BMW E90 electrical problems

The BMW E90 is a compact executive car with a turbocharged gasoline engine. It was the first 3-Series to have run-flat tires and an iDrive operating system. But like most BMW 3-series models, this car comes with a lot of issues one of them being electrical problems. So, what are the common BMW E90 electrical problems?

Common electrical problems with the BMW E90 are battery issues, faulty wiring, car taking longer to start, a blown-out fuse, faulty window regulator, windshield wiper going off, xenon lights issues, and a bad alternator. Most of these electrical issues can be averted through proper care and maintenance of the car.

What are the common electrical problems with the BMW E90?

Battery problems

The first and most common electrical problem in BMW 3-Series and the E90 is battery issues. If you have got a dying or dead battery in your car, expect to have a lot of electrical problems. Things like starting the car will be problematic and the steering wheel will lock. To fix this issue, you will have to replace the battery.

When you have a dead or dying car battery, your car will have low power which can’t power most of the electrical appliances onboard. What’s more, having a faulty battery with corroded terminals and connectors may lead to inconsistent and unreliable power.  To fix this problem, you will have to clean the corroded terminals and connectors.

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Xenon lights

BMW’s Xenon lights are known to be brighter and more durable than halogen bulbs. Furthermore, they use less power, which makes them even better. However, after covering over 2,500 lights, these bulbs may die or start being inefficient. And since there are upgraded xenon light bulbs in the market, replacing them with the latest bulbs may just cause more issues.

A bad alternator

The BMW E90’s regulator is a vital part of the vehicle’s electrical system. This is because it recycles energy that recharges the car’s battery when the car is moving. If the alternator on your BMW E90 is bad, you will notice things like a radio that is not functioning, dim interior lights, and failing power windows.

Faulty wiring

Another common electrical problem that BMW E90 users have complained about is faulty wiring. If the battery, alternator, and fuse are okay, then you should check the wiring and cables in your car. If the wiring is damaged or poorly done, some electrical components won’t get power or enough power to run smoothly. Have the mechanic fix this issue. 

Faulty window regulator

This is a common problem in most BMW models. Nevertheless, it is more rampant in old BMW models than in the newer ones. This problem occurs because the cables inside the window regulator system become detached. This system is made up of pulleys that detach over time, making the regulator not work. To fix this issue, you will need a mechanic to connect the detached wires.

Car taking longer to start

As stated earlier, the BMW E90’s major electrical issues are connected to the battery. So, if the battery packs enough power or if it’s dying, it will make the car take longer to start. You will have to check the state of the battery and change it if possible.

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A blown-out fuse

Your car’s fuse is very important as it protects other electrical parts of your car. So, if your fuse is faulty or blown, this is a serious issue. Fuses on the BMW E90 usually blow out because of too much power being drawn from the circuit. Always replace blown-out fuses to ensure your electrical parts are not in danger in case of too much power.

Ignition issues

The ignition switch is an important component of a car as it kick starts it. Therefore, if it’s damaged or faulty, it should be replaced before it affects other parts of your car.

The windshield wiper goes off

Another electrical problem that BMW E90 users have reported is having faulty windshield wipers go off. In other cases, the wipers turned themselves on. This is a sign that you have wiring issues, such as loose or damaged wires. Besides, the windshield wiper switch can also fail and cause this problem to persist.


What does a BMW junction door do?

The work of the BMW junction door is to identify the following signals and makes them present to other bus users; Power window switch – right rear door, Power window switch – front passenger door, and Power window switch – rear door on driver’s side.

Is the BMW E90 a reliable car?

Yes, the BMW E90 may not be a very powerful car, but it is a very reliable car. This is because most reliability agencies give it an above-average reliability score and it registers fewer issues than most BMW models in its class. It is also cheaper to maintain than most BMW 3-Series models.

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What are the common electrical problems in BMW models?

Most BMW models come have electrical problems. However, these are the most common electrical issues reported by BMW users; battery problems, ignition issues, bad or faulty alternator, blown fuse, wiring issues, and damaged cables. So, if you’re planning to buy a new or used BMW model, expect to have one of these electrical issues over the years.

What other problems do BMW E90 has aside from electrical issues?

The BMW E90 may be a reliable sedan, but it also comes with a ton of issues to deal with. Aside from the electrical problems, this car also experiences oil leaks, turbo failure, ignition coil problems, carbon buildup, VANOS Solenoid problems, fuel injector failure, and much more.

Despite having lots of problems, the BMW E90 can clock over 250,000 miles if it’s well-maintained.

Bottom line

Like most BMWs, the BMW E90 comes with several electrical issues that should be handled in good time to avoid escalation of the problem. Nonetheless, the best way to avoid most electrical problems is by ensuring to fit a reliable and powerful battery in your car. Also, take your car for maintenance so that problems like wiring issues and blown fuses are taken care of in good time.

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