Brabus vs Mansory – best Mercedes tuning companies

Brabus and Mansory are the two most recognizable tuning companies that specialize in tuning Mercedes cars, but they go about their way in a completely different fashion. Brabus is officially recognized by Daimler AG which means that Mercedes deems Brabus worth enough of tuning Mercedes models.

On the other hand, Mercedes did not officially recognize Mansory in the same way they did Brabus. This means that Mansory is not as connected with Mercedes as Brabus is. Brabus is also a Mercedes licensed restorer of Mercedes classic cars and they also tune Smart cars which are owned by Mercedes as well.

Brabus has been tuning Mercedes cars for more than 40 years now while Mansory began tuning cars 30-ish years ago. The Mansory company is mostly known for its extravagant, showy, and over-the-top designs while Brabus company is mostly known for its stealthy and blacked-out Mercedes sedans and SUVs.

All in all, it is a lot easier to like Brabus than it is to like Mansory because Brabus tunes cars with more class and style. Mansory cars are marmite cars which means that you either love them or hate them while Brabus cars are a bit restrained and thus better-looking to most people.

Brabus – The best Mercedes tuning company and classic car specialists

As previously stated, Brabus is a company tied to Mercedes for more reasons than just tuning. Brabus Classic is a Brabus classic car department officially recognized by Mercedes as a licensed Mercedes classic car specialist company.

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As such, Brabus Classic regularly restores the most impressive and valuable Mercedes classics such as the 300SL. Brabus Service GmbH is a Mercedes authorized service partner of Daimler AG. Smart-Brabus GmbH is a 50:50 joint venture company owned by Brabus and Mercedes founded in the early 2000s.

It is rather obvious that Brabus is a lot more connected with Mercedes through servicing, restoring cars, and tuning. Mercedes recognizes the brand image Brabus carries because they consistently offer amazing cars that offer lots of power, luxury, elegance, and exclusivity.

The 2006 Brabus Rocket is a heavily modified Mercedes CLS model that actually recorded a top speed of 225mph which was ludicrous back in the day. As such, Brabus is consistently offering tastefully designed packages and Mercedes recognizes that.

Mansory – The most controversial Mercedes tuning company

Mansory was founded in 1989, and ever since then, they are in the business of tuning Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys, BMWs, Lamborghinis, Audis, Porches, and of course, Mercedes. Mansory started out with brands such as Ferrari, Rolls, Aston, and Bentley and they also started tuning Premium German brands a few years later.

The Mansory company is known for its lavish creations which often include thorough design departures, flashy materials such as forged carbon fiber, lots of power, and attention-grabbing exterior paints. Many people deem Mansory cars as too flashy and unnecessary, lacking class and substance.

It is true that Mansory likes to push the boundaries further than most tuning companies, and that’s what made them famous in the first place. However, Mansory stretches the limits a lot more than Brabus does which means that Mansory cars are more controversial.

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Mercedes AMG – Used to be the best Mercedes tuning company

Hans Werner Aufrech and Erhard Melcher were two engineers that worked on the development of the Mercedes 300 SE racing engine almost 50 years ago, but only until Mercedes completely discontinued all motorsport activities.

However, this did not stop these two ambitious engineers in finalizing the engine which later won the German Touring Car Championship 10 times in a row. As the decades have passed, the connection between AMG and Mercedes grew until Mercedes finally bought a controlling interest in AMG back in 1999.

Ever since then AMG is part of Mercedes and is tasked with designing AMG engines which are the very best and most exciting Mercedes engines. AMG is a specific Mercedes tuning department which means that AMG cars are what M is to BMW and what RS is to Audi.

AMG has recently revealed the AMG Project 1 which is a from the ground up 100% AMG model that is likely going to be remembered forever because it is the first car to sport a true F1 engine in a road car.

FAQ Section

Is it worth it buying a Brabus?

If you want an exclusive and impressive car that offers lots of power, lots of luxury, and lots of refinement, a Brabus Mercedes is worthy of your consideration. Brabus offers you numerous different Mercedes models, iterations, and packages that can easily satisfy even the most demanding customers out there.

Some Brabus models like the G-Class Widestar or the Brabus Rocket will also be forever remembered as some of the best Brabus/Mercedes models of all time.

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Is it worth it to buy a Mansory Mercedes?

When compared to a Brabus Mercedes, a Mansory Mercedes is a lot showier and more attention-grabbing which means that Mansory cars are made for specific types of people which are indeed a minority both because these cars cost a lot of money and because they are also hated by many.

Even so, if you want an exclusive piece of machinery that is likely going to attract huge attention even in the company of hypercars, a Mansory Mercedes is the one to get.

Who makes more expensive cars, Brabus or Mansory?

Mansory makes more expensive cars primarily because they do brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and even Bugatti. Brabus primarily does modern-day Mercedes sedans and SUVs, but they also do Mercedes supercars and sports cars. As such, Mansory takes the cake because they often do Bugatti hypercars that cost a few million dollars.

Mansory is more of a brand, a way of thinking, and a way of showing the world that you don’t care about what anyone thinks. Brabus is more subdued, they work very closely with Mercedes and they follow a classier attitude which is definitely one of the reasons why Mercedes is so fond of Brabus. Either way, both Brabus and Mansory make expensive cars.

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