Mercedes C250 – All you need to know

Mercedes C250

The Mercedes C250 was in production between 2012 and 2015 which means that the 250 Mercedes engine is available in both the late W204 generation and the early W205 C-Class generation. This luxury Mercedes compact sedan is still popular in the used market all around the world, but there are a few things you should know about it.

The C250 uses a 4-cylinder turbo engine with upwards of 200hp which makes it fitting for such size. Design-wise, the W204 looks aggressive and commanding, especially in AMG form while the non-AMG models look a lot more subdued and luxurious, especially in sedan form.

The C250 is not the most reliable Mercedes C-Class model and that is why it was only available for a few model years. The C250 tends to experience issues with the engine, the airbags, the electronics, and the steering system.

The C250 has lost a fair bit of value over the years which means that the early W204 C250s can now be had for an attractive discount while the later models are still expensive and close to the new generation. Practicality-wise, the C250 offers space you’d come to expect from a compact Mercedes sedan.

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Mercedes C250 – The powerplant

The W204 C250 uses a 1.8L 4-cylinder Direct injection turbo engine with 204hp and 228lb-ft of torque. THE W204 comes with a rear-wheel-drive setup and a 7-speed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. The W204 C250 is able to return up to 37MPG thanks to the Mercedes proprietary Blue Efficiency technology.

Later C250 models use a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine that offers 211hp and 258lb-ft of torque. The power is also transmitted onto the rear wheels through a 7G-Tronic automatic transmission. Mercedes says that the C250 is able to return up to 44MPG.

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Both of these engines are plenty powerful for the C-Class chassis while also being sophisticated, efficient, and quiet. The 7G-Tronic is also smooth and efficient which means that the C250 driving experience is what you’d expect a Mercedes to offer.

Mercedes C250 – Design and chassis

The W204 C250 looks a lot more aggressive and confidence-inspiring, especially if equipped with the AMG package and if in coupe form. The W204 Coupe AMG C250 is by far the most aggressive-looking C250 model out of them all while a W204 sedan with a non-AMG pack is the most subdued one.

Later C250 models represent a huge leap when it comes to sophisticated design as they incorporate many high-end components which were typically reserved for higher-end Mercedes models. The W205 C250 looks sleeker and more in-line with the S-Class than with the E-Class which is indeed why so many people love it.

The C250 is designed to be comfortable on the road which means that you should be more than satisfied with how the C250 drives. If you go for the AMG package you will immediately notice a more focused suspension and chassis tuning which makes the C250 a lot more dynamic and fun to drive.

Mercedes C250 reliability and potential issues

The Mercedes C250 is not the most reliable Mercedes C-Class model because it is plagued by several engine-related issues such as tensioner problems, timing chain problems, and oil leak problems. The C250 issues also list steering system issues, electrical issues, and airbag issues.

The airbag issues are a fairly well-known issue for Mercedes models from this era due to the dreaded Takata recall. Some C250 issues are known to cost a lot of money to fix which is indeed something you will have to look out for if you are interested in buying one.

Mercedes C250 value and practicality

The values of the Mercedes C250 are all over the place which means that you can buy one for as low as $15k while more expensive C250 models tend to go for about $30k. These price differences are mostly associated with AMG packages, luxury packages, the overall condition, and mileage.

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Practicality-wise, the C250 is what you’d expect a compact Mercedes luxury sedan to be. It is more than plenty for 4 adult passengers while 5 people might be a bit of a squeeze. If you go for the Coupe, you are getting a much tighter cabin and an overall more focused driving experience.

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What to know about Mercedes C250 in bullet points

The Mercedes C250 is a model of the C-Class range of luxury sedans produced by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. Here is some important information about the Mercedes C250:

  1. Engine: The Mercedes C250 is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque.
  2. Transmission: The car comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission that can be operated manually using steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.
  3. Fuel economy: The C250 is rated at 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, for a combined average of 27 mpg.
  4. Performance: The C250 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph.
  5. Features: Standard features on the C250 include dual-zone automatic climate control, a sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity, a 5.8-inch infotainment display, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat.
  6. Safety: The Mercedes C250 comes with a range of safety features, including anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control, airbags, and a rearview camera.
  7. Dimensions: The C250 has a length of 184.5 inches, a width of 71.3 inches, a height of 56.8 inches, and a wheelbase of 111.8 inches.
  8. Price: The base price of a new Mercedes C250 starts at around $39,000. However, the actual price may vary depending on the trim level and any additional options or packages added.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes C250 a safe car?

The Mercedes C250 is indeed a safe car, both because it uses advanced crash crumple zones and because it comes with many state-of-the-art safety features. It is also worth mentioning that the levels of safety depend on the options you go for, so be sure to keep an eye out for these if you want to maximize your safety.

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The coupe and the sedan are equally as safe which means that you should not worry about safety with either of these. Even the safest car on the planet is unable to replace a designated and controlled driver so be sure to always pay attention onto the road.

Should I buy the Mercedes C250?

The Mercedes C250 is not the most reliable Mercedes sedan, but it is an entertaining prospect because it comes in a variety of different trim levels and either coupe or sedan form. If you manage to find one for a discounted price, with not too many miles on the clock and with all the necessary service history, then it makes sense to consider one.

However, you need to be aware that the C250 costs a lot of money to maintain and that some repair costs tend to exceed this car segment. It all boils down to the model you are looking at and if the model in question is well maintained.

Is the coupe C250 better than the sedan?

As mentioned previously, the C250 is available in either coupe or sedan form. The sedan C250 offers more seating space, more cargo space, and two more doors. The coupe C250 rides a bit lower and it does feel more focused and sporty.

The C250 is actually available in a convertible and estate form as well which means that you should find a C250 that fits your needs perfectly.

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