Why are used Mercedes S-Class so cheap?

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the flagship model for Mercedes. A brand new Mercedes S-Class has a base price of $110,850, while a used S-Class has an average price of $50,000. But why are used Mercedes S-Class so cheap? 

Used Mercedes-Benz S-Class is inexpensive because of the high cost of repair and maintenance. As the Mercedes S-Class gets older, the problems the user has to deal with also increase. Mercedes S-Class is also cheap because of the flooded used Mercedes S-Class market.

Despite the Mercedes-Benz S-Class being low-priced, you can still find a good used car. All you need to do is to ensure that you test-drive the car, have it inspected, and check its history. What’s more, if you get a certified pre-owned Mercedes S-Class, that’s even better.

Buying a certified pre-owned Mercedes S-Class reduces the risk of buying a car with lots of problems. In most cases, certified vehicles come with additional benefits, such as financing programs and manufacturer-backed warranties. Therefore, you can relax knowing that you’re getting a quality used S-Class.

The prices of used Mercedes S-Class vary according to the year of manufacturer, add-ons, and state of the car. A used Mercedes-Benz S-Class may have many miles but still, sell better than one with lesser miles. So, consider all the vital factors when buying a used Mercedes S-Class, or you may end up with a raw deal.

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What makes used Mercedes S-Class to be so cheap?

High cost of repairs and maintenance

The main reason why used Mercedes S-Class is low-priced is because of their high costs of repair and maintenance. Like most luxury vehicles, the S-Class is equipped with some of the latest technologies that make it break down easily. As a result, you may visit the mechanic more times than a regular car.

Because of over-engineered and complicated technologies, repairing your S-Class will cost you a lot than the average used car. Unluckily, most repairs may require specialized machines, which also drive up the cost of repair and maintenance. Besides, you cannot take this car to an ordinary mechanic as most of them need a certified Mercedes dealer to handle them properly.

Additionally, since the Mercedes S-Class comes with lots of over-engineered parts and high-tech systems, this makes the car has several challenges. And as the car ages, the issues become even more. That’s why it’s not advisable to go for an old Mercedes-Benz model that’s 5 years old or more. Such a car attracts a lot of problems.

Overall, Mercedes is among the most expensive cars to maintain, with BMW leading the way. In a span of 10 years, the cost of maintaining a Mercedes-Benz is around $12,900, which is only bettered by BMW at $17,800. Most Mercedes models attract around $908 in annual repairs. However, this can increase depending on the issues the car experiences.

If you factor in other costs such as fuel, oil change, and insurance, you will notice that a lot of money is lost through owning a used Mercedes S-Class model. And if the used Mercedes-Benz S-Class is not covered by warranty, the cost will even shoot up.

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Used Mercedes-Benz S-Class market is flooded

Another reason why used Mercedes S-Class are inexpensive is because they are many on the market. This is because 50% of all new Mercedes cars are leased. As a result, there is a constant stream of lease returns every three years, causing the cars to flood the market and reduce down the overall resale cost.

That’s why a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will cost around $110,850, while its used counterpart will cost around $50,000, which is about 47% of its original price. That’s in a period of around 5 years. As you can see, it is a really good deal.

Lack of spare parts

Apart from the high maintenance and repair costs, and flooding the market, the Mercedes S-Class is also affordable because of the scarcity of spare parts. Finding spare parts of a 5 to 10-year-old Mercedes S-Class is not easy. Because of this, many people sell their old S-Class models at a throw-away price.


Is the Mercedes S-Class a reliable car?

The Mercedes S-Class is among the safest sedans on the market. However, it is one of the least reliable luxury cars on the market. When compared to its competitors, it’s only ahead of the BMW 7-series, but behind Audi A8. What’s more, it falls below average on most reliability ratings. 

Is Mercedes S-Class expensive to maintain?

Of course, yes. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is expensive to maintain because of the specialized care that it requires. When an S-Class breaks down, it cannot be handled by any mechanic. You will have to look for a specialized Mercedes dealer to repair and maintain your car. Also, replacement parts are very expensive and not readily available for older models.

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Do Mercedes have a lot of problems?

Yes, they do. Most Mercedes models develop many issues after hitting 100,000 miles. However, some models like the E-Class and CLS-Class are very reliable. Like many luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz cars come with more advanced and complicated technologies that make them break down easily.

Which used Mercedes model has the best resale value?

The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class has the best resale value. Thanks to its exceptional performance, high-tech features, luxurious & spacious cabin, and reliability. After 3 years of ownership, this model holds up its value well at 43%. The closest Mercedes model with the closest resale value is the E-Class. 

Is the S-Class better than the BMW 7-series?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want luxury, reliability, and safety, the S-Class is a suitable car to get. But if you want power, performance, and excellent handling, the BMW 7-series is the better option. What’s more, the S-Class is slightly expensive than the 7-series.


Generally, used Mercedes S-Class are inexpensive because of the high cost of repair and maintenance, leased models flooding the market, and lack of old S-Class spare parts. If you must buy a used Mercedes S-Class model, consider getting a certified pre-owned car. This is likely to have fewer problems and may come with a warranty.

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