Common Problems with BMW 650i

BMW is popular for producing the ultimate driving machines. Most BMW models perform outstanding well, offer comfort, and are fuel-efficient. One of the finest BMW models on the market is the BMW 650i 6-Series. But what are some of the common problems that the 650i faces?

BMW 650i 6-Series is a powerful and luxurious gran coupe with a handsome exterior. This car also comes with the latest technologies and it has a spacious cabin and cargo area. However, it also has several issues, such as using excess oil, turbo failure, fuel pump issues, electrical faults, and much more.

So, before you spend a fortune on this luxurious and sporty ride, you should be ready to deal with the above issues over the years. Besides, this car is not very reliable, meaning that you may spend more time in the garage compared to the BMW 3-Series and 5-Series.

What are the common with the BMW 650i?

Consumes a lot of oil

One of the main problems that BMW 650i owners are likely to face is excess oil consumption. This issue happens under certain conditions. What’s more, it is more rampant on BMW 650i models with the N63 4.4-liter V8 powertrain.

One of the things that are suspected to cause excess oil usage is the heat in the engine bay that exploits the fragility of parts in the crankcase, making the car utilize excess oil. Some of the signs of excess oil usage include blue smoke coming from the exhaust or check engine light coming on. To rectify this issue, you may have to replace the faulty parts.

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Fuel pump problems

Another common problem that BMW 650i users normally face is fuel pump failure. However, this issue is common on 2011 BMW 650i models with a V-8 engine. It happens because of a faulty valve that controls the amount of fuel that goes into the high-pressure fuel pump.

If the valve is faulty, the engine’s power output will be decreased and an engine malfunction may take place. To fix this problem, you may have to replace both the control valve and the high-pressure fuel pump.

Problem with door lock sensors

This problem is common in most BMW cars. The BMW 650i is not an exception. Door lock sensors fail because of broken connections within the door panel or lock system. To fix the issue, you may have to buy a new door lock system.

Failing ignition coils

The main reason why some BMW 650i models have a failing ignition coil is because of an overvoltage reaching the coil from a bad spark plug or plug wire. If the ignition coil fails, you will have no choice but to replace it.

Water leaking into the boot

Some BMW 650i users have also reported water leaking into the boat. The main culprit behind this is a failing boot seal. If the boot seals fail, water will leak into the boot and wet your things. This is so dangerous as the water can get in contact with the electrical in the boot and cause havoc.

Convertible roof problems

Not all the BMW 650i 6-Series have enclosed gran coupes. They also have convertibles. So, if you intend to pick the convertible, one of the common issues that you should expect to face is a roof that’s failing to close. This happens because of a failing position sensor. And if you see a red light on the dashboard, this will be confirming the failed sensor.

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Electrical faults

Electrical faults are another common issue with all BMW models. When it comes to the BMW 650i, this issue is more rampant on the 2010 and 2011 models. One of the common electrical faults on the 650i is a potential short circuit on the water pump. If not properly managed, this can cause an under-bonnet fire. 

Headlight condensation

After using your BMW 650i 6-Series for some time, you may notice that your headlight has condensed. This is a common occurrence on this model and you should monitor your headlights closely. If the condensation is not because of the extreme weather, then you will have to replace the headlight or it may damage the wiring.


Why did BMW stop making the 6-Series?

BMW stopped making the 6-Series because of low demand or poor sales. Since BMW 6-Series was a niche class, only a few people were attracted to the series. So, because of low sales, BMW decided to discontinue this series in 2019.

Is BMW 650i expensive to maintain?

Yes, BMW 650i 6-Series is very expensive to maintain. First and foremost, BMW parts are very expensive to acquire. Secondly, the cost of labor is also high, meaning a small repair or maintenance task will cost you a lot because of the specialized tools they use.

How long does the BMW 650i car last?

If maintained and drove properly, the BMW 650i can last over 200,000 miles. However, if not, this car will attract a high cost of maintenance and repairs before it even hits 150,000 miles. So, proper maintenance and good driving habits are crucial for its longevity and to keep the costs down.

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Is the BMW 6-Series more reliable than the 3-Series?

No, the BMW 3-Series delivers some of the most reliable BMWs on the market. On the other hand, the BMW 6-Series has more issues and its parts are costlier compared to the BMW 3-Series. So, the BMW 3-Series is more reliable than the 6-Series.

Is the BMW 650i a good daily drive?

No, the BMW 650i is not a good car for daily commute. Apart from having lots of issues, this car consumes a lot of fuel and oil. Therefore, it is very costly to drive daily to work or school or for errands.


The BMW 650i is one of the finest BMW coupes on the market. This car is powerful, luxurious, safe, and performs exceptionally well. But like all BMW models, it also has several issues that interested buyers should know about. The issues include fuel pump problems, uses excess oil, electrical faults, turbo failure, and much more.

Despite having several issues to deal with over the years, the BMW 650i is a beautiful, safe, and practical car that will offer value for money. To help prolong its lifespan, follow scheduled service maintenance and make necessary repairs when needed.

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