Common Problems with the BMW 330e

The BMW 3-Series is the most reliable BMW series on the market. What’s more, even plug-in hybrid models like the BMW 330e are very reliable. But what are the common problems with the BMW 330e?

If you want to save the environment, but at the same time enjoy a cool, luxurious, high-performance, and smooth ride, the BMW 330e plug-in hybrid is the perfect car. However, this car comes with several issues that you should be ready to deal with.

Some of the common BMW 330e plug-in hybrid issues are car failing to start, battery not charging, loss of driving range, drivetrain problems, door trimming rubbing the door, and much more. But if you maintain your car properly and adhere to scheduled service maintenance, then you won’t experience most of these problems.

What are the common problems of the BMW 330e?

The battery not charging properly

One of the first problems that BMW 330e owners face is the battery not charging properly. Many 330e drivers become frustrated when their car is not able to charge or complete the charge. There are several reasons why your battery may fail to charge.

Your car’s battery may fail to charge because of a problem with the battery pack. The modules can become separated, leading to the electric system failing to transfer power to the drivetrain. The good news is that such an issue can be fixed at a BMW service center.

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Car fails to start

Another common problem that BMW 33e owners may experience is their car failing to start. This is normally caused by ignition issues. Some of these issues include a flat battery, a weak battery, a faulty start button, a bad alternator, worn-out spark plugs, or a broken starter motor.

With proper care and maintenance of your BMW 330e, this is an issue that can be avoided. Ensure to adhere to BMW’s scheduled service maintenance.

Loss of driving range

This issue only takes place when you’re driving your 330e in eDrive mode. The eDrive range means a fully electric range. You may notice that your driving range has reduced from 24 miles in one charge, which later decreases to 20 miles after charging several times. The best thing to do is to update your car’s software.

It is important to always update your BMW 33e’s software so that the car can function optimally.

Drivetrain issues

The work of the drivetrain in the BMW 330e is to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. Since the drivetrain is made up of several parts, such as the transmission, driveshafts, and axles, anything can go wrong if not well-maintained.

Some of the signs of a bad drivetrain in the BMW 330e are heavy vibrations while the car accelerates or growing noise towards the back of your car. Besides, you may also notice a leaking transmission fluid, which may indicate a damaged drivetrain. Change or repair the drivetrain for a smooth operation.

Problem with door trimming rubbing the door

Another problem that many BMW 330e owners have complained about is door trimming rubbing the door. This issue is common in the front doors and not the rear ones. Additionally, when it happens, you may hear rattling sounds emanating from the rubber seals, which squeaks against the trim inside the door.

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This problem normally emerges on BMW 330es that are driven at low speeds or on an uneven surface. So, if you’re buying a used 330e, check out this issue. 

Problem with adding the BMW App to the car

BMW 330e can also piss you off when you try to add the BMW App to your car but it won’t let you. This is mainly because of the poor Android integration of the BMW. Since the app comes with a bug, adding or connecting it to your car can be quite challenging even if you do everything correctly.

To correct this issue, try reinstalling the app on your smartphone and the issue may disappear.

A warning sign of a closed socket, but the sensor stays open

Last but not least, you may also be pissed off because of a warning light that alerts you to close the door, while it is already closed. When the sensor malfunctions, it may indicate that the door is open, while in a real sense it is closed. Check the fault in the charging socket and fix it.


How long do BMW 330e batteries last?

Surprisingly, BMW 330e batteries can last for over 10 years. This is a long period but it doesn’t mean that the battery will die. The batteries will still be operational but their range will reduce gradually. Besides, the batteries may not hold a charge properly.

Is BMW 330e a good daily drive?

Yes, the BMW 330e is a wonderful daily drive. This is because it is very fuel-efficient and doesn’t pollute the environment a lot. Additionally, the car offers a spacious cabin, comfortable interior, exceptional performance, and it’s safe. Above all, the car is very practical, making it perfect for taking kids to school.

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Is BMW 330e cheap to maintain?

No, it is not cheap to maintain the BMW 330e or any other BMW. Even though it is one of the most reliable BMW models on the market, it is still not very reliable when compared to other cars in its class. All in all, the BMW 330e is costly to maintain as it develops more issues than average.

How many miles does the BMW 330e last?

Since the BMW 330e is one of the most reliable BMW sedans on the market, it can last over 250,000 miles when properly maintained and driven. But on average, it should last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. Note that hybrid models are more reliable than their ICE counterparts and can last longer when taken good care of.


Knowing what to expect from your BMW 330e is vital if you intend to prolong the lifespan of your car. The common problems above that BMW 330e owners are likely to face are an eye-opener as they help interested buyers or owners to know what to expect from their cars in advance and take good care of them.

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