parts on a Mercedes-Benz car is cumbersome, which is why there aren’t that many dealers. The car has advanced system monitoring software, driving aids, and infotainment that is difficult to deal with.

Mercedes dealers have to be authorized and are usually specialized. They need special training and special tools to repair your car. Therefore, you cannot take your Mercedes vehicle to any dealer in town.

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Low resale value

Many luxury cars maintain a high resale value for the first 5-years. After this period, the car depreciates quickly. That’s one of the reasons why old Mercedes-Benz cars are extremely cheap. Being a luxury brand, Mercedes cars will depreciate quickly compared to non-luxury car brands.

The higher the maintenance cost, the lower the resale value. So, used Mercedes cars are cheap because of their low resale value, resulting from high maintenance and repair costs. The older the car, the cheaper it becomes. Also, their demand is not as high as that of non-luxury brands, making their resale value to be somewhat lower.

A Mercedes-Benz car that has been out for at least 6 years may see a drop in its initial value by around 30% to 40%. This may be even higher, depending on the state of the car.

Many cheaper alternatives

Mercedes-Benz may be among the most sought-after luxury car brands on the market, but older Mercedes cars are not. This is because there are lots of alternative old car brands on the market. Unlike Mercedes-Benz, these car brands are cheaper, more reliable, and cost less to maintain.

Old car brands such as Lexus and Infinity offer outstanding comfort, but they are way cheaper than Mercedes. They are also more reliable in performance, and maintenance or repairs are not an issue like they are with Mercedes. 

FAQs about buying a used Benz

What’s the best old Mercedes that you can buy?

It depends on your taste and preference. If you want a reliable old Mercedes-Benz car, consider getting the 2008 to 2010 C 300 Mercedes or 1977 to 1985 300D model. For performance, get the 2008 to 2010 C63 or 2010 to 2012 E550 coupe Mercedes-Benz car models.

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Why are used Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars so cheap?

The Mercedes S-Class model is very cheap because of their reliability. They are one of the least reliable Mercedes-Benz car models on the market. If you buy this model, you will undergo high maintenance costs. The S-Class model is also not in high demand, like the E-Class model.

Is it worth buying a 10-year-old second-hand Mercedes-Benz car?

It depends on the Mercedes model and the state that the car is in. Some owners will take good care of their cars even after 10-years. But if you suspect that the car has been poorly maintained, then don’t buy the car.  Regardless of the car’s state, expect to maintain it regularly.


By now, you know why Mercedes-Benz car models are cheap. Older Mercedes are cheap because of their high repair and maintenance costs. Also, they lack a warranty, which means that you’re on your own if something goes wrong with the car.

However, while an older Benz may be cheap, it still maintains its luxurious features that other car brands don’t have. Additionally, Mercedes are comfortable with a sleek design. Even with the high repair and maintenance costs, the proper care of an old Mercedes will reduce visits to the mechanic.

Why are older Mercedes so cheap?

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