Does the Mercedes EQS have a frunk?

The brand new 2022 Mercedes EQS is a state-of-the-art Mercedes electric car and many people deem it to be the most luxurious EV on the planet. The EQS is huge both because it leaves a huge footprint and because it weighs like a mid-sized mountain, but Mercedes never intended the EQS to be anything else besides a luxurious fortress on wheels.

As far as luxury is concerned, no other car on the market can compete with the EQS, not even the Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-Tron GT. With such a large chassis the EQS offers a huge trunk with more than 22 cubic feet of space which is well beyond anything even the mighty S-Class can offer.

As such, there is hardly any need for the EQS to also offer a front trunk, and that’s why the EQS is not available with a front trunk. However, this is not a case of a classic missed opportunity because Mercedes incorporated in the EQS a futuristic air purification system that constantly cleans the interior air quality.

Mercedes positioned the EQS as an all-out luxury car without trying to make it sporty. The AMG EQS is the sporty pick of the bunch, but even the EQS AMG is heavy and is mostly tailored towards unbridled comfort, quietness, and ease of use.

Mercedes EQS – Practicality

As mentioned in the beginning, the EQS does not come with a front trunk because that place is reserved for the Mercedes Air Balance system that constantly improves your interior air quality. The EQS offers plenty of head and leg space both for the front and the rear passengers. You are easily able to carry up to five individuals in the EQS, even for longer journeys.

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This does not harm the practicality of the EQS too much because it already offers 22 cubic feet of trunk space. For a spot of context, the S-Class offers a maximum of 14 cubic feet of trunk space, but some models offer even less than that. The Tesla Model offers 28 cubic feet of storage space without taking into account the front trunk.

You can lower down the second row of seats in the EQS if you want to maximize the cargo space of the EQS to an astonishing 68 cubic feet while the maximum the Model S offers with the rear seats folded down is 58 cubic feet. However, the Model S also offers a 5.3 cubic feet trunk space in the front.

All in all, the EQS offers enough cargo space for 99% of people and most people who tend to buy cars like the EQS are not all that interested in cargo space anyway. The EQS also offers a lot of space for all the passengers, but it’s not on the same level as the S-Class.

Mercedes Air Balance – A futuristic air purification system located in the front trunk of the EQS

Not having the front trunk in the EQS is not perfect, but having a state-of-the-art air purification system is arguably a lot better, especially when you consider that the EQS already offers a lot of space to begin with. The Air Balance system utilizes a charcoal and ionizer combination to free the interior of bad air quality.

This system also constantly sends out an electric charge which eliminates bad odors. This system works best if you pair it with the Mercedes air fragrance system which constantly emits Mercedes-made fragrances to further improve the interior ambiance in the EQS.

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This system is located where the front trunk would otherwise be and it is large enough for Mercedes to completely abandon the idea of incorporating a front trunk in the EQS. However, given the fact that the EQS already offers more than enough space in the back, a front trunk is not going to be missed.

Mercedes EQS – The most luxurious EV on the planet

The premium EV market is brimming with countless amazing options such as the Porsche Taycan, the new Model S, the Audi e-Tron GT, the new Lucid Air, and all the other upcoming luxury EVs. Even though all of these are indeed impressive, they simply can’t match the EQS as far as luxury is concerned.

The EQS boasts features such as the amazing-looking Hyperscreen that utilizes a 56” inch glass panel that houses a few different screens that control basically everything inside the car. The materials used in the EQS are second to none and the suspension setup is able to control the massive weight.

Probably the most luxurious aspect of the EQS is the electric propulsion system calibration because it is so well calibrated that it feels smoother than even the smoothest V12. Almost every feature imaginable can be found in the EQS and there really is no competition here.

FAQ Section

What is the most practical electric car on the planet?

The most practical EV on the planet is the brand-new Rivian R1T because it offers more trunk space than every other EV out there. That is because the Rivian offers a true truck bed that can be locked, it also offers a front trunk while also offering a special storage space behind the second row of seats.

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The new Ford F150 Lightning is also a fairly practical car and so is the Tesla Model X. As far as passenger space is concerned, the Model X takes the cake, but the EQS is not far behind, at least as far as the first two rows are concerned.

Is the Mercedes EQS worth it?

The Mercedes Benz EQS is indeed worth it if you are in the market for an EV that can comfortably take you longer than any other EV can. The EQS managed to do more than 400 miles on a single charge which made it the record-holding EV at the time.

The EQS offers superior comfort, superior technology, and even superior desirability. The best pick of the bunch is the EQS 350 because it costs less than its big brother, the EQS 580 while also being plentifully powerful.

Why do electric cars have so much storage space?

Electric cars are equipped with fewer moving powerplant parts which means that there is more space for your luggage. EVs don’t use large and heavy engines because electric motors are a lot smaller and are usually placed directly on top of, or near the wheels.

This makes EVs perfect for those who need a lot of space because the majority of EVs out there have a lot more storage space when compared to a comparable ICE car variant.

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