Which one is better – AMG or M Power?

Mercedes and BMW have been pitting against one another for several decades now. Mercedes is popular for luxurious and highly engineered cars, while BMW is popular for the ultimate driving experience and high-performance cars. But which brand is better between AMG and M Power?

AMG vs M Power

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you desire power, speed, and high-tech engineering, Mercedes AMG takes the day. But if you want looks, exceptional performance, and driving experience, BMW M Power is the best choice.

Overall, the Mercedes AMG has a better reputation and has been around for a long period. Additionally, their cars are more superior and battle-tested than M Power. However, BMW M Power is slowly catching up with Mercedes AMG. Besides, their cars are also slightly cheaper.

The battle between AMG and M Power brands


If you’re looking for the most beautiful cars, M Power has a slight edge over AMG. This doesn’t mean that Mercedes-AMG doesn’t have beautiful cars, but they are not as appealing as BMW M Power cars. For instance, the latest BMW M4 has a charming look that bests most of the top AMG models.

Besides, BMW focuses on the ultimate driving experience, just like their motto, and that’s why their cars are more appealing than Mercedes. They pay close attention to the design and body of the car to make it driving fun and seamless.

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Mercedes-AMG cars deliver more power than BMW M Power cars. The AMG brand focuses more on improving the engine, and that’s why their cars are more powerful and faster than BMW M Power cars. On top of that, AMG cars have more torque than M Power cars.

For instance, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive produce more power than the most powerful M Power car, which is the M5. The AMG GT Black Series produces a total of 720 hp, while the SLS AMG Electric Drive delivers an excessive 741 hp. On the contrary, the BMW M5 produces a total of 627 hp.


As usual, BMW cars offer better performance than Mercedes. The AMG and M Power models are not an exception. Even though both of these cars perform fantastically well, the low-end M Power cars perform slightly better than the low-end AMG cars.

When it comes to high-end performance cars, AMG is way better. Besides, AMG has powered more high-performance cars than M Power. Some of the notable cars that AMG has powered are the GT-R and Pagani Huayra.


Technology-wise, Mercedes-AMG still carries the day. Mercedes-AMG has the most advanced high-performance cars among German luxury car brands. This includes Audi RS cars. AMG cars are not only fine-tuned, but they also feature high-end features. Nonetheless, M Power is slowly catching up and it will soon be on par with AMG.


After comparing both of their features, it’s clear that the Mercedes-AMG is still the better car. BMW M Power is slowly catching up but it’s nothing close to the AMG brand. That’s why Mercedes-AMG cars are costlier than BMW M-Power cars.

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In terms of reliability, Mercedes-AMG still beats BMW M Power. Not only are BMW M Power parts scarce, but they are also costlier than Mercedes-AMG parts. That’s why maintaining an M Power car is more expensive than maintaining an AMG car. So, AMG is more reliable.

What are the most powerful AMG and M Power cars?

The most powerful Mercedes-AMG model is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive with a maximum of 741 horsepower. On the other hand, the most powerful BMW M Power model is the M5 C S with a maximum of 627 horsepower and 533 lb-ft of torque.

But when it comes to speed, the BMW M Power beats the SLS AMG Electric Drive as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, compared to 3.7 seconds delivered by the SLS AMG ED. Additionally, the M Power has an excellent top speed of 192 mph, while SLS AMG ED has a top speed of 155 mph.


Which brand produces more powerful cars – AMG or M Power?

There is no doubt that AMG produces more powerful cars than M Power. With many years of experience, AMG has many cars under its belt and that’s why it dwarfs M Power by a mile. The most powerful performance cars on the market are from AMG. 

Which brand is better – BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

This depends on what you desire in a luxury car. Mercedes offers luxury, comfort, and high-tech engineering. On the other hand, BMW provides the ultimate driving experience and outstanding performance. But if you want reliability, Mercedes also carries the day, while BMW is more affordable.

Which are the fastest BMW and Mercedes cars?

The fastest BMW and Mercedes cars have almost the same speed. The BMW M5 is eh fastest BMW, while the Mercedes-Benz is the AMG GT 63 S 4-door Coupe. Both of these cars can accelerate from 0 to 6 in just 3.1-seconds. On top of that, they both produce an outstanding 630-hp, which is one of the best on the market.

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Why is BMW cheaper than Mercedes-Benz?

BMW is more affordable than Mercedes-Benz because it’s hard to find its spare parts and they are somewhat more expensive. As a result, it also has high insurance premiums, which raise the overall cost of owning a BMW over a Mercedes-Benz.

All-in-all, most luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi, attract high insurance premiums. So, before you compare similar BMW and Mercedes models, and choose them because of price, keep in mind the cost of maintaining the BMW. You will find that it’s cheaper to own a Benz for 6 years than a BMW.


Both the Mercedes-AMG and BMW M Power are two excellent brands with some of the best high-performance cars on the market. However, these cars differ in many ways and that’s why it’s vital to compare them and land the car with the features you desire most.

AMG is the best overall car, but also ideal for those looking for great power, performance, technology. On the other hand, M Power is slowly catching up to AMG but also offers the best driving experience and speed. What’s more, M Power is slightly affordable than AMG but less reliable.

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