Mercedes C300 – All you need to know

The brand new C300 offers a 2.0L 4-cylinder mild-hybrid powertrain that perfectly balances superior efficiency, class-leading power, and great all-around sophistication. Older C300 models used to come with a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine which was more exciting, but nowhere near as efficient nor sophisticated.

The C300 is actually one of the best-sold premium cars on the entire planet while also being the best sold Mercedes sedan out there. The C300 looks incredibly premium and it separates itself from its competition because it oozes class and sophistication a lot more than the Audi A4, the BMW 3-Series and the Lexus IS.

The C300 does suffer from issues such as oil leaks, electrical issues, and increased levels of vibrations while driving. Value-wise, the new C300 is a hands-down class leader because it is more luxurious, comfortable, and desirable.

All newer C300 models with automatic 7-9 speed automatic gearboxes that are sophisticated and fitting for the C-Class. No C-Class models come with the 4MATIC AWD system from the factory, but you are able to option it out for around $2,000.

Mercedes C300 – The powerplant

The Mercedes C300 comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that offers 255hp while also utilizing the Mercedes branded EQ Boost mild-hybrid technology. This system is able to temporarily boost the C300 with an additional 20hp which enables the C300 to reach 60mph from a standstill in 5.9 seconds.

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The C300 is able to do 23MPG in the city and around 34MPG on the highway while the combined MPG is somewhere around 27MPG which is indeed a good result for a 255hp luxury sedan. The C300 comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission that is geared towards swift acceleration and seamless shifts which means that it feels right at home with the C300.

All C-Class models come with RWD from the factory but you can upgrade to the 4MATIC model for an additional $2,000. Older C-Class models utilized a more archaic but arguably more interesting 3.0L 6-cylinder engine which offers between 200hp and 250hp.

This engine is not nearly as economical as the new 2.0L but it does feel more substantial. Automatic gearboxes found on older C300 models are better than the ones offered in the A4 but not as good as those offered in the BMW 3-Series.

Mercedes C300 – Design and chassis

The Mercedes C300 does not look all that much different from all the other C-Class models, bar the AMG models of course. This means that the C300 looks stately and sophisticated just like any other Mercedes sedan. It may not look as sporty or as dynamic as the BMW, but you can always opt for AMG trim which indeed makes the car a lot more aggressive.

Chassis-wise, the C300 is tuned for comfort above everything else and that is rather obvious the moment you take the wheel of the C300. Some people deem it to be overly senior-friendly while others believe that a C300 should be comfortable and as stately as possible.

The C300 can also be had in coupe, convertible, and estate form. The coupe version is a lot more dynamic looking and youthful while the cabriolet is mostly popular with women. The estate version is not all that popular outside Germany, but it is the most useable and practical option of the bunch.

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All in all, the C300 drives as it looks, and that is sophisticated, comfortable, and luxurious.

Mercedes C300 – Reliability and potential issues

The C300 Mercedes is not the most reliable compact luxury sedan on the market, but if you maintain it properly you are likely going to enjoy it for decades. Most common issues with the C300 are associated with oil leaks, steering wheel mechanism issues, electrical issues, and unwanted vibrations while driving.

Most of these are known to plague older C300 models but even the newest ones are often plagued with electrical issues. This comes as no surprise as the C300 is an incredibly complex car and such complexity is bound to cause issues after a while.

Mercedes C300 – Value and practicality

The brand new 2022 C300 costs around $43,000 and the price tag can go a lot higher than that if you option it out completely. All luxury Mercedes sedans are known to plummet in value in the first 5 years of ownership which is more or less a standard for the class.

Practicality-wise, the C300 is decent but nowhere near class-leading in most regards. Seating space is enough for four larger adults while the cargo space is on the lower end, especially when compared to the Audi A4.

FAQ Section


Is the Mercedes C300 worth it?

The Mercedes C300 is indeed worth it if you are after a compact luxury sedan that balances comfort with technology beautifully. It may not be class-leading as far as reliability is concerned, but if you maintain it properly, it should last you a long time.

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Older C300 models are a bit more difficult to recommend even though they are relatively cheap at the moment. The good thing is that there are many spare parts around for almost all C-Class generations which means that you should never spend that much time waiting for your C300 to be fixed.

Which C300 generation is the best?

The 2011 C300 is often being regarded as the best C-Class generation of them all because it is the most reliable and it offers a characterful 3.0L 6-cylinder engine with around 230hp. The reason why this C300 generation is the best is that it offers a great engine that may not be as powerful nor efficient as the newest C300 models but it is a lot more characterful.

It also costs way less than all the C300 models that came afterward. Finally, the 2011 C300 looks nice because the design has aged really well.

Is the Mercedes C300 a safe car?

The Mercedes C300 is indeed a safe car because Mercedes has always prioritized safety. As such, all C300 generations offer class-leading safety records, but only if you option out all the software assistance systems.

All in all, if safety is your concern, you should indeed consider the C300.

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