What is Mercedes Mansory?

Mansory is an independent tuning company situated in Germany since 1989. Mansory is in the business of tuning all sorts of premium and exotic cars for a few decades which also includes premium Mercedes models.

Initially, Kourosh Mansory, the founder of the company was only interested in tuning the most expensive and exotic cars in the world such as Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Aston Martins, but the company later on started tuning premium German brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

Nowadays the company is known for its lavish and extravagant body kits, flaring wheel arches, and attention-grabbing exterior paints. They also do performance tuning and interior tuning whenever they deem a model is worthy of the Mansory treatment.

It is rather safe to say that looks are subjective, especially because many people believe that Mansory often ruins a car. It is an incredibly difficult task to tune cars such as Ferraris as they are already worshiped for their design. As such, you have to give Mansory credit for even trying to attempt such a task.

Mansory and Mercedes – Merging luxury with extravagance

The very first Mercedes models that got the Mansory treatment were the S-Class, the G-Class, and the AMG GT. All three of these models are the very top echelon Mercedes models which means that they are already packed with the most Mercedes can offer.

However, Mansory decided to take it a step further by completely reimagining these models and giving them a lot more horsepower, for a hefty premium of course. Mansory usually does only cosmetic upgrades such as wide-body kits, low-profile wheels, and expensive materials upgrades such as carbon fiber.

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However, if you are willing to pay for it, Mansory will also completely re-do your interior in the most lavish colors you can imagine. This will ensure that your Mercedes is one of a kind that boosts exclusivity, a term coined to describe that you are getting a special treatment that is inaccessible to many.

Mansory also offers all sorts of performance tuning packages in order to make your Mercedes faster and more responsive. Virtually, the sky is the limit if you are willing to pay for it.

Mansory – The most controversial tuning company on the planet

As previously mentioned, Mansory is willing to do almost anything to your car if you are willing to pay for it. However, many people believe that Mansory is a company that specializes in abundance, excessiveness, and lack of taste.

Some deem to be automotive villains while others believe that they create some of the most exciting automobiles on the planet. Mansory specializes in forged carbon fiber which somewhat looks like marble which is a marmite look, to say the least.

The design language Mansory offers is radical and the very diametral opposite of subtle. This is why so many people believe that Mansory is way too showy and over the top. The reality is that Mansory does whatever you want them to do which means that most cars they tune look the way they do because customers like it that way.

Each to their own, such stark controversy certainly gets the conversation going which ultimately works in favor of Mansory. If you want a conversation-starting car that is definitely going to attract attention even in the company of multi-million dollars cars, Mansory is the place to go.

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Mansory Performance – Boosting luxury and exotic cars since 1989

It is rather understandable that people are undecided and often even argue if Mansory’s design language is worthy of a premium brand or not. However, one thing no one can deny is that Mansory definitely knows a thing or two about how to make a car fast.

This is an area in which most of us can agree that Mansory delivers. For example, a standard Mercedes C63 AMG offers 470hp and 479lb-ft of torque. This is thanks to a well-known Mercedes 4.0L BiTurbo V8 that also offers a top speed of 180mph.

If you take your “entry-level” C63 non-S AMG model to Mansory, they will happily increase that power output up to 650hp and 627lb-ft of torque without any major overhauls. This will increase your top speed up to almost 200mph.

One of the craziest Mansory creations is the Lamborghini Carbonado EVO Roadster. The Aventador LP700-4 makes 700hp from a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12. However, the Carbonado increases that power to a ludicrous 1250hp by adding two massive turbochargers on top of the 6.5L V12.

FAQ Section

How much does a Mercedes Mansory cost?

It depends on what kind of treatment you want. If you want a basic styling upgrade, it is likely going to cost you a few thousand dollars for the most basic applications. However, if you are willing to extend that and opt for a full-treatment Mercedes model package, you are likely going to pay upwards of $100,000 on top of the car’s MSRP price.

For example, the G63 costs around $156,000 from new, but if you want the Mansory G63 Gronos package, you will have to pay more than twice as much.

Is Mercedes Mansory worth it?

It is rather difficult to justify a $150,000 tuning package, especially because you are not getting your money back when it comes time to sell the car. However, people that buy Mansory cars are not necessarily interested in value, but rather exclusivity and extravagance.

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If you love a showy car and you don’t mind spending money on something unique, daring, and out there, Mansory is your kind of a tuning company.

What is the best Mercedes tuning company?

In the early days, AMG was the best Mercedes company, but AMG was later acquired by Mercedes and it officially became Mercedes AMG. There is a large amount of tuning companies these days that do Mercedes cars, yet hardly any of them are as special as Brabus is.

All in all, Brabus Mercedes models are some of the most impressive and desirable tuned Mercedes cars because Brabus is a bit more restrained, but equally as impressive.

Does it make any sense to tune a Mercedes?

Mercedes spends large amounts of money on making their cars feel and drive as best as possible. As such, sometimes it makes no sense to tune a Mercedes. Some models like the Mercedes Benz S-Class are best left untouched because they are designed to be comfortable.

Others like the G63 or the C63 are tuned more often because it makes more sense to tune these cars. They are not the most comfortable nor powerful cars on the market which means that there are many things you can do with these cars if you have the money.

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