Who makes BMW oil?

BMW not only produces luxurious and high-performance cars, but it also makes some of the most reliable cars make on the market. And for BMW cars to function optimally and at a high level, BMW uses special oil. But who makes BMW oil?

BMW Group engine oil is made by BP, which manufacturers Castrol Oil Brands and other high-performance lubricants. BP was given a 5-year contract this year. Before this, the recommended BMW oil supplier was Pennzoil, which is under Shell. 

Nonetheless, BP was the official supplier of BMW oil before 2015. The company had been the BMW engine oil supplier for over 14 years. BP has been chosen as the engine oil partner for BMW and MINI authorized dealers across the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

On the contrary, Pennzoil still supplies BMW’s dealers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This is after Shell was awarded a three-year extension a few years back. But in North America, BMW’s oil supplier is BP. 

Are BMW Group engine oils full synthetic?

Yes, BMW Group engine oils are fully synthetic. For BMW to match exceptional performance, protection, and fuel economy specifications for their powerful engines, they need premium group III base oils. Therefore, BMW needs full synthetic oils to perform at a high level. 

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Why is it important to use the right type of oil in your BMW?

BMW may feature a reliable straight-six engine, but it requires the right type of oil to make high mileage. Aside from that, using the right type of oil is also crucial. Besides, proper oil changes also have to be made for efficiency and exceptional performance. 

Using the right type of oil in your BMW leads to maximum longevity, exceptional performance in tough weather such as cold, and a quality synthetic oil reduces friction. Furthermore, the right synthetic oil can help reduce wear, making the engine last a little bit longer. 

Since different manufacturer uses different types of additives in their oil, using the correct type of synthetic oil will ensure that the car performs at the highest level possible. Aside from picking the right synthetic oil, you also need to consider the viscosity of the oil. 

Why did BMW choose Castrol oil as its recommended oil? 

BMW selected Castrol Oil as its oil because of the exceptional attributes of this motor oil. Castrol oil is a full synthetic oil. What’s more, it protects the engine and provides strength under immense pressure. On top of that, this oil is leak-free, recyclable, and resists both heat and cold. 

Is Pennzoil oil reliable and ideal for BMW? 

Pennzoil is also a quality motor oil as it has top-quality attributes as well. This oil is a full synthetic oil with revolutionary PurePlus gas-to-liquid technology. It provides outstanding protection to maintain high performance. What’s more, it’s recyclable, prevents engine wear, and resists both heat and cold. 

How many quarts do I need for the BMW engine oil change? 

A good number of BMWs require between 5 and 8 quarts of motor oil. Nonetheless, the final quartz depends on the size of the engine. The bigger the engine, the more quartz you will need. Besides, you should also always refer to your car’s manual to know the amount of oil your car needs. 

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After how long should I change the oil in my BMW?

In the past, BMW recommended its customers change the oil after every 15,000 miles. However, that changed several years back as BMW suggests changing the oil every 10,000 miles after 12 months. Apart from changing oil, you also need to change the oil filter as well. 


What brand of oils does BMW use?

Even though BMW only recommends BP as its official motor oil, you can still use other brands with top-notch full synthetic oil. These brands include Pennzoil from Shell, Valvoline, and Mobil 1. All of these oils have excellent features and most of them will improve the performance of your car compared to using standard oil. 

Why is synthetic oil different from standard oil? 

The main reason why synthetic oil is different from standard oil is that it is manufactured from crude oil or gas with the help of advanced chemical processes. On the other hand, standard or conventional oil is created through a complex combination of naturally occurring hydrocarbons found in crude oil. 

Why pick synthetic oil over standard oil?

If you want your BMW to perform optimally and at the highest level possible, it is important to use the right oil. Yes, standard oil is good but it is not on the same level as full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil runs smooth and cleaner, enabling the car to perform better, have better fuel economy, and last longer. 

Furthermore, synthetic oils need fewer additives than standard oils. As a result, there is less breakdown during engine use, leading to a more long-lasting engine. And since synthetic oils stay much thinner during cold, they run better in such conditions.  

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Should I use 5w30 instead of 10w30 motor oil? 

When choosing motor oil for your car, it is important to look at the viscosity. Note that the higher the viscosity the better. Therefore, in this case, the 10w30 will be the better oil to use. This is because it has a higher viscosity than the former. Also, it will flow slower at lower temperatures and it’s also thicker. 


Now that you know who makes BMW oil, you can go ahead and select the right BMW oil for your car make and model. The official BMW oil manufacturer is BP. This company is behind Castrol Oil Brands, which is the oil used in BMWs. Note that BP oil is only meant for BMW dealers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

When it comes to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the official manufacturer of BMW’s oil is Pennzoil, which is a shell brand. Pennzoil will supply BMW with oil up to 2022. This is after they got an extension of three years a few years back. 

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