2022 Mercedes EQS vs Porsche Taycan

The Mercedes EQS is one of the newest and most talked-about EVs on the market right now while the Porsche Taycan is the industry standard as far as luxury EV sedans are concerned. Yes, the Tesla Model S might be faster and more popular, but the Taycan is, and always was the car to beat.

The Mercedes EQS is a full-size luxury EV sedan and is likely the most luxurious and most plush iteration of an electric car yet. The EQS is also a Mercedes tech-house and the most advanced car Mercedes has ever built, mostly thanks to the impressive Hyperscreen MB UX infotainment system.

The Porsche Taycan on the other hand is not nearly as luxurious nor comfortable, but it does look better and it also goes better. The mid-level Taycan 4S is way more engaging to drive than the EQS, let alone the range-topping Taycan Turbo S that is way above the EQS as far as driving excitement is concerned.

All in all, you should opt for the Mercedes EQS if you want uttermost comfort and luxury and you are not bothered with 0-60mph times and how fast you can go through a corner. Both of these EVs are the very top echelon of the current EV market, and both of them are equally impressive, but for very different reasons.

2022 Mercedes EQS – The most luxurious EV on the planet

The 2022 Mercedes EQS is a four-door luxury electric sedan hoping to set the luxury standards for the electric car market in the same way the S-Class is the luxury benchmark of the ICE world. Even though the EQS can not rival the S-Class as far as comfort and space are concerned, the EQS does feel more special,  especially behind the wheel.

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The EQS is being offered with two engine configurations, the “entry-level” EQS 450 and the range-topping EQS 580. The EQS 450 starts at $102,310 while the EQS 580 starts at $119,000. The 450 offers 329hp while the 580 offers 516hp. The 450 is rated at around 350 miles, but the 450 even managed to do upwards of 422 miles on a single charge.

The 580 should do around 320 miles max and both of these can be fully charged through a fast DC charger in a little over 40 minutes. The EQS is unmistakeably a luxury car and it is obvious that Mercedes did not position the EQS as a sports car.

The EQS is class-leading when it comes to technology and interior design as no other EV can even come close. The EQS also comes with features such as air purification systems, four-wheel-steer, ambient lighting, and advanced adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous functionality.

2022 Porsche Taycan – The most dynamic electric sedan on the planet

The Porsche Taycan comes in two body shapes and a few different power configurations. The range kicks off with the $82,700 base model Taycan that offers 270 miles of range and 400hp. The next in line is the $103,800 Taycan 4S with a 247-mile range and 522hp.

The $150,900 Taycan Turbo offers 670hp and an estimated driving range of about 250 miles while the range-topping Taycan Turbo S costs $185,000 and it comes with 750hp and an estimated range of around 200 miles on a single charge. All of these can also be had in Cross Turismo body style which costs about $2,000 more than the sedan.

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The moment you lay your eyes on the Taycan you are aware that it is a true sports car, even though it weighs about 5,000 pounds. Porsche has made sure that the Taycan drives like a true Porsche should and most people believe it to be more dynamic than the Panamera.

The Taycan is not as flashy as the EQS on the inside, but that does not mean that the Taycan is not incredibly luxurious as well, it’s just the fact that the EQS is on an entirely different level. The Taycan is also not nearly as feature-packed as the EQS, but it does come with everything you’d expect from a state-of-the-art luxury car.

Conclusion – Take the EQS if you want luxury, take the Taycan if you want a sporty drive

Both of these EVs are equally impressive and are currently the two most exciting EVs in my opinion. The EQS is hands down the most luxurious EV on the planet, and if you value luxury over sportiness, the EQS is the obvious choice.

If you value range, the EQS 450 is the one to go as it offers the most range out of all the models mentioned in this article. The 450 is actually the best pick of the entire EQS range because you can use that extra $20,000 price difference to option the 450 out properly.

On the other hand, if you value a sporty drive, the Taycan is the way to go as it is hands down the most athletic and best handling electric sedan on the market and the best pick of the range is the Taycan 4S as it perfectly balances power and range.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes Benz EQS AMG going to be faster than the Taycan?

Mercedes has recently unveiled the EQS 53 AMG which is the most dynamic and fastest EQS model you can buy. The EQS AMG offers 650hp which enables the EQS to sprint 0-60mph in about 3.5 seconds at the very best.

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This is indeed fast, but a 750hp Porsche Taycan Turbo S can do it in less than 2.5 seconds.

Is the Mercedes EQS better than a Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S is faster, cheaper, more popular, and easier to use thanks to the Tesla Supercharger network. However, the Model S is not better than the EQS because the EQS offers a better and more refined experience as a whole.

Tesla cars are simply not built well enough for them to be matched with the EQS. That’s not to say that Tesla makes bad cars, quite the contrary, they make great cars, but Mercedes simply does it better

Is the Mercedes EQS better than the Audi e-Tron GT?

The Audi e-Tron GT offers an incredibly similar experience to the Taycan. That’s because both of these are built on a shared VAG platform and they share many components between each other. The e-Tron is more or less a subdued version of the Taycan which means that it is a lot sportier than the EQS.

The e-Tron GT is one of the best-looking EVs on the market while the EQS is one of the weirdest-looking EVs on the market. All in all, the EQS is indeed more impressive as a complete package while the e-Tron is a more fun car to drive, own and look at.

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