Are Tesla cars good for road trips?

Are Tesla cars good for road trips?

Tesla is the most popular electric vehicle on the market for a reason. These vehicles have long-lasting batteries and some of the best technology. They’re great for driving around town, as well as covering long distances.

Using your Tesla for a road trip is great as it features batteries with exceptional runtimes. Additionally, Tesla has installed supercharger networks around main roads in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and China. These make road trips to be convenient. You just need to plan your route ahead a bit to make sure there are charging stations where you’re going.

In the past, using a Tesla for long journeys was a huge challenge as there were fewer Tesla supercharger stations. That has changed in the last few years, making it easier for long-distance Tesla travelers to recharge their cars along the way. 

What makes a Tesla good for road trips?

Outstanding supercharger network

One of the advantages of owning a Tesla EV, instead of any other EV is that it has a well-distributed supercharger network. You can easily charge your car, even if you’re far from home. Just make sure you recharge your car before it depletes its battery when you’re traveling.

It’s estimated that Tesla supercharger networks currently boast of at least 1870 stations worldwide. This includes over 908 stations in the USA, 98 in Canada, 16 in Mexico, 520 in Europe, and 398 in the Asia region. With such a well-spread network, charging your Tesla EV on a road trip shouldn’t be a problem.

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Apart from having a well-connected supercharger network, Tesla stations usually feature different types of chargers for different users. Most stations are fitted with 250 kW or 150 kW chargers. Some urban locations also come with 72 kW chargers.

On top of that, accessing the charging stations is very convenient as they are usually located on busy highways for easy recharging by long-distance travelers. Other stations can be found at malls, grocery stores, and even at gas stations.

Autopilot function

Another feature that makes Tesla perfect for road trips is the autopilot function. This feature allows the car to accelerate, brake, steer and cruise semi-autonomously within its lane. It can even change lanes automatically.

Since the autopilot system uses cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors to view and sense the surroundings around the vehicle, it helps the driver to see things that they otherwise might not have noticed. So, if you start dozing off on a long trip, the autopilot can take over in an emergency and stop you from crashing.

Durable batteries

One of the things that make Tesla special is the large and efficient battery packs that it comes with. These battery packs not only store more power but are also very efficient, which allows a Tesla to cover more miles than other electric vehicles on the market.

A Tesla is a good road trip car because you won’t have to keep stopping to recharge all the time. For example, the Tesla Model S has an impressive range of 412 miles. Even the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, which has the least impressive range, can cover 263 miles before recharging.

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Cost of traveling

What’s more, the cost of traveling with a Tesla is way cheaper than using a gas-powered vehicle. Even though you may have to stop several times to recharge your car depending on the distance you’re covering, the cost of charging is still cheaper.

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It’s normal to spend $7 to $14 for every charging session at the Tesla supercharger stations. This is usually credited to your account and is way cheaper than fueling. The only challenge is that you may have to wait for at least 40 to 60 minutes to fully charge your car before leaving.

Go Anywhere Tool

Tesla is fitted with the Go Anywhere Tool that makes it easy for Tesla users to travel from one location to another. When you click on this tool, it will suggest the fastest and most convenient routes for you to use.

Additionally, this amazing tool will give you a route with supercharger stations for easy charging if your battery gets low. It will also recommend charging based on your driving habits. This allows you to have a smooth drive on your trip and plan accordingly.

What are some of the challenges of driving a Tesla for long distances?

Lack of supercharging networks

Despite Tesla improving on its supercharger network, some areas are still not well connected, which can be a problem when you’re traveling long-distance. In these locations, using a Tesla for road trips is a tricky affair as you may get stuck when your battery drains.

Stopping to charge

The biggest challenge of using a Tesla for long road trips is that you must dedicate several hours to recharging your car. So, if you’re traveling to a far-off destination, you may have to make several stops. Note that each stop will take at least 40 minutes, which can add a lot of time on your journey.

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Which is the best Tesla Model for a road trip?

Tesla Model 3 is the best Tesla model for a road trip. This is because this luxurious EV is fast, safe, and comes with the autopilot feature. It will give you at least 263 miles and you can easily recharge it at one of the supercharger stations on your trip.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla on a road trip?

If you use a trip planner, the car will notify you exactly the period it will take to fully charge your vehicle. It usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes. Note that Tesla superchargers are very fast and some will even charge in 30 minutes.

Do you pay at a Tesla charging station?

No, you don’t have pay anything up front at the Tesla charging station as your Tesla account will be accredited with the amount. It’s also worth noting that the amount charged varies from one supercharger to another. Some stations even offer on-peak and off-peak rates.

Road tripping with your Tesla

A Tesla is a good car for road trips, as long as there is a well-spread supercharger network along the route that you intend to use. With features like autopilot, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and an automated braking system, you will enjoy driving a Tesla on a long journey.

Are Tesla cars good for road trips?

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