Is the new Mercedes C-Class Electric?

The new Mercedes C-Class is the very first Mercedes model to offer complete line-up electrification either through the Mercedes EQ Boost mild hybrid technology or as a full-on plug-in hybrid. This does not mean that the new C-Class comes as a full-on EV because that honor is reserved for the next-gen Mercedes EQ compact sedan.

Even though the new C-Class can not be bought as a full-on EV you can buy the new C300 e which should offer the best value for money because it comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor. This model offers more than 300hp and is the best plug-in Mercedes sedan money can buy right now.

Between the EQ Boost models and the plug-in hybrid models, you are better off opting for a plug-in version because it is more in line with modern-day Mercedes philosophy. Either way, the EQ Boost technology is now greatly improved and should offer you a significant efficiency upgrade over the last-gen model.

All in all, the new C-Class certainly is a competitive premium executive compact sedan that should help Mercedes regain the throne for the best-sold executive compact sedan market. However, it’s not all positive because the new C63 is no longer going to offer a V8.

Mercedes EQ line-up – The EQS, the EQB, the EQC, the EQE, the EQS

If you are having trouble discerning Mercedes electric vehicles from Mercedes ICE vehicles and plug-in hybrids you should remember that only these five Mercedes models are fully electric. This means that every EV Mercedes starts with the letters E and Q and is followed by a letter associated with where it is within the Mercedes line-up.

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This also should not be confused with the Mercedes EQ Boost mild-hybrid technology and the Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid technology which are viewed as the stepping stones between ICE Mercedes models are the EQ line-up.

The EQ line-up starts with the subcompact EQA SUV which is designed on the GLA platform and should cater to the urban-oriented driver. The EQB and the EQC also share their underpinning with their ICE variants which means that they are not made as standalone EV options.

The EQS is the only Mercedes EV designed solely for the EV platform and will soon be followed by the mid-size EV sedan, the EQE. The EQS is the most efficient EV on the market because it managed to travel 441 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes EQ Boost Technology

Mercedes EQ Boost technology refers to a Mercedes branded mild-hybrid technology system that is designed to maximize the efficiency out of a traditional combustion engine. This means that this small 48-volt system should be able to completely take over if the system deems it appropriate to do so.

The EQ Boost technology was first intended to only boost the ICE engine and sometimes even completely power the car during coasting. However, the new system also comes with an integrated starter generator (ISG) which should also offer 15kW of additional thrust at any time.

This enables the new EQ Boost-equipped C-Class to become even more efficient and cohesive when compared to older EQ Boost-equipped Mercedes models. This system should also take over whenever you are decelerating in order to save fuel and recoup energy.

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Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid Technology

As mentioned previously, Mercedes is hoping to pitch the plug-in hybrid technology to most newer Mercedes C-Class buyers because Daimler engineers believe that the new Plug-In C-Class is more than able to satisfy all your daily driver needs.

That is because the new C300 e comes with a 95kW electric motor which is powered by a 25.4 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery. The C300e can be charged both with AC charging and DC charging that can completely charge the battery in around 30 minutes.

This should be enough for a 100-mile EV-only range which should indeed satisfy most people’s daily needs. That’s what Mercedes was aiming to achieve with the new plug-in hybrid C-Class and that’s also why this C300 e model is likely going to be the most popular one.

However, the new C63 AMG is also getting a similar powerplant which is rather disappointing considering that all previous C63 AMG models came with a fiery V8. This is surely going to hurt most AMG fans so it’s likely that the new C63 AMG is not going to fare all that well.

FAQ Section

Are plug-in hybrids worth it?

Plug-in hybrids are indeed worth it because they combine efficiency with performance and that holds true for most plug-in hybrids out there. However, high-performance AMG models are appreciated for the very opposite of reasons and that’s why the new C63 AMG is already a fairly controversial car.

A 4-cylinder AMG is something that can make sense on an entry-level A-Class but not on a C63 which was always defined by a V8. Either way, we will have to wait until the new C63 reaches production to be 100% sure that that’s truly the case.

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When is Mercedes going to offer an electric C-Class?

Given the fact that Mercedes has just unveiled the new C-Class, they are not likely to fully redesign it for the next 7-8 years. This probably means that we will not be seeing an electric C-Class at all. The EQ Mercedes lineup is going to include a compact electric sedan and that should cater to EV-oriented C-Class buyers.

Mercedes is investing heavily in both EVs and hybrids which means that they are surely going to encompass the majority of the market with upcoming new models.

What is the best Mercedes electric car?

The best Mercedes electric car is undoubtedly the Mercedes Benz EQS because it’s developed on a standalone Mercedes EV sedan platform. All other EQ models are designed on existing ICE platforms which means that they are not what most people expect from an EV.

The brand-new EQB is a perfect example because it does not have any practicality benefits over the gas-powered EQB. After all, the electric engine has to be placed under the hood. It’s the same story with both the EQA and the EQC.

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