Why are Mercedes so expensive?

Why is Mercedes so expensive?

If you’re searching for a luxury vehicle, then Mercedes Benz should be on your list. For over 7 decades, Mercedes Benz has been among the most luxurious vehicles in the world. This is not by accident.

The reason Mercedes is an expensive car

Mercedes Benz cars are so expensive because they are well-engineered and well-built. The vehicles undergo impeccable designing, testing, and attention to detail. In addition, the company makes its own parts, unlike many companies that outsource some of their car parts.

Their cars are also comfortable, innovative, and with some of the best technologies on the market.

Despite the high initial cost of Mercedes Benz cars, most interested buyers don’t mind the hefty price. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the reasons that make Mercedes Benz cars expensive. These are as follows:

Superior quality parts

Mercedes Benz is designed using top-tier parts only. Additionally, they exhibit a high level of craftsmanship that is second to none. That’s why their prices are way out of range of similar cars. Most cars in the same category as the Mercedes Benz have a lower price point because their parts are not on the same quality level.

This also explains why Mercedes Benz’s spare parts are expensive, and they have a few dealers. The cost of buying spare parts is high, and that’s why many people are not venturing into the business. Mercedes Benz produces its own OEM car parts to ensure quality is preserved.

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Quality and consistency

Mercedes cars are well-engineered and well-built to last long. Some people still own the Mercedes that they bought several decades ago. Thanks to the experienced, dedicated, and world-class staff that they employ. All the vehicles that they make are meant to exceed customer expectations, and they have met that over the years.

Technology & Innovation

Apart from offering superior parts and quality service, Mercedes also creates technologically advanced vehicles. When compared to many popular car brands, Mercedes has been at the forefront in introducing new technologies and innovations. In fact, many brands have imitated Mercedes Benz’s creations.  

One of their notable inventions is the fully independent suspension and hydraulic brakes, which made driving the car safer. On top of that, they were the first company to provide direct fuel injection. Other inventions include pre-tensioners to seat belts, the first seven-speed automatic transmission, and much more.


Another reason why Mercedes Benz vehicles are costly is because of their level of safety. Mercedes have been among the leading automobile brands in terms of safety for many years. This dates back to 1951 when they developed front and rear crumple zones for safety. And in 1978, they created the first Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS).

Currently, Mercedes cars feature some of the most sophisticated safety features on the market. The vehicles are heavier for greater stability on the road. They also comprise more airbags than most cars. Additionally, they have smart seatbelts and headrests made with the most innovative whiplash technology to provide safety and comfort.

What makes these cars even safer is that their seatbelts are made with pre-tensioners that tighten and adjust head restraints to keep the car occupants safe during an accident. With such technologies that are not present in every vehicle, it is easier to see why Mercedes has a hefty price.

Manufacturing costs

One crucial feature that separates Mercedes from other mid-range luxury car makers like BMW, Audi, Honda or and Toyota is that they make their own car parts. Most of these companies outsource some parts such as the transmissions from third parties.

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On the contrary, Mercedes Benz makes these parts in their factory. So, there is no outsourcing, which ensures that the parts are top quality. For instance, Mercedes designs and makes its own transmission like the 5-speed 722.5, 7-speed 722.7, and 9-speed 722.9 G-Tronic. Moreover, they make OEM aftermarket parts.


Everything about Mercedes cars speaks luxury. The outside look alone commands attention whenever a Mercedes passes by. And the interior confirms it all. The finish, high-quality upholstery, comfort, polished wood trim, elegant styling, plush carpeting, LED mood lighting, and even the entertainment system says it all. It speaks luxury and opulence.

The luxury and comfort Mercedes Benz cars provide owners make people willing to break the bank to get them. They give you a sense of class and exclusivity that can’t be beat.

The Brand

The Mercedes Benz brand has always been known for providing excellent and high-end engineered vehicles. Unlike some brands that charge more for less, Mercedes meets its promises and you get what you pay for. The star of the Mercedes Benz is a symbol that customers will get the innovation, design, performance, comfort, and safety that have made the brand popular. 

That’s why Mercedes Benz has the tag line “best or nothing,” to show what they stand for. Meaning, they deliver nothing short of the best to their clients.

FAQs about Mercedes

Is it easy to maintain a Mercedes-Benz car?

Owing a luxury car such as Mercedes isn’t cheap. As the car ages, so does the cost of maintaining it. The truth is that maintaining a Mercedes is just as expensive as buying it. Unlike other car makes that can be diagnosed by most mechanics, Mercedes normally have specialized dealers. Also, their parts are quite expensive.

Why are Mercedes so expensive to fix?

Mercedes-Benz maintenance costs can be quite high due to the fact that these cars are German luxury vehicles. The maintenance costs are usually higher for cars with higher sticker prices. Mercedes cars require specific parts and services to keep their peak performance.

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Is Mercedes Benz worth the price?

Yes, Mercedes Benz is worth every dollar spent on it. Vehicles from this brand are technologically advanced, fast, luxurious, safe, and reliable in performance. However, buying an old or used Mercedes Benz is tricky, as the older the car gets, the more expensive it gets to maintain.

What makes Mercedes cars different from others?

It is simple, Mercedes offers most of the features that people look for in luxury vehicles. The cars come with excellent engineering, superior performance, top-notch safety, and luxurious finishes. With these features, Mercedes beats other cars in the same category.

Which are the most expensive used Mercedes?

In Dec. 2021 the most expensive cars on Autotrader was:

  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG — $774,995. 
  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series — $699,998. 
  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition — $498,900. 
  • 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series — $489,900. 
  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 650 Cabriolet — $424,880.

Go get your Mercedes

Now that you know why Mercedes Benz cars are expensive, you can go ahead and acquire a model of choice. You will be certain to get value for money as Mercedes is in a class of its own. From their exceptional engineering to luxury and safety, you get what you pay for. Just remember, you should be ready to part with the expensive maintenance and repair costs that come with it. Drive safe!

Why is Mercedes so expensive?

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