Do Mercedes AMG EQS need oil

Electric cars might seem similar to regular ICE cars at first glance, but the reality is that they are a world apart beneath the skin. The entire EV ownership experience is vastly different because it requires you to charge the car regularly and do all sorts of EV-specific maintenance.

EVs don’t use engine oil because an electric motor has fewer moving parts so there is no need for added lubrication and heat management. As such, a Mercedes EQS AMG does not need oil and it’s the same story for all true EVs out there.

Because most EVs don’t rely on a traditional transmission they also don’t need transmission oil. However, some essential liquids such as brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and coolant are needed in both EVs and ICE cars.

If you want to find out the differences between ICE cars and EVs as far as regular maintenance is concerned, be sure to read this article. Information such as these could become useful in the future if you ever decide to transition onto a full-on EV.

Electric vehicles – Maintenance and overall care routine

The obvious difference between an EV and an ICE car is the fact that you need to charge your EV constantly. This means that you will have to invest in either a wall charger or have reliable and constant access to well-developed charging infrastructure.

You will not have to replace motor oil because an EV does not have a traditional engine. The same story goes for the transmission in most cases. Everything associated with the powertrain aspect is different which means that you will have to educate yourself about all the EV-ownership specifics on time.

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EV batteries don’t necessarily need to be up to temperature in order to provide maximum power as is the case with an ICE car. However, it’s always best to preheat your batteries if you want to charge them safely and quickly.

EVs don’t require brake maintenance as often as an ICE car does because EVs benefit from regenerative braking. This means that you are not always relying on the brakes themselves to stop you but rather the electric system itself.

Combustion cars – Maintenance and overall care routine

We are all fairly aware of what it takes to maintain a gas or a diesel car so it’s not really a secret. However, it’s always beneficial for you and your car to go through some maintenance-related articles and other pieces of information in order to ensure that your car operates optimally.

As previously mentioned, ICE cars do need regular motor oil replacement according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some engines are in need of more regular oil replacements and others are not, so never rely on anything else besides the manufacturer’s recommendations.

ICE cars do need to reach an optimal temperature before you start to push them otherwise you might cause issues to both your engine and the transmission. Some cars will even limit your RPM before the car reaches a certain temperature in order to preserve vital drivetrain components.

ICE cars don’t need tire swaps as often as EVs do because they tend to be lighter, but this can vary depending on how you drive and the type of tires you are using.

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Service – EVs vs ICE cars

Service is also where these two types of cars differ substantially because ICE cars require service a lot sooner, but EVs are indeed more difficult to fix in most cases. All of this means that ICE cars should still be a tad bit easier to live with because all the service channels are workshops are familiar with all potential issues that might arise.

EVs are still fairly new which means that there aren’t as many trained and experienced mechanics that are even able to work on the latest EV models. Of course, you can always take your car to the dealership and be done with it, but that’s still not a guarantee that the people working there even have any decent experience.

EVs indeed come with fewer moving parts which means that overall component wear and tear is greatly reduced. Even so, if something does go wrong you are likely going to fix an ICE car faster and more conveniently because you can reach an experienced mechanic a lot sooner.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes EQS worth the money?

If you are in the market for the most luxurious, most comfortable, and stately electric car and you are not interested in record-breaking 0-60mph times, then yes, the EQS is certainly worth the money. That’s because the EQS is as luxurious, if not even more luxurious than the flagship Mercedes S-Class in its top-spec and if you don’t want to be chauffered.

There is literally no EV out there that can match the EQS for outright interior space, comfort, technology, and luxury. The new Lucid Air Dream is not far of, but it’s safe to say that the levels of refinement are worlds apart.

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Why should I buy an electric car?

If you have the means to buy an EV, you should buy one if you are positive that you can utilize the EV platform to its fullest potential. This means being able to charge the car up regularly and relying on EV-specific features such as regenerative braking.

If you think you will not be willing nor able to plug the car in and plan your long-distance journeys beforehand, it’s better to skip buying an EV for now.

Are electric cars better than hybrids?

Hybrids are the stepping stone between traditional combustion engine cars and EVs because they offer both. This means that a plug-in hybrid can run in EV-only mode and with the combustion engine running. As such, hybrids are better if you are not able to fully utilize the electric motor and if you want to have a combustion engine looking over you at all times.

However, if you want to clean your emissions and lower your overall running costs, an EV is a better option. EVs surely do seem like the future, but only if the charging infrastructure develops accordingly and if EV prices don’t continue going up.

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