What is the best SUV for a family of 6?

Buying a car for a large family isn’t as simple as buying a standard car as there are fewer options. In addition to looking for a comfortable, safe and smooth ride, you need to find something that will fit the whole family.

The best SUV for a family of 6 is the Kia Telluride. It has close competition from SUVs like the Hyundai Palisade and Mazda CX-9, but it has an edge over these two exceptional SUVs.

What makes the Kia Telluride stand out as the best SUV for a family of six is its comfortable ride, affordable price and a capacity of fitting seven to eight passengers.

Unlike most SUVs with third-row seating, the Kia Telluride is quite comfortable and has ample storage space for keeping cargo. Consumer Reports has ranked this car as one of the most reliable SUVs on the market, making it perfect for a family car. It also ranks highly in safety ratings.

Features of the Kia Telluride


The overall design of the Kia Telluride is breathtaking. Despite being new on the market, the Kia Telluride is giving the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot a run for their money. It will soon outsell them. The Telluride has one of the most handsome exteriors with excellent finishes.

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The Kia Telluride attracts the eye from a distance with its gray front grille. And with the latest Nightfall Edition Package, this car is easy to notice from a distance. It also boasts 18-inch alloy wheels with a painted finish, which makes it look very luxurious compared to its price.

Apart from the bold exterior look, the Kia Telluride has an opulent and comfortable interior. It includes features such as:

  • Carpeted floor mats
  • 6-speakers
  • 8.0-inch touch screen display
  • Smart cruise control
  • Sofino Synthetic leather seat trim
  • 8-way power-adjustable passenger’s seat,
  • A leather-wrapped steering wheel. 

The interior is well-thought-out and has a family in mind. Both the 2nd and 3rd-row seats are easy to adjust. In fact, the 3rd-row seats can recline, while the 2nd-row seats come with adjustable headrests. These and many other interior features make the ride comfortable.


Aside from delivering a comfortable ride, the Kia Telluride also performs outstandingly. It is fitted with a naturally aspirated V6 engine that delivers up to 291hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. It also has an all-wheel-drive system that combines with its 8-speed automatic transmission for a fantastic performance.

The Kia Telluride can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds, which quite good. The only setback with this SUV is that it’s not fuel-efficient. It has an EPA fuel economy rating of 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. This is quite bad, and it can be categorized as a fuel guzzler. 


Another reason why the Kia Telluride is a perfect SUV for a family of six is because of its safety and reliability ratings. Actually, this is one of the main reasons why families love this SUV. It has passed crash tests and boasts of several safety features, such as lane-keeping assist, driver attention warning, and lane departure assist.

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Cargo space

In addition to offering ample space for passengers in the 2nd and 3rd row, the Kia Telluride also comes with ample cargo space. The SUV boasts of 21 cubic feet of space behind the third row, 46 cubic feet of space behind the second row, and 87 cubic feet of space when both rows are folded down.


With all of these outstanding features, you would expect this SUV to cost a lot. However, that’s not the case. The Kia Telluride has a base price of $33,415, which is quite lower considering the features it offers. So, you’ll get more than what you pay for with this impressive South Korean ride.

Common questions

What is the best minivan for a family of 6?

The best minivan for a family of 6 or more is the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. This minivan offers a seating capacity of seven to eight people. What’s more, the car is beautiful designed with luxurious Mercedes features that make the interior comfortable and fun to ride in. 

What does third-row seating mean?

The third row in cars refers to an additional third row of seats in vehicles, such as SUVs, station wagons, minivans, or MPVs to expand seating beyond the usual front and back seats found in most vehicles. Third-row seating allows vehicles to carry between 6 and 9 people. It is usually able to be folded down into the trunk for additional trunk space.

What is the best SUV with a third row for the value?

Despite many SUVs offering third-row seating, not all provide value for money. Some have high initial costs and are expensive to maintain. One of the most affordable options is the Mitsubishi Outlander. Not only does it have an excellent starting price, but it’s also reliable and spacious.

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What is the safest and most reliable SUV with a third row for a family?

Without any doubt, the Kia Telluride is the safest and most reliable SUV with a third row for a family. This car was awarded five out of five predicted reliability ratings by Consumer Reports. It also ranks highly in crash tests done by the IIHS. 

But if you want a car model other than the Kia Telluride, two other good options are the Hyundai Palisade or Mazda CX-9. These two SUVs are also reliable and well-built to serve a large family.

What is the smallest SUV with third-row seating?

The smallest SUV with third-row seating is the Volkswagen Tiguan. This compact SUV is also affordable, but can seat up to seven passengers. As expected, this car is not very comfortable as it’s rather cramped. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable SUV that can seat adults in the third row, keep looking.

Comfortable, safe and reliable

All-in-all, the best SUV for a family of 6 is the Kia Telluride. In addition to having the capacity to seat up to eight people, this ride also offers ample cargo area. It’s also comfortable and accelerates swiftly. Above all, it’s very safe and reliable, meaning that your family will be safe.

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