What is the best Mercedes S-class ever made?

Mercedes S-class represents the highest level of comfort and luxury Mercedes can offer. The S-class has always had the makings of a true flagship sedan. It’s the longest, most comfortable, most expensive, most feature-packed sedan in the Mercedes line-up.

In 2021, Mercedes is shipping out the newly released 7th generation of the S-class, dubbed the W223. A new S-class is always an exciting time in the automotive industry because every new S-class comes out with plenty of innovations and exciting features, but no S-class model has done it better than the legendary W140.

Mercedes W140 S-class

The best Mercedes S-class ever made is the W140. It was produced between 1992-1998 and is by far the most important S-class ever to be built. The W140 bears such a great legacy due to it being the last Mercedes sedan built with a ”best at all costs” philosophy, and that’s the reason why the W140 is still considered by many as the best S-class of all time.

Models that came after the W140, especially the W220 were plagued by many price cuts which resulted in the W220 S-class earning the title of ”the worst automotive redesign in history,” awarded by many automotive publications and magazines.

The W140 was a giant leap forward because this generation of the S-class debuted many different luxury and safety features that are still missing from many modern ”premium” luxury brands today. The W140 was the first car to introduce a feature called ”soft close doors”, which many luxury car brands don’t incorporate today.

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The W140 was also the first car to introduce ESC (Electronic Stability Control), double-glazing windows for increased quietness, state-of-the-art traction control, navigation, and even a basic voice commands system. Furthermore, the W140 also debuted rain-sensing wipers, a soft-close trunk, and a pair of side curtain airbags for increased safety.

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Mercedes W221 S-class

The W220 S-class did not go down as the highlight of Mercedes flagship sedan history, so in 2007 Mercedes had to come up with a new model that shared no identity with the infamous W220. They did just that, and the W221 S-class was born.

The W221 S-class is widely recognized as a breath of fresh air after the W220 and is one of the best S-class redesigns in recent history. The W221 is the first luxury sedan to offer a hybrid-powered powertrain. Furthermore, it also debuted blind-spot monitoring, lane departure systems, and speed warning systems.

The W221 S-class also started a new era in the Mercedes design department for all the models, not just the sedans. Models after the W221 shared a similar design ethos, being a bit bulkier and offering a smoother design. The W221 S-class was also the first Mercedes model to start using infra-red technology for various safety systems.

Mercedes W222 S-class

In 2013, Mercedes came out with the W222 S-class, and the receptions were rather mixed until you opened the doors. The W222 represents the biggest leap in interior design in all of Mercedes’ history.

The all-new, cutting-edge dual-screen set-up offered amazing functionality and is still praised by many as a better option than the system offered in the brand new W223 S-class today. The list of technological innovations on the W222 is also incredibly lengthy.

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The W222 was the first car in history without a single lightbulb because every single light source fitted in the W222 S-class was driven by LED technology, the car even offered Swarovski crystals in the headlights.

The W222 is also known for debuting many engineering innovations, such as the new aluminum hybrid bodyshell technology, which increased the car’s torsional rigidity significantly.

In addition, two new driving aid systems were introduced. A system called Road Surface Scan debuted in the W222 and was capable of detecting potholes in advance, as well as the Magic Body Control system, which adapted the suspension and damper systems for a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Is the new W223 S-class one of the best S-classes ever made?

It is highly unlikely that the new W223 S-class will be anything short of brilliant, but this S-class is still early in its lifespan and is due to hit the roads in the not-too-distant future. The new W223 offers plenty of innovations as well, but many of these have not been yet tested for a lengthy period of time.

New innovative additions to this S-class model include the new 3D gauge cluster, gesture controls, augmented reality features, smart ambient lighting features, rear-seat airbags, and an impressive rear-axle steering system capable of turning up to 10 degrees. The new steering system will virtually shorten the cars turning radius and make it a lot more maneuverable.

How do the Audi and BMW rivals stack up to the Mercedes S-class?

The rivalry between these three brands in offering the best flagship full-size sedan is decades old. Audi offers the sleek and understated A8, a long comfortable state of the art sedan that surely does stack up to the S-class, but is for some, a tad bit too understated.

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On the other hand, the BMW 7 series offers a bold and striking design that surely attracts lots of attention. However, it is somewhat lacking in the interior department compared to the A8 or the S-class. Choosing any one of these 3 is a viable option, and all of them are sure to impress even the most demanding of customers.

How does to S-class compare to the most expensive luxury sedans on the market?

Rolls Royce and Bentley have been widely regarded as the best flagship luxury sedan automakers. Both of these are a lot more expensive than the S-class, but can’t match the German sedan in the technology department.

As far as quality is concerned, a Bentley or a Rolls is a significant step above the S-class. Both of these still offer a 12-cylinder engine that is also a clear step above the engines offered in the new S-class vehicles. Furthermore, the brand appeal of a Bentley or a Rolls is also a clear step above the three-pointed star.

But the biggest difference between these 3 auto brands is the ability to personalize a Bentley or a Rolls to an extent the S-class simply does not offer.

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