Can I put a fuel injector cleaner in my Mercedes?

The fuel injector system brings fuel into the engine cylinders, while it correctly controls the injection timing and fuel atomization. After some time, deposits may form on the fuel injectors and affect their performance. But is it possible to put a fuel injector cleaner into a Mercedes?  

Of course, you can. Fuel injector cleaner is crucial as it cleans the fuel injection system. As a result, your Mercedes-Benz will regain its power, have improved fuel economy, better throttle response, and fewer vibrations at idle. Also, the injectors will function optimally and deliver the ideal amount of fuel at the right pressure.

Before you pour just any fuel injector cleaner into your Mercedes-Benz, it’s vital to ensure that you have selected the right cleaner. Check your owner’s manual and ensure that there are no special formulations you’re needed to use with your Benz.

A step-by-step guide on how to use fuel injector cleaner on your Benz

Step 1: Purchase the appropriate fuel injector cleaner for your engine

There are many types of fuel injector cleaners on the market. So, before you rush to pick just any product, know that they are not made the same. Most cleaners will work on any type of fuel, but some will work only on diesel, gasoline, or ethanol blends.

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If your Mercedes features a turbocharged engine, you should also confirm with the owner’s manual if the cleaner is compatible. Mercedes advises its customers to use Chevron Technron’s fuel system cleaner. Always read the instructions on the product to ensure that it’s the right one for your car model.

Step 2: Go through the instructions for the right amount of fuel injector cleaner you require

Going through the instructions will help you to identify the right amount of cleaner your car tank needs. In most cases, one bottle of cleaner is enough for your car. But if you have a larger or smaller fuel tank, then you may need more or less fuel cleaner.

Step 3: Ensure that the fuel level in your Mercedes is low

Even though the fuel injector cleaner can work with a full fuel tank, this cleaner works best when placed in a tank with a very low fuel level. So, ensure that your fuel tank is low before putting this additive into it. You will get better results.

Step 4: Remove the fuel cap

Since every fuel injector cleaner should mix with gas, you should start by removing the fuel/bottle cap on your car’s fuel tank. 

Step 5: Pour the cleaner into the tank

Using a funnel, pour the fuel injector cleaner into the tank. The funnel helps to prevent the cleaner from spilling and going to waste. Note that some injector cleaner bottles feature measuring devices on them that help you fill your tank with the ideal amount of the cleaner.

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Step 6: Refill your tank with fuel

It’s important to clean your fuel injector system while at the gas station. This is because you will need to fill your car’s tank with fuel right after pouring the additive inside your car’s tank. Make sure to fill in the right type of fuel in your car.

Step 7: Empty your vehicle’s fuel tank by driving the car

After you’ve filled the tank with gas, you should go for a drive. This will help the fuel injector cleaner to do its job perfectly. For perfect results, drive your Benz on the highway or at higher speeds. This will create higher pressure in the system, which will assist in getting rid of the carbon deposits easily.

It will also help to eject the carbon deposits through the exhaust. Additionally, you should utilize higher engine RPMs even when the vehicle is parked. This will also help in cleaning the fuel injection system effectively.

If you follow the above steps, your Mercedes-Benz fuel injection system will be back to working optimally in no time. 


What’s the purpose of the fuel injector cleaner?

The work of the fuel injector cleaner is to clean all the deposits in the fuel injection system and the combustion chamber. It is made up of additives that get rid of carbon deposits. So, it will help your Mercedes to work in optimal conditions.

Is the fuel injector bad for your Mercedes?

Even though the fuel injector cleaner plays a key role in cleaning your injector and combustion chamber, it can also damage them. Ensure to use the right type of fuel injector cleaner with the right additives. Also, you should only use the cleaner when needed or as scheduled.

How can I tell if my engine requires a fuel injector cleaner?

Some of the common signs of a dirty or clogged fuel injector system are poor fuel economy, ignition problems, rough idle, and loss of power. If you notice one of these signs, then it’s an indication that your fuel injection is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

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How often should I use the fuel injector cleaner on my Mercedes?

This is one of the most debated topics in Mercedes-Benz forums. Some experts advise cleaning your fuel injector after every 30,000 miles for new engines, others say every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, and some even say after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Even with different opinions, the period that you should clean your fuel injector system also depends on the weather and driving conditions. If you live in cold weather, you should clean your injector yearly. For those drivers that drive in high traffic areas or shorter distances, you should clean your injector after at least 5,000 miles.

What should I expect after a fuel injector cleaner treatment?

When you clean your fuel injector system and combustion chamber, you should expect improved fuel economy, excellent power, fewer vibrations at idle, and improved throttle response. However, this will not happen immediately after cleaning, but after some time of driving the Benz. So, put the foot on the pedal.

Keep your Benz running smoothly

If you want your Mercedes-Benz fuel injection system to work optimally, then cleaning it with a fuel injector cleaner is a good idea. However, you should not use a fuel injector regularly, as it can also damage delicate parts of your fuel injection system. If possible, only clean your fuel injector once a year.

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