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Despite BMW and Audi giving Mercedes a run for their money, Mercedes-Benz is still the best luxury car brand in the world. But what are the most common Mercedes-Benz models?

The most common Mercedes-Benz car is the Mercedes-Benz C300. Besides, the C-Class is also the most popular Mercedes model on the market. It is followed closely by the Mercedes-Benz E 350, Mercedes CLA 250, and Mercedes GLC-Class.

After being introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the W201 range, the C-Class has become the bestselling Mercedes model. But as things stand, it will soon be outsold by the Mercedes A-Class, which has been making great strides over the years.

Apart from being the most common Mercedes model on the market, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is also the bestselling Mercedes car on the market. As expected, it’s getting stiff competition from the Mercedes A-Class and E-Class.

Features of the Mercedes-Benz C 300

A few years back, Mercedes C-Class was the entry-level Mercedes-Benz, but models like the A-Class have taken over this title. As a result, the C-Class has moved upmarket and competes with other similar models such as the BMW 3-series and Audi A4.


Typically, the C-Class isn’t the best-looking Mercedes on the market. Besides, the W201 wasn’t particularly very attractive to the eye like other Mercedes models. However, the W205 generation has stood out and the most recent models have an aggressive and sporty look. But even with the improvement, they are not more good-looking than the E-Class or S-Class.

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All in all, they have beautiful LED headlights and taillights. On top of that, the boast of standard 18-inch rims with power tilt tinted glass sunroof. If you desire to have a sportier look, you can opt for the Mercedes-Benz AMG option. There are also several add-ons, such as chrome diamond-block grille, night edition exterior accents, and panorama roof.

The interior of the Mercedes C-Class is classy and luxurious as other Mercedes models. However, it blends old-school luxury and the latest features. Besides, it also features a 10.25-inch high-resolution display, dual-zone automatic climate control, touch-sensitive controls, and lots of top-notch amenities that make the cabin look luxurious.

With a seating capacity of five passengers, the C-Class is a perfect car for a small family. Even though it’s not as large as the E-Class or S-Class, this car still offers comfort as it’s spacious. Thanks to the 41.7-inches of front legroom, 35.2-inches of rear legroom, and 37.1-inches of both front and rear headroom.

Additionally, the seats are properly cushioned to provide comfort for long-distance travelers. The MB-Tex synthetic leather seats, sunroof, aluminum accents, and open-pore wood trim make the interior look opulent. Besides, you can upgrade the interior with several add-ons to make it look even more spectacular. 


The Mercedes-Benz comes with a 2.0-liter inline-4 turbo engine and a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission with shift paddles. On top of that, it has an ECO start or stops system that makes driving straightforward and fun. Besides, the shopper gets to choose either a rear-wheel-drive car or an all-wheel-drive car.

If you decide to go with the AWD car, know that you will spend more at the gas station than the RWD car, as it’s much heavier. Additionally, this car is very powerful and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5.7-seconds. Furthermore, it delivers an outstanding 255-hp and 273 lb-ft of torque.

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Despite the C-Class not being as sporty as the BMW 3-series, it still provides excellent handling and it’s fun to drive. A new Mercedes-Benz C300 has a base price of about $41,600, while a used one sells between $25,900 and $45,000.


The Mercedes C300 is among the most reliable Mercedes models, even though the C-Class as a whole is not reliable. In terms of safety, you will like this car as it’s among the safest in its class. It boasts of features such as the PRE-SAFE system, active brake assist, blind-spot assist, attention assist, crosswind assist, and much more.


What is the bestselling Mercedes-Benz?

The title for the bestselling Mercedes-Benz goes to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. This model was the bestselling luxury car in 2015, but it has since been outsold by the BMW 3-series and Tesla Model 3. However, it’s still the bestselling Mercedes model but followed closely by the E-Class.

What is the best Mercedes-Benz model of all time?

Mercedes-Benz has had some fantastic models over the years that have broken several different records. Nevertheless, the best Mercedes-Benz model of all time is none other than the 1954 to 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gull-wing Coupe. Currently, it’s one of the most expensive iconic cars on the market.

Notable Mercedes models of all-time include 1963 to 1981 S600, 2003 to 2010 SLR McLaren, 1979 to present G-Class, 1990 to 1994 500 E, and 2010 to 2015 SLS AMG. All of these cars were some of the best on the market during their production.

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What is the most reliable Mercedes-Benz model?

The most reliable Mercedes model is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This model is highly rated by most reliability rating agencies. It reports fewer problems than other Mercedes models, meaning you will make fewer trips to the mechanic. Nonetheless, the most reliable Mercedes SUV is the GLE-Class.

Who sells more cars – Mercedes or BMW?

Worldwide, Mercedes is still the bestselling luxury car brand, while BMW comes in second. But in countries like the USA, BMW is the leading luxury car seller with a small edge. Overall, Mercedes-Benz still sells more cars than BMW and even Audi. However, these two German competitor brands are slowly catching up.

What is the bestselling luxury car?

The bestselling luxury in the world is the Tesla Model 3. This car is followed closely by Lexus RX and BMW 3-series. Tesla Model 3 sold over 200,000 units in 2020, which is by far the best. Lexus RX came in second with over 101,059 units sold, while BMW 3-series came in third with over 59,777 units sold.


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the most common Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to its multiple body styles, powerful engines, excellent gas mileage, and smooth ride. Besides, the C-Class also provides a comfortable interior, and it’s highly advanced. What’s more, it’s more affordable than the high-end E-Class and S-Class models.

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