What is the best Mercedes for a road trip?

what is the best mercedes for road trips

Whether you opt for a brand spanking new Mercedes, or a proven classic, Mercedes manages to take you wherever you desire. A mark of a great road trip car is the easiness of it. Making sure the car does it all for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

As far as road trips are concerned, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. So, the way you travel should be comfortable, reliable and stylish. Mercedes offers plenty of viable options for road trip car experiences, ranging from timeless classics up to modern tank-like SUVs.

Sedans and SUVs

Most long-distance traveling is done by sedans and SUVs since road trips are often of a family thing. That being said, a road trip car needs to be safe, comfortable, spacious, and capable of towing for the most enthusiastic road trip enthusiasts.

For road trips to places with adverse weather situations, SUVs seem the be the best option. They are even spacious enough for you to take a nap. Our favorite road trip SUVs are the adventurous G-class, or the more car-like GLE. The GLS is also a great choice if you’re traveling with more than 5 people.

If your destinations of choice do not involve such weather diversity, considering a Mercedes sedan as a great all arounder is always good thinking. It all depends on how much space you need, so you should start from the C-class and consider moving upwards to the S-class if you prefer a bit more bling and comfort.

If you value style over comfort and appreciate a sleek-looking vehicle, then you should consider the GLE Coupe if you prefer SUVs. That being said, if you fancy sedans, then it’s got to be the CLS. But be aware that these models tend to sacrifice a bit of practicality in favor of design.

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If you really prefer style over comfort, picturesque valleys of Tuscany or the South of France over dreaded highways, or remote winding roads compared to busy city streets, these are the types of cars that probably float your boat.

Sure, all of this makes sense only if you want to enjoy the journey more than the destination. And if you are making compromises by choosing the scenic routes even if they add a couple of hours onto your journey.

For these types of road trips, especially car rallies, Mercedes sports cars are the cars of choice. Mercedes offers multiple different variants of the AMG GT, starting from the “basic” GT, and going all the way up to the limited Black Series models offering race car performance on the road. The GT is offered in coupe and roadster variants.


While some might say that sportscars are your best bet when it comes to road trips, you simply cannot argue the appeal of a Mercedes classic. Cars such as the 300SL are known to take part in iconic road trip events such as the almost 100-year-old Mille Miglia.

The 300SL costs a pretty penny, and it has become one of the greatest automobiles to ever grace the asphalt, so you might be better off looking at a comparable more affordable model. The R107 generation Mercedes SL was produced for 18 years, meaning there are a lot of these around.

They are a great option for stylish road tripping with a retro twist since they are made with coastal cruising in mind. If you prefer a larger vehicle with a hardtop, then you should look into the Mercedes W115 as it brings back memories of royal means of travel at a reasonable price.

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Mercedes offers a large variety of convertibles for stylish road trip cruising if you don’t have a lot of luggage or gear. The convertible range kicks off with the C-class convertible. The C-class and the SLC class convertibles are more compact offerings but still plenty large for accommodating rear passengers.

But, if you prefer larger sedans, or just don’t want to compromise on comfort, the E-class cab or the S-class cab is the way to go. The E-class seems to be the best of the bunch. It is large enough, without feeling boat-like. But for the most upmarket convertible experience, look no further than the S-class.


It’s rather impossible thinking about road trip cars without mentioning these. As soon as summer hits, motorway rest stops are brimming with campers.

If your road trips are influenced by the ”VW Camper” era, you should consider a modern take on the camper van from Mercedes. The models in question are the Mercedes Marco Polo or the Sprinter Van, which is marketed as the “perfect companions for almost every traveler.”

Choosing your road trip car

What are the best road trip cars of all time?

Choosing a perfect road trip car is highly dependable on the type of road trip you plan on doing. If you are mostly into off-road adventure type of vacations, and you value sturdily capable all-terrain vehicles, a Land Rover Defender or the G-class Mercedes are on the top of the list.

If your road trips include cross-continental trips in maximum style and comfort offerings from Bentley or Aston Martin serve as the best Grand Tourers money can buy.

But, if you are a through and through road trip enthusiast, nothing beats the iconic Volkswagen Camper Van. It’s a stunning, quirky automobile brimming with nostalgia, but still offering decent practicality at a decent price.

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Which car features are essential for road trips?

It’s fairly logical for you to be equipped with a proper navigation system when traveling into an unknown area. Today’s car GPS systems offer fairly reliable guidance, but most people still rely upon Apple Car Play or Android Auto with Waze or Google Maps.

As you spend a fair bit of time on the road, the car should be equipped with cup holders and many places to put your things so they don’t fly around while your drive. Furthermore, having a decent amount of USB ports for charging is highly recommendable. Some cars even offer house-like large power outlets.

Having jumper cables might prove useful as well, the same goes for snow chains if you prefer colder climate road trips. And don’t forget the audio system for playing your road trip mix.

Is it better to rent a car for road trips compared to buying?

For longer trips lasting a few days, it may be more sensible to rent a car compared to driving your own. Of course, it primarily depends on the type of car you drive, and if it makes sense financially as well as practically.

The decision of renting depends on leasing costs, fuel costs, depreciation, tire wear and more. You should do your math while planning your road trip. If your car old and unreliable, renting might be a better idea. But if you enjoy accumulating memories with your own car, then the answer to this question is rather easy.

what is the best mercedes for road trips

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